Thursday, September 27, 2018

The First Challenge Is Recognizing The Need For Deep Change

Then you need to look deep into yourself and try not to be intimidated by the sheer enormity of all that confronts us. The enormity of not only how impossible it might seem for us to turn the climate situation around, now that the trend line for ice at the poles looks so bad, as well as to how so much technological change has made our old economic operating system so incapable of handling much of anything anymore, other than the ever increasing greed of those who still cling to most of the ownership of it.

There is reason to have hope. And there is reason to have faith. We just have to remember who we can be when the chips are really down.

The "Greatest Generation" remembered, when we lost most of our Pacific Fleet, and found ourselves in a two front war, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And we only had the semblance of a multi front war Army, and nothing even close to a war footing industry.

But we mobilized. And we were able to do that because we could find, terrible, simmering differences though we still had, a shared vision of what needed to be done.

We can find that shared vision again. It won't be easy, but it can be done. I have laid out a way to start this process. Please I beg of you. Give it careful consideration.

New Climate Debate -- How to Adapt to the End of the World

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong, Even When We Are Allowed To Measure At All

No shit Sherlock.

That's the only thing I can say here as I contemplate years of saying the same thing myself. But of course not measuring it correctly would be of immense interest to those who have things just the way they want them.

And how is that any different from not wanting to measure certain things at all; you know, all of the embarrassing things that might get the rest of us... Well, sort of quite irritated, you would have to think, if we really had a good portion of the pertinent facts.

And as you might imagine now this sort of thing goes on a lot in not only our economy, but in quite a few other aspects of life as well. And it also occurs in other countries. Though when other countries do it, we are quick to call them anti democratic, and authoritarian purveyors of censorship.

What this illustrates, though, is precisely how precarious information, which is now not only money itself, and a commodity, but also a weapon, has become; and I hasten to add a weapon far beyond what it has ever been used for before.

And because it is a weapon that has been electrified, it can be moved anywhere at the speed of light; used with absolutely terrible amplification, is perfect for asymmetrical conflict, and can now be modified by ever faster computers; so much so that we have been rendered just as absolutely incapable of keeping up with all of the ways in which it can be manipulated. And so we turn over ever more of how everything operates to them, desperately hoping that our original intents, in getting them started on a problem, will not also mutate beyond any hope of our being able to understand what they will ultimately, and continually, from that point on, come up with. That's why they call "Emergent Behavior."

You really do want to be thinking about this a great deal more. Assuming, of course, that it matters to you that your ass is quite literally on the line here.

We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Depending On A System That Can't Handle Uncertainty, Much Less Ever Accelerating Change

The one thing that seems quite reasonable to conclude from the "Great Recession" is that the majority of both our city, county, and state governments, haven't recovered from it (and the other events mentioned below), even after all of this time. One could also safely say, I think, that the majority of working people have only sort of recovered; which is only to say that they have come back to just barely being able to keep up with not only stagnant wages, but the terrible increases in basic life need costs (as in Healthcare, Housing, Education, and transportation, to name a few big ones), and doing it by having to work harder, for less.

The federal government was hamstrung more too, not only because of the extra deficits taken on by the bailouts, but also because the Right wanted to wage wars without paying for them up front. In addition to Newt Gingrich deciding that it was time to really put the pedal to the metal on "Tribalism Politics," and bring initially fundamentalist religious issues into the game of stack the House of Representatives deck with carefully crafted voting districts; making sure that singular, fringe belief issues would get oversized representation in that stacked deck. And Oh, if you can also stack the Last Court of Appeals in this country as well, why the hell not. And then, as a side line, at every state level possible, attack voting rights every way you can, so that the working majority, who've had their power of labor organization all but eviscerated now, and who are, to a significant degree, minorities you don't like anyway, are just as powerless as you can make them.

Into all of this comes a growing realization that a bill is truly due on all of the "Total Lifecycle Costs" of all of the things that Capitalism has made enormous amounts of money on, for both the holders of capital, and the holders of skill. Enormous amounts of money because the actual costs of each product, or service, has hardly ever been factored in at the time of purchase. A thing which some countries are starting to do now, certainly, as they create certain green oriented taxing systems, but for which the pushback from the holders of capital is still quite significant. Resulting in the fact that such financial aid won't be enough, soon enough, to do much more than pay for another series of band aids here, and band aids there, doing some good, of course, but not really addressing the primary problem at all.

What everyone also seems to forget, however, is that these already stressed social systems, who's poor performance in so many areas of life now, only make seriously distressed people (which is what most of what working American is now) a great deal more so. So you get a combination of more and more folks making very poor decisions, with social systems that can't handle the increasing levels of the bad outcomes from bad decisions. Of which, certainly, Capitalism still makes a great deal of money off of because everything is commoditized now. Everything. Which is why addiction, and corruption are growing so much more rapidly now, along with the ever increasing, draconian, authoritarian, reaction to it; because the authoritarian reaction is where the money is to be made.

With all of that in mind, and knowing full well that, if a major catastrophic weather event, or political event, were to occur, what do you think will happen to the so called "Booming Economy" we have now? What do you think "Big Money" will do when a major chunk of economic infrastructure becomes inoperative for a significant amount of time? Dole out largess to one and all to hold them over until things get better? And how exactly, at that point, are things ever going to get better if barely suppressed rage across the land meets up with a sudden need for government to declare Martial Law? In order to start making people do what has to be done stave off, oh say starvation. Or access to suddenly very short supplies medicines, or fuel even?

All of you know very well what Big Money will do. It will run for cover into whatever precious metal, or other commodity, might still hold value (as in the medicines mentioned earlier, as well as the self medicating drugs), surround itself with security for hire, and become fiefdoms of their own; perhaps even challenging whatever Martial Law might be established; and no doubt feebly maintained by a now totally crippled National Government, because they will have their hands full holding off outside actors thinking they might take advantage of the new world situation.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It's Much Worse Than Just "Customer Identity" Being Made "More Primary Than Citizenship"

Customer identity is actually being made more primary than membership in the human race. Which means, among other things, being more primary than your connection to life itself. Especially to all of the things that are important to life, and meaningful connections to both our emotional, and physical needs. Connections that make us be mindful, on many levels, of the interconnectedness of all existence, and that you simply can't do things in isolation of their overall effect on everything else.

The new "Big Numbers" may make you think that the economy is "Booming," but that should not distract you from the realization that "Booming" here is quite literal. Booming because uncontrolled electrification of everything transaction oriented is accelerating things so much that we, and all systems around us, are flying apart at every seam that is the current "weakest link," in what is supposed to be an efficient matrix of organized human action; normally referred to as a working society.

But ours is not really a working society any more is it. Also on so many levels because electrified experience retrieval has already made so much of human skill better done by machines. And so now you are expected to re-tool like a machine, even if they call it "retraining." And, insult to injury, you are expected to pay for the right to be turned, ever more specifically, into some mutated human/machine hybrid. The perfect "Constant Consumer." The controllable choice maker being merged into ever re programmable slave, and consumer.

If that isn't a wet dream for big ego, "Captains of Industry," I do not know what could be.

In rare event, Atlantic, Pacific churn with storms at same time

A decade after the financial crisis, many Americans are still struggling to recover

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Letting Things Fester Until Its Too Bloody Awful To Ignore

That's what we do now. And we do that because nothing, it seems, connected to real human need has any real priority anymore. And we all know why that is.

That is so because profit, and everything surrounding the obtaining of profit, is the only real priority now. And that is so because we are structurally ingrained now for that result. For the toxic monster that is Capitalism now runs itself, for itself, and nothing else. We are all simply hanging on for dear life it would also seem. But even that now becomes ever more increasingly impossible.

How long are you going to let this continue. That is the only remaining question now. And the answer, unsurprisingly, will be not for a whole lot longer. You can be sure that the festering mess will see to that, in a final process of settling accounts that no apocalypse fantasy has even begun to prepare you for. Because it will be ugly you just can't even begin to imagine yet, though even that will end soon.

Avoidable sepsis infections send thousands to gruesome deaths

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Friday, September 7, 2018

It Isn't Working Properly. It Isn't Ever Going To Work Properly.

Precisely because money will always be getting in the way.

It was never meant to be a system built on balance either. And balance between opposites is also precisely what we need to do now. But that will take some creative thinking on what to replace how we currently operate social organization with; which must necessitate a comprehensive structural overhaul; however difficult that might be given that we also still need to save the planet.

You can't even begin to do that, however, until you stop with the foolishness you are involved with now; where foolishness, in this case, is thinking that we can continue to stop gap fix all of these accumulating problems, in an already overly patchworked, mutating monster. A band aid here. A band aid there. And certainly a lot of lip service everywhere. But nothing really changes, as a whole, for the better. Just ask the planet (you know, the one that needs saving), let alone the ever increasing number of displaced peoples accumulating all over the place. Precisely because we've screwed the planet up so much. In the process of screwing each other over as well, as it happens.

And still we roil on, with our dangerous competitions. As well as with our race to find the most cost effective addictions, and corruptions, that AI assisted insanity can muster, because that will really make the new electron god of money the most pleased of all. Even as it gleefully plots the negation of all life as we were originally evolved to know it. Everything can be reprogrammed it seems. Perhaps after that it won't matter in the least.

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