Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sure, This Is Greed, Plain And Simple...

...But it is also a tragic example of how, in our current mutated, and outdated, economic operating system, if a thing can be commoditized, it will be; and if no one is there to keep watch, corners will tend to be cut. And to add insult to injury, too often does that corner cutting tend to grow until the process in questions breaks of its own extreme exploitation, but the real insult is that we keep going round in this cycle of this shameless disregard for any kind of morality whatsoever.

The thing is, the burden of responsibility, once such cycles are discovered, and understood, falls to the rest of us for letting things continue as they are any longer. We must do something because the political system now, so soaked in Big Money, is incapable of doing anything this important; at least as it pertains to fundamental morality, and social equity. They can't do it for Health Care. They can't do it for critical new infrastructure. They can't do it for the environment. And they can't do it for the reasoned assessment of what ought to be national priorities (in the face of what is becoming permanent world crises mode).

If all of us were involved in all of the things that make a town, or city, or whatever, work, we wouldn't need to be worried about watching over what would otherwise be a purely for profit transaction. A transaction done by someone who seeks, in significant portion, to keep costs low, and profit margins high. Whereas, of course, in our own community we would be doing it because it needed doing (because we found the consensus to make that choice), and we would be relying on one another to do it right; the very people we would be working side by side with, switching task posting every week or two (as each community would figure out for itself), moving across most of the spectrum of what it takes to keep it all working; in effect challenging each other to do what's right for everybody.

Just another statement of a condition that you condone by default if you just sit back and do nothing to bring the debate for an alternative to the forefront of public consciousness.

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