Thursday, June 29, 2017

What A Surprise...

...More of exactly what I've been talking about. You know, about the down side of the electrification of the stimulation of want? And how we're awash in it virtually all of the time now?

And the more inured we get, or nearly buzzed out, the harder the signal strength will become, with ever more precise engineering, to compensate; across all channels and modalities. Twenty four seven.

Is there any way you could possibly see this as being, in any way, good for us? Good certainly for those who will profit from it, but for the rest of us? Can there be any wonder whatsoever as to why crazy is becoming the norm now?


The web browser is a dissatisfaction-seeking machine. Every search query we input reflects a desire — to have, to know, to find. And the machine can exploit our deepest, darkest vulnerabilities.

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