Sunday, October 29, 2017

How Many Of These On Line "Harassers" Are Real?

It might be quite a few. Then again, it might only be something hovering barely at any kind of significant percentage of Americans. How can we know? Especially when so much of what passes for social media has become so corrupted by purchased input of various kinds.

For my part, of course, it would help enormously if we took money out of the equation at the outset. Set things up so that people only do things because it is either a part what their community has agreed to as things needing to be done; or because it simply serves the self interest of the individual; as in making something they desire for their own use (which of course their participation in the community's upkeep ensures that they will have both the instrumentality required, as well as the materials, and assistance if needed, to accomplish the construction). And as corrupt social media outlets might not have much of a priority anymore (what with City State citizens talking so much amongst themselves--just to keep coordination up for accomplishing all of the community's many needs, you understand), we might have reason to hope that our communications would be a good deal more trustworthy.

There are also, certainly, other occurrences, and situations, that might suggest a strong probability that we are not so much of a "United States" of America any more. A convincing argument, it seems to me, could be made that we stopped being states of the "united" variety, a decade or two ago; once organized labor was convincingly defeated (after the heydays of the sixties and seventies) with the advent of free trade, and the true globalization of labor as a commodity (in lockstep with the containerization of cargo, and the advent of super bulk carriers), so that distance from either point of assembly, or point of sale, became less and less a factor than either labor costs, or just as bad, any kind of strident review of operations so that the, heaven help us, the environment, or some bread winner's life, might be saved.

So no, by absolute economic facts on the ground, we are no longer a "United States" of America. Make no mistake, though, we still need, absolutely, to be some form of unified whole. And that to me, could only be a more loosely based federation of semi independent city states (something at least akin to the old Greek mold). We can do this if we understand that Capitalism is broke anyway, and absolutely as well, cannot be fixed. So you see, there's really little choice in the matter no matter how you look at it; that is to say, however, that you do in fact keep a goodly number of facts involved in how you perceive things.


Those who lived to describe the mass shooting face a flood of abuse on social media accusing them of being actors, as hoax claims flourish on YouTube.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Endless Bickering About Who Will Pay, And Who Will Benefit

The real hard part here is to come to realize that money itself, as well as the obsolete economic operating system that supports it, is just not up to the many tasks at hand now; critical tasks that just aren't getting done anymore.

We are destroying institutions simply because they aren't marketable any more. We destroy communities for the same reason. And, perhaps worst of all, we destroy people because they are only marginally marketable anymore. And then the competition from one crazy market to another only serves to make us, and the rest of the world, even more crazy desperate to protect what little each of us has left.

And all the while the planet reaps the whirlwind. The friction mounts. The oceans rise and the hundreds of thousands desperately on the move now becomes millions.

This will not hold. You know this. A completely new direction must be taken, and it must be taken soon. We do not have to look at things in terms of abstract "money" costs if we are willing to organize ourselves so that we can accomplish things in terms of "effort" instead. One system assumes the inherent economics of scarcity of private ownership, and a mechanistic model of production and consumption. The other assumes public ownership of everything, and production and consumption  changed to a balance between public, and private need; with technology applied to the best benefit of both.

We can do this with the "Grand Compromise" that I have suggested in posts here between the Right and the Left. In this the Right would get a revised Constitution to allow for City States, in a more loosely based Federation, to have greater independence in the way they want to live. And the Left would get the elimination of Capitalism.

And we could begin this translation to a new type of government by first doing an employee buyout (where "employee" is all working hourly, and salaried--making say no more than a few million a year, workers) of all of America. We buy the whole damn thing, and issue a bond, to ourselves, from ourselves, to accomplish it. Then, not only do we have single payer for everything, as well as a managed economy (which will stay competitive enough, long enough, to allow us the time to organize, and plan, a proper change, and then help all the many communities to ease their way into it), all of the things we want to give to ourselves as benefits (as in paid healthcare, a true living minimum wage, real, effective education, an effective, well populated, well trained, and equipped military; as well as beginning all of the humanitarian, and ecological remedial efforts required to get this planet healthy again), we can assign as payments back to ourselves to service the bond we created to do the buyout in the first place. This way we can also give cash, and payment plans to all of those who do not wish to participate in the new system; by way of proper compensation for their property. We can even throw in the production, and construction of new, floating, habitat cities as an option for these folks to move to (it will be in our interest to try and part company on the best terms possible for both sides as we might need to borrow from them in the future--say in commodity to cash swaps so as to buy from other nations)

This can be done. It only take recognizing the true problem here, and then finding the will to make it happen.

Five Issues That Could Sink the Trump-GOP Tax Plan

Sunday, October 22, 2017

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