Thursday, January 31, 2019

Capitalism Is As Broken As The Political System It Has Corrupted

You know this in your head, and your heart now.

As such, doing business as usual will no longer work. Even if the "Republicans," and the "Democrats" could agree on a band aid here, or there, to make at least a part of our lives less chaotic, it would be far too little, too late, to do us much good in the little bit of "the long run" that we have left to us; because, you know, we used to value thinking in the long term, even if we never actually lived up to it all that much (at least in the last three or four decades, anyway).

Things need to be integrated solutions now precisely because we live in an electrified, information driven, world. Going way too fast, and accelerating, by the way. And doing that because, money as electrons, or photons, in electrical/photonic circuits, demands it to be so. And that situation because this is what you get when you mutate competition. And so all competitions become very dangerous ones because no one can afford to lose very much in a zero sum game that is also the result of mutation, as well as the physical limits of an ecosystem that only has so much carrying capacity for the consumptive needs of any of its many organisms.

The only way they will really listen to us is if we strike en mass as a working nation. Strike and participate in peaceful, non violent forms of civil disobedience. Just as M.L.K taught us to do. And Gandhi before him. Strike and demand a completely new system. One where we get the majority hand in deciding how it should work for us, as well as the new way we should work for it; owning our own communities together so that we can create our own sense of continuing value; while always striving for cooperation with all of the other, self owned communities, of a newly rewritten Constitution to allow for such a Federation.

We must do this, and we must do it quickly because so many time bombs, in a sense, are being primed, and set on hair triggers. Lage event expressions that will trigger further detonations in cascade events that are difficult to fully appreciate precisely because we know of only a few of the ways in which feedback loops can happen in a system as complexly interconnected as our social/economic household has become.

The bottom line here is that if each and every one us does not become part of the real solution, we will be in store for chaos that will make the current madness pale in shamed recognition of the actual depths such horror can go.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking now and there are precious few ticks left to us. What are you going to do about it.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Appreciate This Cold While You Still Can

Do it because this is cold that is not coming back to the North Pole any time soon.

Not unless, of course, we recognize the fundamental risk to our continued existence that this portends.

Cold that has to go down to meet the hot accumulated in the Southern Hemisphere, by the very dictates of thermodynamics. Even as its Pole suffers more direct sunlight melting of its ice. Which means, if you haven't been paying attention, that the South Pole's ability to send us cold back, when we are back in more direct contact with the sun, will be that much more diminished as well. As we too have the ice at our pole melt even more. And thus replay the same cycle of less return, all over again.

These, ever greater transfers of energy, to seek equilibrium, that is extreme weather, will most likely not continue indefinitely. Precisely because hot, as the general new equilibrium, will be the most probable outcome of this kind of weather. And so circulation patterns in the two major fluid systems of the earth (the atmosphere, and the oceans) will change about as drastically as it is possible for such systems to change. And I can guarantee you that this will be anything but helpful to most of the life that has developed, over the past many hundreds of thousands of years at the very least.

This is going to happen regardless of who is president. Regardless of which political party is in power. Regardless of who has the biggest stash of cash, most powerful economic conglomerate, or biggest and baddest military.

And the really scary thing here is this: even if we were to find a way (and I have) to organize ourselves to fend off this coming disaster, we will have to keep putting new cold into the system, on a vastly grand scale (which is precisely why money will only get in the way), that it will also guarantee that severe weather will have to be made to stay in place, for as long as it takes to get the greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, in the extreme concentrations that they are now in.

Knowing that, and knowing that Capitalism, even if it weren't severely mutated by the advent of electrified experience retrieval, survives on dependable stability, and as much certainty as such stability can create; knowing all of that, how can anyone think that it will be able to handle the great dislocations and disruptions that are coming if all major fluid systems do shut down in any major sense?

It can't, and it won't. Simple as that.

So I ask again. What are you going to do about it? Because it will come down to you. Not any of the political parties so far, or any of the voices of traditional economics. You and the people of your community; the working men and women who actually keep society going, at whatever level you care to look at. The very people who will have to also take the real responsibility of cleaning things up. The kind of full responsibility that we all know Capitalism is fundamentally incapable of.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Politicians, On The Right, And The Left, Should Be Asked Two Basic Starting Questions

Now that we'll be starting another Presidential season again soon, And let me just say, neither of them involves impeachment (quite justified though that is).

The first is: Do you agree, or disagree, that Capitalism is obsolete?

The second is: Do you agree, or disagree, that we face an existential threat far greater than even the one the "Greatest Generation" faced, back in the day; back when it was mostly Imperialism, or Fascism (as opposed to the Colonialism we probably should have been at least as concerned with), that forced our national mobilization.

On the first point, it seems to me, if you do not agree, you have a whole hell of a lot of explaining to do.

On the second point, it seems to me, if you do not agree, you also have a whole hell of a lot of explaining to do.

And on a personal note here, I just have to say that it breaks my heart to see, bright, very much involved, and publicly gifted, individuals, continue to think that you can operate true, Progressive Socialism, from within Capitalism; even if it weren't as out of date, and mutatedly corrupted as it undoubtedly is now. Especially now that electrified amplification has made everything so brutally, and destructively competitive. Even as it also pushes for ever more unsustainable consumption, with an ever more pervasive, and corrosive, messaging environment; precisely because information is a commodity that no one gives away now without some expectation of ever more gain.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Fantasy Horror Scenarios For The Economically Minded

And it is not Student Debt alone (scary as that might be in total). No. It is the uncertainty generally, surrounding the economy, which is increasing, that will threaten it it ultimately. Uncertainty that is the norm now precisely because so much instability has been pumped into both social institutions, and the physical systems that we exist in (and not dealt with because money, and human nature, gets in the way of everything). Instability that creates constant turbulence, which in turn destroys the smooth flows of either information, or material objects, through any complex arrangement of interdependent relationships, and processes.

And in this is the ever present display of the "Big Number."

Everybody in power loves big numbers. Nothing looks shinier than an appropriately framed, big number. That's why the jobs numbers work so well in selling the notion that the economy is just fine and dandy, thank you very much. When, in fact, it is not.

This can be especially so if the distribution of the increase can be seen, at the next lower level of aggregation (as in having it broke out in the broad categories of "IT," "Manufacturing,"  or value adding "services," etc.), as seeming to indicate growth in "good" sectors; manufacturing being one of them, as well as IT, and science/engineering, are often seen as; precisely in as much as both can be perceived for continued growth, and jobs that the rest of us might value because they pay better, and can be obtained without too much expensive retraining.

And let me be clear here. As a notion unto itself, and inside the old norms of Capitalism (reasonable profit expectations working with reasonable skill valuations, for reasonable, sustainable growth) there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The problem, of course, comes in when you have to start factoring for human frailty at all aspects of all of those "working with" parts of my previous aside. But going down that discussion path is not what I want to talk about here.

No, this is about how even big numbers in "good" job sectors don't necessarily mean more than a flaming bag of dog doo on your porch. And that is because you, nor the dummies who keep touting them, in their gross aggregate, have much of any comprehensive way of knowing, exactly, what either (a): prompted their hiring in the first place, nor (b): what actual work the jobs are to be applied to. And that is important because a whole lot of bad can be hidden in there. Doesn't necessarily mean bad is in there either, automatically, certainly, but that is precisely the problem. It could be either, and that variability could be as wildly fluctuating as the stock market itself is right now.

One of my main concerns with the "what prompted the hiring" question is how it pertains to whether the jobs represent reaction decision making in regards to some destructive event that has already occurred; because in this is the realm where spending for disaster recovery of all types (including, but not limited to, extreme weather events, or extreme social interaction events -- which is where things like addiction overall, and crime, and mental health) can be lumped. And of course it's a good thing that people can get work to help other people, but that can't, in my opinion, be seen as something to be viewed, by balanced economic thought at least, as a net positive for the economy.

There is also the idea that what prompted the hiring was just the last, quick, get rich quick, tech inspired, "disruption meme" (as in cryptocurrency, or dumping scooters, blades, or whatever else into whatever town, or city space); memes, and the whole point of their brief validity, that can disappear as fast as morning fog once the sun starts shining down. And... You know.... You can actually see what's going on.

How long do you suppose those jobs are going to last? Even assuming they are good jobs for the economy.

Then, of course, is the unexpected consequences of the work being done itself. Which is where you get to asking the deeper questions about what these people might actually be employed in. Important questions if you consider that they might be desired for hire in work that, say, reinforces the notion of a "Police State." Or work that creates a wonder product for whatever, that also, unfortunately, produces a terribly debilitating, side effect, in its use; or the manufacturing process spews out something awful, or whatever else a fevered imagination can produce.

How can any of that be seen, in the net, total effect, as something that is a positive for the economy as a whole?

And this is where we must segue into an, unfortunately necessary, "may you live in interesting times", description.

What if some clever systems guy (like Jeff Goldblum's character in the last remake of the fly) gets hold of the latest Nvidia, quantum processor enhanced, gagillion cuda cores, exo flopping, number crunching, Demi God box, and coordinates the hack of crunching optimal relationship correlations in the price fluctuations of all commodity, and corporate stock, markets. And in one, very precisely series of sequenced trades, ends up owning both majority shares of every publicly traded entity, as well as cornering every major commodity. Doing it so fast, and creating whatever shell companies, and blinds, and dodges, the regulators haven't even thought of yet, to keep it hidden from their monitoring systems, so as to trigger no warning, or electronic cutouts.

And what if he just keeps that a secret. Keeps it a very keepable secret because he ends up managing things better than the chaos that was trying to manage it, having things start to improve generally, at least for a while; that all important while, where he also begins to plan his real mission.

A matter transmitter that ends up intercoursing not only him all to hell and gone, as a new human-fly species, but the rest of us as well, as we are suddenly forced to deal with a new, very invasive species indeed?

Or maybe it's some other techo fantasy he has in mind, like the AI that will come into the world without us having any way of knowing, ahead of time, how it will regard us?

Or maybe it will be some horrible sexual fantasy that redefines sexuality from the genetics out (augmenting all the naughty bits way beyond the norm); combined with sophisticated new techniques for reprogramming people through various forms of controlled suggestion, via the environment, outright hypnosis, and the application of the right psychoactive drugs. New sexuality that conforms to his sense of what is errotic, and pleasurable, while the way we might like it be damned. For that simply won't matter any more.

Big numbers are shiny things, but let us not forget how shiny has been used to blind us to the truth so many times in the past. I am not asking you to believe in my interpretation of the various aggregates our economy generates, I am just urging you to always try to look deeper, and make sure, as it is both practical, and caring to do, to ask the deeper questions, so as to keep a proper perspective.

In my mind, the whole point here is to have citizens that can make truly informed decisions. What those decisions, and choices, are, after that, are up to each individual involved. That's why we need Democracy in the first place. Democracy that will let us all participate in the negotiations that must always be ongoing in a society. So as to work the difficult balance between the rights, and responsibilities, of both the one, and the many.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Which Form Of Wishful Thinking Is Worse?

Which is worse here in these two brief examples of what has become of our two party system.

And when I say become, what I mean is how both sides of the old "Liberal," "Conservative," divide have ground themselves down to nothing left of real substance, as it pertains to new ideas relevant to what we actually face, in this fundamentally new operating environment, that we find ourselves in. An operating environment epitomized in the grand scale of change that has occured since the electrified extension of all of our faculties; via of course, the incredible technological change that an amplified, centuries old, form of economy has launched us into. That very thing we call Capitalism now. Accelerating ever faster now precisely because it wasn't designed to handle something the designers had no way to even begin to imagine then. And because of that becoming mutated in the ever more warped inability to respond properly.

On the one side, (starting from the left because I love irony) here, you have what I can only describe as the following:

To try to suggest that our current, "Clown Car Driver-n-Chief," has even a comic book grasp of anything, even sort of close, to even a simplified Cliff Notes version, of what Hamilton was all about, and that this was actually a integral part of his belief system; that this absurdity is to suggest a leader, with a coherent strategy, and belief system (other than self gratification), is a "new" Republican fever dream of epic proportions.

Is it really the nation in general they're trying to convince here, or themselves? And in a kind of desperation that ought to alarm former Republicans, as much as it ought to alarm the rest of us? Desperation certainly that might explain why they can't even begin to come back to reality enough so as to acknowledge the very real plight our planet is in now?

Trump's governing philosophy shares more in common with Alexander Hamilton than Machiavelli

The End of Economic Growth Is Inevitable. Let’s Plan for It.

On the other side, however, you also have a, maybe not quite so desperate, desire to convince themselves that "Liberalism" can still, somehow, save a way of doing things that has already been tried to be saved, far too many times, even before it was completely obsolete, and thus layered so deeply, with ever more calcifying rigidity, of rules, and regulations, and required process flows, that, even if a "Plan" could be devised to make Capitalism work, with everlasting social equity, in a system designed for individual gain, much more than for collective gain; even if that could be done, you would have no idea of how many new problems you would be creating because of unanticipated side effects; all of the bad interactions with old structure, buried so deep it's almost impossible to find, even with a general idea of where to look. And that burden added, naturally, to the already formidable obstacle of those who like things the way they are now just fine (deluded of course by the notion that money can buy whatever protection one might ever need, come "bad weather," or not).

I can make the above statement about the featured "UnDark" article because it is filled with the same well intentioned generalities of "eco" friendly, and "more socially responsible," that most of the current crop of Democratic candidates, lining up so far to take a shot at our highest office, are trying to brand themselves with now, as uniquely as they can (good luck with that). Generalities that make little mention of just how absurd it has become now; a creaking, old, mechanistic system, always so dependant on shifting costs down the road somehow, timewise, even as it also plays an everlasting shell game of who gets caught having to have to, ultimately, pay for the needed, critical, systems investments, that make society possible at all; the very things everyone wants to benefit from, but few truly want to take full responsibility for now. Then having all of that amplified beyond anybody's ability to cope. And all in a global environment of amplification that keeps pushing for more competition for dominance, in all of the areas that we are already competing far too dangerously in; as in, obviously, the very markets, resources, and military power, that has always been the Troyka of misery for the rest of us that is Capitalism.

That this has become the very opposite of a "Virtuous Circle," is, in my opinion, so obvious that it has become impossible for a good many of us to see now. Coupled with the fact that, if you do find a way to "see" it, you are then faced with the realization of just how much this must take you out of whatever little bit of a "Cold Comfort" zone you have been able to cobble together for yourself. Taking you out of that little bit of comfort left to "human up," as it were, and do the sacrifices it is going to take to implement the fundamentally new way to do things, that we actually do need to do now, if we truly want to survive.

No easy thing to even contemplate, much less do, to be sure, but there is just nothing for it folks. Nothing for it at all but to accept the fact that we must change, or accept our ultimate demise.

This is the choice that each and every one of us faces now. I can only hope, from all forms of "Higher Power," and "Higher Purpose," that each and every one of us takes this choice as serious as life itself is now taking it. Something you feel now viscerally, even if you don't want to admit it.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Right To Strike

Use it while you still can.

And not just as limited sets of skill commodities. Commodities for which money always seeks to give them more options; the very options with which to beat you down with; as in cheaper, as well as more compliant, options. No matter what it costs us in "Burn Outs," or "Suicides of Professionals," or the slower, addictive deaths, that are the main, affordable, options for the rest of us; and finally, of course, the "Rage Bombs" that are going off now, more and more, from individuals who have taken to one of the most terrible, new kinds of notoriety, that we've ever come up with, in our "Big Event" pumped, ever more monetized, mutation of "Informing the Public." Taken to it because the rage glories in the body count, as one last act of mindless revenge.

No. The next step will have to be a good deal more comprehensive than that. Just you be sure. Because, in the end, unless the majority of us are willing to just walk out on the madness en mass, there will be no need for them to take us seriously.

Even that demented, "Clown Car Driver," guy knows that.

Thousands of L.A. teachers to march picket lines for second day

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Contrasts For Myself, And Taking Time To Let Events Unfold For A While

Contrasts, contrasts. I do emphasize that a lot. For what I hope have been understandable reasons.

In that context, from time to time, I pass on the reminder that there are two (and hopefully not too many more to come) videos of me that can provide contrast for you, about me. They are on my YouTube channel, not long, and interesting, if for no other reason than for how what I have been doing has evolved. Something you will see immediately if you first do the KING TV station coverage of the initiative I retried doing back in the early eighties; one that would have used a lottery for rides on the Space Shuttle, to fund the creation of two new, supposedly small scale, energy, and transportation utilities, that would have benefited the space program by, not only keeping public interest in it high, but also to provide hydrogen fuel on a completely subsidised basis. Basically a clever, but quite naive, attempt to sneak making national public utilities, for transportation, and clean energy, a fact of life, without it causing too much conservative backlash.

The other one was done back in 2014, sometime around when I was still working for Nytech, in a placement with Microsoft, and is an attempt to provide an oral overview of how I envisioned the message of my advocacy at that time. I also have some good music lists on YouTube you might want to check out.

Keeping too many plates spinning has almost always been a fact of life for me, but now I think I really am pushing it too much, at the moment. And a lot of that is the sudden requirement that I nurse our female cat Sabrina through a very bad paw sprain on her left paw; as well as to help auswage the pain that my friend Kathleen feels in sympathy; more than even Sabrina does (we have to keep her fairly isolated from doing what kitties unfortunately love doing, which is jumping up, or down, overly much; which means basically locking her in my room and not have a surface that is jump accessible).

There is also the grudging acknowledgement that too much is pouring into the infosphere, too fast, for anybody to keep up with anymore. So much so, and no matter who you are, even with an ability to pump it out, consistently, through wide, multi-channel dispersals, over time. And that is because everybody now needs to be a brand, and to sell that brand, and whatever nonsense it does, or does not, represent. And fewer and fewer are paying attention to anything but their particular message. So much so that you shouldn't be too surprised if internet burnout itself becomes a 2019-2020, new fact of life.

All that being said, I think I'm going to have to just be a very selective observer for a while now and just let events play out (even if continuing to shake Google's tree would make me feel good, which it doesn't any more); as the chaos, we are creating for ourselves, interacts with all of the fumbling attempts to continue with "Business As Usual." Thereupon ending up making things, naturally, even worse.

The unfortunate bottom line here may well be the fact that it has to get a lot worse before the majority of us will be forced to just stop. Forced to stop doing anything but see that the old system is no longer capable of doing anything useful, in anything, even close, to human terms. Especially if survival is at all important to you or not.

I remain hopeful for better outcomes, and I will be shouting things out again at some point, even when Google takes Google+ down, at some point in the not too distant future.

I am not going to give up. And I do not want you to give up. Just start thinking very carefully on the choices you will be forced to make, here, soon; either directly, or by the default of doing nothing.

That's where this lies now. With the choices of millions of people quite similar to you.

And time will be the true telling of who, and what, we really want to end up becoming.

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