Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Central Problem Isn't the "Advertising Business"

That's just an essential aspect of what is implied when we now live in the age of the "commoditization of everything."

No, the real problem is the toxically mutated, economic operating system that has mandated "advertising" to the levels a metastasizing monster demands, now that electrified information retrieval has changed everything about the operating environment this destructive monster must operate in.

The fact of the matter is that the "hard sell" must follow because this monster can now produce things of every sort so quickly (and always increasing) that there is little choice but to make every waking instant of your mental life the receipt of a message to buy, or buy into, whatever it is that has been produced; literally come hell or high water, which is certainly what we're facing now precisely because the messaging to create consensus on issues of importance to not only our quality of life, but to our actual survival, get drowned out in the multi level, multi faceted, electro photonic, audio super phonic, continuous wash cycle we live and breathe in now. Messaging that must always be suspect because the underlying aspect of "net gain," on the part of the message source,  must always be assumed.

And this is why this monster must be replaced ASAP.

Tackling the Internet’s Central Villain: The Advertising Business

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[Poste Note: More of same mentioned in previous Post Note. I should add, though, that it becomes worse than what it depicts precisely because it puts us into profit locked modes of singular fixations; of which anything emphasizing fear has a great adrenaline response. Locked in, and then ensuring that an ever downward spiral of more amperage be required, in whatever aspect juicies it up, in the diversion of choice, that must be applied to overcome the increasingly hardened jadedness of overworked nerve endings. J.V.]

FAR CRY 5 "Trust, Prey & Obey" Trailer (2018) Blockbuster Game HD

[Post Note: When will we realize that fantasy as commodity has, in and of itself, become far more horrible than all of the horrors it now seems to be so insistent on depicting. J.V.]

'Hereditary,' The Horror Movie That Left Sundance Audiences Stunned, Has Its First Trailer

[Poste Note: Let us also not forget just how "mutate" capable this monster has become as it regards people. Changing them on the fly with and an ease, and speed, that is both as impressive as it is scary. J.V.]

The radio interview with”The Pat Campbell Show” in Tulsa took place on Feb. 4, 2016, at a time when Pruitt — then Oklahoma’s attorney general — was serving as a policy adviser to GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Only "New American Moment" He's Talking About Is How Profitable it Can Be Selling America Out To Putin's Criminal Capitalism Inc.

Him and the GOP enablers that let him keep that smug grin on his face.

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[Post Note: This is where the "Last Word" post was meant to be (sorry guys, I'm still recovering not only from the flu, but from a major kidney stone (I feces you not). J.V.]
Ex-DOJ Official: McCabe Resignation "Dark Day" In Donald Trump Presidency | The Last Word

Joe On President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Address | Morning Joe

The ‘state’ of Donald Trump? He thinks it couldn’t be better.

Just Remember, When Bezos Says "Disrupt" Millions Of Workers End Up Out Of A Job

Sure, we need more affordable healthcare, but what you have here is an excellent example of why trying to reform Capitalism piecemeal is so fraught with counter intuitive effects; most especially when one focuses only on prices; as retail through Amazon has certainly lowered them, but at the cost of putting millions of retail workers out of jobs, and the destruction of brick and mortar stores that have been a big part of gutting the viability of small town America.

So now we can buy a lot of stuff cheaply that we don't make anymore. And further to the point here, how much is this going to help people when every aspect of both retail sales, and product distribution require less and less people to make happen precisely because it takes automation to make lower prices possible in the first place. And make no mistake. How much longer do you suppose having humans involved with the majority of Chase's business is going to last?

So we put more competition into drug creation, production, and distribution. What then? Do we continue to make drugs here? Or does that have to go overseas as well. And then what about marginal market drugs. Who will make those if the profit margins go way down.

So, as you can see, this also illustrates the adage of "Everybody wants to buy from competitive markets, but nobody wants to sell there."

As such lets then suppose that these guys create a new pharmaceutical juggernaut that does to that commodity what Bezos has already done to retail in general. And lets further suppose that both of these juggernauts gain massive market dominance. What then? After the inevitable churn of management turnover, and new shareholder demands for better profitability, do you think these new entities will always be able to resist taking advantage of their new found, total market control? Will prices stay low then?

Amazon, Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway partner up to disrupt health care

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[Post Note: And of course, even if disruption doesn't take your job away it can still make it a living hell. J.V.]

The tech giant's rise has pushed mail clerks and carriers to the breaking point.


Untreated rabies is always fatal — but key drugs leave families with thousands in medical debt.


Whole Foods' new inventory-management system is crushing employee morale, workers say.



Companies love using the latest and greatest technology to keep track of employees, even when they’re at home. But Amazon’s new idea goes to extremes to treat employees like fleshy robots.

[Post Note: Here is another example of a "disruptor" flexing their new found muscle, after having first established themselves as a "price" reducer. J.V.]

Is MoviePass Here to Stay?

States take on drug prices; Big Pharma takes on states

Monday, January 29, 2018

Remember This Betrayal Of Our Central Pillar Of The Rule Of Law

A betrayal by toadies, and sycophants of the criminal who the very Republican members of the House refuse to acknowledge as such for their own selfish interests. A betrayal that seeks to suck up to the Russian tyrant who even now brutalizes, and assassinates any and all who oppose him.

You are a fool if you think the terrible Mr. T desires to be anything but the same kind of tyrant. And woe to this nation if we let him succeed.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images file
House intelligence panel votes to release classified Nunes memo about FBI eavesdropping
House intel panel votes to release memo on FBI eavesdropping
House Intel Panel Votes To Release Memo On FBI Eavesdropping

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[Post Note: Correction. The "Last Word" post was put here by mistake (sorry guys, I'm still recovering from not only the flu, but also a major kidney stone passage (I feces you not). J.V.]

GOP Hopes To Help Donald Trump Target Rod Rosenstein With Release Of Memo | Rachel Maddow

[Post Note: Not baffling at all when you realize that our de facto ex president was made nothing more than Putin's bitch by his need to get access to Russian money; payment of course for his role in helping Putin launder all of his corruption money. J.V.]

Trump Administration Baffles and Enrages Lawmakers With Latest Punt on Russia Sanctions


Natalia Veselnitskaya, who organized the notorious Trump Tower meeting, has been named in an explosive Swiss court case about bribery, corruption, and double-agents.


Decades before he ran the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort's pursuit of foreign cash and shady deals laid the groundwork for the corruption of Washington.

Something Else That A Cost Based Economy Won't Be Able To Handle

You need only think for a minute or two about what would happen to markets here, and around the rest of the world, when even the first signs of real impact from this development start screaming through the infosphere. Big money will run to the exits of precious metals and survival stocks,  and then hunker down to the disaster bunkers they've already been planning, and building. And the rest of us will be left to catch as catch can in a new radiation feces storm.

If we were already in the process to mobilize the country as a whole (which my plan for change would do), and we had completed an employee buyout of the entire productive capacity of the nation as a whole, we might have at least a fighting chance to do what it would take to provide new working, and living, habitats. But getting that started, and in the pipeline, takes time. Long lead times as they say. And so far we haven't even begun to recognize that Capitalism has absolutely no chance to address this (or any other looming catastrophe); especially if you want to consider addressing "properly" as having first recognized the gross imbalance of inequality of outcomes that has been institutionalized now.

The simple fact of the matter, in my opinion, is that even if the government were to try and mobilize now, on direct evidence of the coming catastrophe, the draconian measures it would take to make people do what needed to be done, under what would have to be sweeping rationing, and controls on wages and prices, there would be a great likelihood of mass riots and social upheaval in general. You only need to consider the notion that, if it's a bad deal now for the majority of working people, going down that road of making things a lot worse, isn't going to sit well with anyone.


The shield that protects life and civilization from solar radiation is under attack from within. We can't prevent it, but we ought to prepare.

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Beyond Wellington’s obsessive coffee culture and Queenstown’s unspoiled landscape (a country roughly the size of the UK with just 7 percent of its population), New Zealand has established itself as an unlikely bolt-hole for the impending apocalypse.

More than 50,000 American bridges are falling apart

Sunday, January 28, 2018

What Should Really Scare Us Here Is What Happens When The Results Of This Research Is Commoditized

Always remember: If it can be commoditized it will be. Just like if a thing can be corrupted it will be, inside of this toxic, destructive economic operating system we call Capitalism.



Despite low success rate and ethics issues, creators hope they're useful for research.

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