Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Anthropocene as a way to hide from morality

The following post was prompted fro the Aeon article linked below

What Mr. Purdy Illustrates in this excellent essay is the human propensity to put fundamental, arbitrary boundaries to everything. In this I mean to emphasize the need to put any demarcation at all between any period of the constant churn of the physical world. Whether you talk about the Holocene, or the Anthropocene, or indeed, even between an assumed singularity, a great expansion, and the formation of galaxies, as opposed to when living systems began, and the ultimate evolution of sentient entities.

The bias in all of this is to suppose that physical meaning space and sentient meaning space have only just started to interact in this one vector of interactive association; of itself the only vector to comprise what we think of as the entirety. Modern physics, however, has begun to paint a vastly more complicated picture.
The Anthropic principle (see this: http://abc.net.au/rn/sciencesh..., Superimposition, and quantum theory models that suggest a possible infinite array of branching realities off each quantum moment, create the possibility that this reality is but one of many. Each of us, in fact, may be just one variation of a great probability distribution playing itself out so that every contingency can be seen to its conclusion.

What we are faced with here is the fact that we have no philosophical framework, in the "Noosphere" of our new knowledge, within which to place and orient ourselves as actors who must make choices. Or, for that matter, of how important meaning processing systems are in the first place, and how ultimately significant sentient choice is to the bigger picture.

Within Cosmolosophy I have proposed that the two main aspects of the Entirety are Mind and The Elemental Embrace (or Love, if you prefer). Both are required to form what is essentially an unimaginably immense, and complex, recursive question answer engine. An engine who's sole purpose to find the meanings which will create the next set of questions.

In this Mind is required as the systematic process of objectification, and the layering of abstraction so that there is something to be relative to, as well as to chose the means of observation (so as to collapse a wave equation). And the Elemental Embrace as the very idea of the tension between already objectified interactions so as to make space time possible in the first place.

The idea here is to suggest that we, as sentient entities, are far more involved, and always have been, than we have ever imagined possible before. And even more to the point, have affect across scales of consideration far beyond our notions of linear cause and effect, or this one reality. All of this, then, to further suggest, that our notions of morality need to be expanded in kind.

That is why I have also been working, for decades, on what an alternative to Capitalism should be, as this new philosophy needs to work hand in glove with what that new alternative ought to embody; something that I feel quite strongly offers a great deal more than mere Socialism, or Dialectic Materialism, by themselves, ever could. An alternative that would make possible what Cosmolosophy stands for: "Thoughtful, loving structure."

Not only is Capitalism obsolete, but the notion that we do, and how we do it, requires no morality in the context of the purely physical realm, is also obsolete. What we do and how we do it does matter; both literally and metaphorically because we make the entirety even as it makes us.

    Sunday, March 29, 2015

    Open Source Song Lyrics

    I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while now and I thought now might be a good time to put it out there. It's quite simple really.

    I fancy myself (for good or ill) as something of a half decent lyricist. On the melody part, and the engineering, not nearly as much. It also has occurred to me that it would be pretty cool to put lyrics out there so that a variety of people, with their different styles of play, and melody preferences, could do what they thought might be the best way to express those lyrics. And I also thought that it might be cool to see how others would alter the words themselves to, perhaps, make a better way to express what they felt the initial copy was trying to say.

    That being said, I am putting all of these lyrics out there without any restrictions as what you can do with them, or any expectations as to compensation to me for the initial starting point of the words that comprise the songs. Keep the words. Change them completely. Put whatever melody to them you think appropriate and then send me back a copy of your output, lets say as a link to a YouTube recording, or whatever other sourcing site, so you can have some assurance that your versions gets registered as your version. I promise to post that link here so that you whatever extra exposure my modest blog can provide. It might not be much, but every little bit helps, and it certainly couldn't hurt.

    And if you are not a musician maybe you know someone who is; someone you could pass the song idea along to. All I ask is that you get them to at least consider letting me have a chance to share it with folks here.

    OK then. Here are the first few to start with. As you will note, I have given them just numbers for an initial title. The final title will be at the sole discretion of the musician involved.

    SONG #1:

    When you don't know
    where you're goin
    Why the hell do you care
    about how you'll be goin
    to get anywhere
    or what you'll be finding
    assuming you're ever there.

    Just think upon
    what you carry
    and why you 
    bring it anywhere.
    And think about
    the burden
    born by others
    as you step upon
    their cares.

    Look upon the Journey
    as a means to
    find your legs
    and the eyes
    to see what matters
    in what makes you
    want to care

    Walk about this world
    to wake what is there
    in you and all you find
    as you make each place aware.

    Walk about this world
    so you know why
    you mind
    that every thing matters
    and everything takes care

    Walk about this world
    take each step as a find
    make each moment matter
    as you love
    what loves in kind

    SONG #2:

    How can an angel be so bad
    How can such lovin drive you mad
    its creation desolation
    that leaves a boy so glad
    to know he's been had

    God threw you down
    because you turned him around
    But only he knows
    From his head to his toes
    Just how good it is to take
    in the heaven you make
    of such righteous misery

    He'll love all you ya do
    He'll love the heat you put him through
    but in the end you'll know its true
    only one can top the view
    while there's nothing the
    other can do

    Oh you just gotta know
    How bad it's gonna go
    You're gonna steal all his thunder
    You're gonna teach him how to plunder
    Enough to make him send you
    Oh so far down under.

    You know the Devil don't share
    so ya better beware
    You play his game a lot better
    Just to get him a lot redder
    you're gonna go down
    and find the burn
    in what comes around

    SONG #3:

    You make a
    line in the sand
    to show us all
    where you stand

    But it's the blood
    in the flood
    that wipes away
    all those lies 
    in the blades 
    that cut the lines
    of what we face 
    between you from me

    Too much blood
    in the the sand
    to many tears 
    that will not land
    so no heart can ever grow
    to make a head 
    ever understand

    Insanity is all we gain 
    when any solid ground  
    we  might stand 
    for anything sane
    gets quickly blow away.
    so all we remember 
    is every grain 
    of our pain

    SONG #4:

    Bend you over all my friends
    Bend you over to begin.
    Bend it over right this instant
    For your betters
    are itchin for their skins.

    They're ever so thrusty for
    their pumping you in and out
    And here we're a dying
    in the way of fitting in.

    They’ve got the biggest pipes
    for you to blow everything out
    And they even own the holes
    in the means
    to all your ends.

    Bend you over all you rabble
    They are beyond all control.
    For You folded for the watching
    With No worries without a pill
    for what it is that flows.

    And as they push it deeper
    All Your thinking flushed and blinking
    so liberally lubed and tubed.
    The message boobing by you
    Your passages brightly nude.

    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    You've Given up Creation
    just to swallow what they send
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just keep on Cheeking meekly
    and hope the spread won't you rend
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just put your lips to servicing
    Cause you'll need no voice my friend

    Bend you over all you hopeless
    And shed you no more streams.
    For they'll pump you one big gut full
    Of all the most sad and wondrous dreams.

    They will get the substance
    And you get the foam.
    And while It tickles and it sparkles,
    Still will it leave you all quite numb.

    Bend you over all you angry
    For They’ll channel all your fears.
    They’ll seduce all your sorrows
    And sell them back at a markup
    as you blunder throught the years.

    Injustice now is hazy
    When it doesn’t entertain.
    And Conscience now gets lazy
    When they sell us back our pain.

    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    You've Given up Creation
    just to swallow what they send
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just keep on Cheeking meekly
    and hope your spread won't you rend
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just put your lips to servicing
    Cause you'll need no voice my friend

    Don’t think you of tomorrow
    It’s already going to dust.
    Just think of how fulfilled
    They’ve got you with their lust.

    Bend you over all you holy
    Bend you over most profane.
    Bend you all over backwards
    To them it profits all the same.

    Bend you over all my children
    Don’t look you so surprised.
    Bend you over all my children
    Your innocence is prized.

    Bend you over all my children
    You don’t have to kneel.
    Bend you over all my children
    This is the mega-bucks Mcdeal.

    Bend you over my children
    We’ve made this our fate.
    Bend you over my children
    We questioned it too late.

    Bend you over all my children
    And take it in stride.
    Bend you over my children
    Bow out now and die.

    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    You've Given up Creation
    just to swallow what they send
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just keep on Cheeking meekly
    and hope your spread won't you rend
    Bend, Bend
    Don't you mend or defend
    Just put your lips to servicing
    Cause you'll need no voice my friend

    Saturday, March 28, 2015

    An example of self perpetuating privilege

    This article, linked from Alernet via Salon, provides a pretty good example of how perpetuating privilege works. And who better to provide it than the Koch brothers.
    American billionaires on welfare: The Koch brothers and other ranchers stealing your tax dollars

    American billionaires on welfare: The Koch brothers and other ranchers stealing your tax dollars

    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Another Look at how complicated even Sand has become

    The following post was prompted by the Wired article linked below:

    We seem ready to fight over nearly everything these days, why should sand be any different? But, like water, it has become a very critical resource.
    Indian workers crush stone into sand at an illegal mine near Raipur Village in India on March 18, 2015.

    The Deadly Global War for Sand

    Paul Krugman. Please take heed of Robert Reich's example.

    The following post was prompted by the Salon article linked below.

    I respect Mr. Krugman immensely but I still have to ask the question: When is he going to come around, as Robert Reich already has, that the other side of the "Republicans are Wrong" coin is that Liberals aren't right either; especially in as much as they persist in the notion that there can be a way to reform, and or regulate, Capitalism for long term social benefit.

    Capitalism is obsolete. It no longer makes sense within an electrified society. Not only that, but any further attempts to make it better almost always end up causing more harm than they seek to address.

    I would urge you Mr. Krugman to please wake up and smell the obsolescence. This stinker is way beyond its use by date.

    "Events have proven their cherished beliefs wrong": Paul Krugman demolishes GOP's economic fairy tales

    Republican Priorities

    Here are the Republican notions of what is important to the fabric of our society laid bare:

    "...Working into Friday's pre-dawn hours, senators approved the blueprint by a near party-line 52-46 vote, endorsing a measure that closely follows one the House passed Wednesday. Both budgets embody a conservative vision of shrinking projected federal deficits by more than $5 trillion over the coming decade, mostly by cutting health care and other benefit programs and without raising taxes..." (see link below)

    Unbelievable Billions will be spent on the obscene upgrade program for nuclear weapons. Unbelievable Billions will be spend on increasing what is already the world's biggest military, much of it on weapons that either don't work properly, nor for which really address what it ought to take to keep our country secure. Precisely because a permanent war economy doesn't care that much for what is the bottom line concerning our actual security requirements, only the bottom line for the various weapons industries.

    Make no mistake, threats are out there. There are fanatics, and extremists of all sorts who would wish us harm, but there are also other threats. Threats to our very existence. Industries that kill far more than the terrorists do. Ingrained processes in the very fabric of daily life that poison the land and us. Unfunded responsibilities to keep our infrastructure not only safe, but up to date for an electrified world, as well as to say our children educated, and all us healthy.

    What it boils down to here is that they want their profits, and the tools of intimidation to keep resources open for the ever munching maw of their all consuming, money making, dream machine. They don't want to pay for any of them mind you, any more than they want to pay for what benefits the rest of us. But that's what happens when privilege becomes a self perpetuating monster.

    And the real problem here, dear reader, is that you, and I, and most of the other ordinary working people who form the grit and backbone of this country, let it continue. If we stopped participating they would have to stop and start paying attention to what is really important.


    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    Another Example of Our Insane Prioritization of Threats and the Resources Not Used for Real Priorities

    The new round of "Nuclear Modernization" is frightening both because it might well make them more tempting to use, but also because it will make all the more certain that desperately needed resources for other priorities will become non existent. When you add this to the already absurd ordinary weapons spending, you have to wonder how we will ever be able to address even the most basic aspects of maintaining a society at all, let alone one that prospers and achieves great things for the advancement of humanity.

    And all of this after eight years of a supposedly liberal Democratic administration. Shame on both parties, but especially on the one who's president gave a great deal of lip service to changing the nuclear situation.


    Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Americans With a Shared Vision

    I know this will be stating the obvious, as well as repeating myself, but it stills bears restating: We don't have a shared vision any more.

    That's not to say, however, that there aren't what might be thought of as various competing contenders; A righteously pious theocracy, rigorously defending the word of god and the way of life that holds that line; A vigorously competitive meritocracy, letting unfettered liberty, as well as free markets, determine what the individual is able to achieve; a rational, thought and inquiry based society where exploration on all fronts of science is what we were given minds for in the first place; or a holistically oriented population of organic naturalists, looking to minimize materialistic aggrandizement to seek connection with each other, as well as the physical world.

    That list is certainly arbitrary, and subject to other viewpoints as to what is missing, or included. There is also the fact that a lot of us tend to order up various combinations of all of the above. Be that as it may, though, it still gives us a reasonable starting point for a discussion.

    What are we to do now. We are splintering even as we shatter ever more bonds of commonality. All the while the world grows more chaotic, desperate and violent. And in this only one product grows truly more abundant: Fear.

    What we are left with as a response to all of this are various combinations of a numbing intimidation, cynical indifference, blind outrage, aggressive hording for control, and hatred for any type of “other” which might be perceived as threatening, or calling into question, of our notion of what ought to be the correct vision.

    The oddity, as well as possible naivety, in all of this is that I still have hope, as well as faith, in the idea that there is a way for us to accept all of these divergent visions; a means to tolerate them by focusing on the common ground we still share; difficult to see thought that might be.

    I would think that most of us want humanity to continue. That most of us want the idea of being an American, with the amazing set of ideals that go with it, to continue. That we want our children to have loving and nurturing communities to grow up in, allowing for confident and informed adults able to make good choices, so as to provide for their children in kind, to continue. That we want there to be some sense of spirit and faith, as well as curiosity and a need to keep asking questions, to continue. And finally, most of us want there to be personal liberty, even as they recognize that there is a responsibility owed to the needs of the community as a whole, that has to go along with that liberty.

    How are we to do this? Knowing that some of us don't want one or more of the above? Knowing that some of us have very specific requirements to both procedures and outcomes?

    What we have to realize, I think, is that most of us are not going have what we want to continue if we continue with business as usual. Even the privileged, who may, or may not, have become self perpetuating, will be forced to realize that, even in the best case scenario of “there will be blood,” they will remain in control of only the power to quicken a grotesque end. This is so because every system, whether physical or social, has its limits; especially if you work whatever system to your own ends without limit.

    For those who might actually have it in their interests to see it all end I would only ask this: If you truly believe it will end, in whatever way, for what ever reason, and nothing human arrogance might imagine to do to prevent it will keep it from happening, why do you work so hard, and often to such extreme degrees, to hasten that end? Why not live and let live according to your own lights, and then bask in the glory of your reward, even as you gloat, ever so minutely of course, over the anguish that befalls the rest of us. Do you really lust so much for Holy War? Do you truly think your god desires rivers of blood to bring forth a righteous end? Even knowing that various faiths have tried this before throughout history, with the world only ending up a lot sadder, and the sediment of those floods cementing layers of hate into the very ground we try to rebuild on?

    What we need to do, on all levels of regional and national government; and on the various forums of the economic, intellectual, and creative, elites, is to start talking about what an alternative to the way we have been doing business might look like. I have spent several decades, from the perspective of a systems analyst, trying to come up with a reasonable place to start that dialogue. I would hope that, precisely because it has become clear to everyone that what worked before no longer does so, we will all see it in our own self interest to do so.

    The bottom line, from my perspective, is that there is a way to put into place an organizational formula that gives most of us a good portion of all of the things I listed as most of us wanting to preserve in the first place. Enough of all of those things, in balance with each other, to allow us to put up with whatever “other” vision we might be cooperating within a more loosely defined republic. And the one extra that we could all hold together in our different visions is the knowledge that a new cooperative model would give us a chance to rediscover our birthright as Americans: Becoming of and about living for the new frontier that awaits us out amongst the stars.

    I have said it before, and I will keep on saying it: Americans with a shared vision are a force of nature. Even as we argue, passionately disagree, and sometimes come to fists in the face over; Americans find a way to “adapt, improvise, and overcome.” It has always been the god awfullest combination of the practical, the heart felt, the imaginative and the spiritual, that has kept it going. Please don't let it stop now.

    Monday, March 23, 2015

    The Endless Litany of Why We Need an Alternative

    Sometimes the flow of what's wrong with Capitalism is so large and varied all you can do is just peruse it in near disbelief. It just keeps coming and still we don't demand that a new organizational model be created.

    This list is from Salon:

    5 signs America is devolving into a plutocracy
    5 signs America is devolving into a plutocracy

    The slave labor behind your favorite clothing brands: Gap, H&M and more exposed
    The slave labor behind your favorite clothing brands: Gap, H&M and more exposed

    Vulture capitalists are picking us dry: Why consumer debt buyers are on the rise
    Vulture capitalists are picking us dry: Why consumer debt buyers are on the rise

    And here's one from CNN Money:
    cash capital spending
    U.S. companies hoard record amount of cash

    Bureaucratic Bloat is Part and Parcel of Capitalism

    The following post was prompted by the Daily Beast article linked below.

    I know, the easy response to this article is to blame the usual liberal reaction to Big Money. And in one important aspect this is quite correct. The problem with liberals is that they are simply Republican Light. They still cling to the notion that Capitalism can be reformed and managed; as in to say tamed for the overall benefit of social cohesion and equity. After a century or more of this, however, with the way laws and government layers build up upon themselves, you get bloat that often works at cross purposes, not to mention ever more inefficiently.

    What needs to be recognized here is that trying to curb, or counter act, the power of Big Money, while sticking with the organizational model that makes not only money possible in the first place, but also the insane accumulations of it, is tantamount to letting the inmates run the insane asylum. 

    The fact of the matter is that Capitalism no longer makes any sense in the age of electronic processing systems; systems where skill or technique of any kind can be rendered into a sequence of one's and zeros. In that environment not only does human skill become absurd as a commodity, but the power to translate information into effect makes money orders of magnitude more concentrated as a lever in the hands of a few; precisely because money, any more, is itself only one's and zeros in those same processing systems. And, by extension, when you rely on a system of government where an informed people is absolutely essential, what hope do they have of having truly unfettered access to critical information when it is both gold and a currency?

    What we have here is a situation that is no different than one faced by the software industry as a whole. Complex operating systems, or even just complex task processing systems, get developed to meet the requirements dictated by the current operating environment. Nothing remains static, of course, and so needs will change, requiring corresponding changes in the coded system. A point always comes, however, where the operating environment has changed to such a degree from the original state that prompted the systems initial design that you must start over. You must do this precisely because any further changes not only risk diminishing returns because of the whole "fix the problems the original fix created," situation, but also because the thicket of new code usually impacts overall performance in ever increasing degrees of negativity.

    In this Capitalism is no different. It is simply time to start over. The sooner we face that the better off we will all be.


    Why Your Bridge Will Never Be Fixed

    This article from the Daily Beast only restates my point here from another perspective. The problem with this other perspective is that it simply chooses to ignore the ultimate folly of continuing with the back and forth of "Big Government" trying to temper "Big Money."
    A sign stands in front of the Wal-Mart Stores Inc. headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

    Another reason why money is power

    If you are ever curious on how the "inequality of outcomes" gets a big leg up on American Justice you need look no further than to secret funding organizations as described in the linked Daily Beast article below. Just another way the few can muscle out the many in important aspects of social organization.


    The JCN Story: How to Build a Secretive, Right-Wing Judicial Machine

    Friday, March 20, 2015

    Income Inequality as Bad Economics

    The following post was prompted by the Salon article linked below.

    Obviously, as a Progressive, I abhor income Inequality. The main problem, however, with this argument as it relates to its structural deficiencies, as opposed to the moral implications, is that it relies on the assumption that more players able to play in the game is automatically good for economics in a structural sense. And, as Mr. Rosenberg suggests, this is so because it not only creates more innovation, it also fosters more competition which also spurs innovation.

    All of this is quite true but what it fails to consider is that Capitalism is a good deal more complicated now that it has been mutated across two quite different conceptual mind sets; and by this I mean mind sets in the nature of those described by Marshal McLuhan: linear and objectified typographic thinking, and the more all inclusive sensory mind space of electrified experience retrieval.

    First and foremost in fully accounting for this greater complexity is that fact that Capitalism has always been in a love-hate relationship with competition. It certainly adores the facade of competition, but the actual reality always makes profit margins thin. If that weren't bad enough, however, what we get now with increased competition is electrified amplification. More can be done for less; especially as it relates to inputs of human skill. In this is created the dichotomy of ever greater quantities of output that must be consumed by fewer people per unit volume who will have a job affording them the ability to purchase in the first place. And don't even think about getting me started on what the hyper marketing required to sell as much as is possible to the remaining workers does to humanity as a whole.

    Hang on, though, because it gets worse. Ever increasing innovation and competition also have the unavoidable consequence of making old enterprise paradigms obsolete which, as a further result, require those few still working to retool in various ways. With electric amplification this cycle winds up faster and faster with little consideration of not only who pays for the retooling, but, perhaps a great deal more importantly, what this does to the human condition as it relates to our connection to tools and the ability to create expressively. 

    When you get right down to it, Capitalism on electricity just doesn't make any sense at all. It makes human skill as a commodity absurd, hyper consumption absurd, and Democracy absurd because not only are information and money are the same thing, but also because thwarting socially unacceptable concentrations of counters is extremely difficult to maintain long term.

    The fact of the matter is that Capitalism is obsolete. It is an operating system never intended for electrified environments. We need to start over in coming up with a new system. I'd like to think I've made some strides there. I would encourage all of you to check it out at either Oldsofty.com or Jeff Vale on Google+.

    The 1 percent rigged everything: Why no one can end Ronald Reagan's "dead wrong" voodoo economics


    The better question here should be why people have become so ambivalent about voting in the first place. And, as Rob Richie, the executive director of the non-partisan election reform advocacy group "FairVote" indicated:

    "There is no one substitute for the fundamental issues of what is keeping people from the polls."

    We can, however, make a pretty good short list of those fundamental issues:

    1. The power of Big Money to shape how any issue is considered, and thus how the potential answers seem to mostly favor outcomes to their benefit.

    2. As a corollary to #1 above, the power of Big Money to influence elections at both the local and national level.

    3. As a corollary to #2 above, how district boundaries get absurdly drawn so as to make for considerably more singular party affiliation.

    4. The power of Big Money to move job dependent enterprises around to thwart quality of life oriented expenditures even if they do get voted in.

    5. The power of Big Money to generally thwart the legal system so as to increasing inequality of outcomes.

    And let be be clear here, this is just the short list. And also to be clear, virtually of these factors arise from the absolute certainty that Capitalism is obsolete (as even Robert Reich has stated here).

    It doesn't work any more. It is long past time for an alternative.

    Image: BESTPIX Midterms Elections Held Across The U.S.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2015


    Well, it took a while but he's finally starting to see the light. Robert Reich has admitted to the fact that Capitalism is obsolete. Now, if we can just get him to take the next logical step and start talking about what might be a better alternative we'll be passing a major mile stone.
    I commend you sir. Hopefully you will lend your good name to the effort of convincing other notable economists to join the alternative movement.

    Monday, March 16, 2015


    The following post was prompted by the Daily Beast Article linked below.

    This certainly sounds like a very good book. The real problem with such works, however, is the lack of effort in understanding why the "New Gilded Age" cannot last. Of why the increasing instability, and ultimate inability to control this mutated system is growing at an accelerating rate.

    The two main issues as to why this is so relate to the nature of what skill and information used to be, as opposed to what it has become. This view is one that you can come to fairly easily if you study the work of Marshal McLuhan.

    Capitalism you see was a product of Typographic thinking. Linear, abstracted, and rationalist to the extreme. The electrification of experience retrieval, however, has moved us back into the oral mind set; the all at once sensory space that fosters holistic thinking, and matrixcies of interaction. Capitalism has been warped across these two mind sets and it has mutated as a result.

    Information now is money. Human skill as a commodity is completely obsolete. Electrified networks moving information ever faster, and software we don't understand anymore to take advantage of that movement, at an ever growing number of accumulation nodes, reacting with and against each other, put the formulation of new information into a completely new dimension; a dimension that has very little to do with human notions of value, or need.

    The other problem, of course, is that ever increasing productive capability means more can be done with fewer people. Nice from a purely cost benefit analysis, but from the perspective of who is going to be left to still be able to purchase this unimaginable spew, is something else entirely. At some point, even with ever more insanely effective hyper marketing, getting remaining few to consume at faster rates, it will drown in its own capabilities. Not to worry, though, the planet will surely punch our tickets out well before then.

    What we need now is the intellectual elites, especially in economics, to come clean on this fact. We need them to start shouting from every pulpit then can muster that Capitalism is as obsolete now as the original Windows operating system would be if it were the only system available for today's computers and networks. Shouting out that an alternative is not only possible, it is absolutely imperative if we are to survive as a species. 

    I have been working on this analysis, as well as a possible alternative, for more than twenty years now. I would urge you to check out both Oldsofty.com, as well as Jeff Vale on Google+ to see a lot more detail concerning it.


    Saturday, March 14, 2015

    Another free thing reminder.


    As a part of my advocacy for political and economic change I whipped up a bunch of music a while back. Most of it was intended as protest songs, but there are a couple that are not.

    Even though they are not exactly top notch examples of recording mastery, I do still think you will find them interesting, amusing, and even, at times, a bit catchy. Pass them around as you like, just please don't use them to sell anything (as unlikely as that might be).

    Here is the link list:

    The Three Leaps of Life.mp3

    The Three Leaps of Life.wav

    Mickie's Man.wma

    Old Mans Lament.mp3

    Old Mans Lament2.mp3

    Buyers Remorse.mp3

    The Devil With Details.mp3


    The Bull And The Shit.mp3


    Can You Lend an Invisible Hand.mp3

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