Monday, September 30, 2019

This Is The Cycle That's Turning Us Around Ever Faster And Faster

This is the vicious cycle that is part and parcel of your "Booming Economy." 

It is so because every bad thing Capitalism does also creates a new market, or expands an old one, for a few to make more money on; whether its addiction treatment, or more burned out person treatment (assuming they haven't already imploded, or exploded -- though even the cleanup of that results in new, paying work, for someone), or simply more economic development that will, absolutely, create a few more jobs, even as it also creates fewer places that the workers are going to be able to afford to live in.

What else would you expect when median household incomes remain stubbornly stagnant as half of us earn only about $63K, or less a year, and most of the other half still earn less than $100k a year. Decade after decade of booms and busts, and the "Business As Usual" machinations of our Two Party Political system, and only partial recoveries, and this is all working people have to show for it. Even as Trillions of dollars were given away to the top percenters, via either Quantitative Easing (to get us out of the last big bust), or the Ryan forged tax cut (to just add insult to injury).

And all the while planetary systems get more unstable, just as our human systems get more unstable as well.

Not a good combination if you need to fix both at the same time. Of this I am quite certain.

You know how this will end if nothing truly Revolutionary is done. You know it in your gut and in your head, whether you want to admit it or not.

More of the same is only going to get you more of the same. We truly must find a completely new way of doing Social Household. Which will also absolutely require us to redefine what work should be now. There will be no other way to do this. Not if we want to heal ourselves, and the planet.

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[Post Note: Even though the particular story, just below here, isn't about American universities, it does illustrates similar stresses that the, more and more dominating, money aspect of things, creates; as is only too common here, as well as it is in the U.K. J.V.]

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What Do "Perfect Storms", And "Cascade Events" Have In Common?

A pretty good indication of what we are in store for?

The world seems to be becoming one big snarl of mouse traps with ping pong balls on them. You know, sort of like they used to use in explaining chain reactions for fission events. The ping pong balls, of course, representing the neutrons, that start creating even more triggering neutrons, that made the original big stick bang.

This is so because so much instability has been pumped into both our social systems, and the geophysical systems, that sustain us, that we don't need a highly enriched sort of mouse trap to have as a triggerable source at all. All we needed were centuries of neglect, and the selfishness that fosters, and sustains, the inability to account for the full effect of the, apparently unanswerable, question: How much is enough?

Especially if you have amassed the personal power to start making your own definitions, and the rest of the world be damned if they get in your way.

And the thing is... The more time passes, the smaller the "last straw," or even less significant than that famous "butterfly's wing beat" somewhere, that it will take to set it all off. Leaving you with not only a surfeit of ignition sources, in our ever more dangerously competitive world (precisely because of Capitalism), but also quite likely providing logarithmic like increases in difficulty, every hour, every day, at the very least, in ever hoping to stop it, once it does start. And that precisely because something that was never supposed to be electrified has now been thoroughly infused with greed fueled, free radicals of "disruptive" intent, to mutate a system that did make, at least some sense, for a while there, a long time ago.

Images for a perfect storm of perfect storms

Images for cascade events in highly integrated, complex systems

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And yet the "Streaming Wars" seem to be the conflict we're most concerned about now; with our interest and money. All the more shameful when we say we can't afford to help our desperate, any more than the other "Americans" (because they are of the Americas just as much as we are) at our borders, in desperate need, also asking for help. Because our disruptions are making them desperate, just as theirs are us, because everything is connected, whether we realize it or not, or like it or not. -- J.V.

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