Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Anthropocene as a way to hide from morality

The following post was prompted fro the Aeon article linked below

What Mr. Purdy Illustrates in this excellent essay is the human propensity to put fundamental, arbitrary boundaries to everything. In this I mean to emphasize the need to put any demarcation at all between any period of the constant churn of the physical world. Whether you talk about the Holocene, or the Anthropocene, or indeed, even between an assumed singularity, a great expansion, and the formation of galaxies, as opposed to when living systems began, and the ultimate evolution of sentient entities.

The bias in all of this is to suppose that physical meaning space and sentient meaning space have only just started to interact in this one vector of interactive association; of itself the only vector to comprise what we think of as the entirety. Modern physics, however, has begun to paint a vastly more complicated picture.
The Anthropic principle (see this: http://abc.net.au/rn/sciencesh..., Superimposition, and quantum theory models that suggest a possible infinite array of branching realities off each quantum moment, create the possibility that this reality is but one of many. Each of us, in fact, may be just one variation of a great probability distribution playing itself out so that every contingency can be seen to its conclusion.

What we are faced with here is the fact that we have no philosophical framework, in the "Noosphere" of our new knowledge, within which to place and orient ourselves as actors who must make choices. Or, for that matter, of how important meaning processing systems are in the first place, and how ultimately significant sentient choice is to the bigger picture.

Within Cosmolosophy I have proposed that the two main aspects of the Entirety are Mind and The Elemental Embrace (or Love, if you prefer). Both are required to form what is essentially an unimaginably immense, and complex, recursive question answer engine. An engine who's sole purpose to find the meanings which will create the next set of questions.

In this Mind is required as the systematic process of objectification, and the layering of abstraction so that there is something to be relative to, as well as to chose the means of observation (so as to collapse a wave equation). And the Elemental Embrace as the very idea of the tension between already objectified interactions so as to make space time possible in the first place.

The idea here is to suggest that we, as sentient entities, are far more involved, and always have been, than we have ever imagined possible before. And even more to the point, have affect across scales of consideration far beyond our notions of linear cause and effect, or this one reality. All of this, then, to further suggest, that our notions of morality need to be expanded in kind.

That is why I have also been working, for decades, on what an alternative to Capitalism should be, as this new philosophy needs to work hand in glove with what that new alternative ought to embody; something that I feel quite strongly offers a great deal more than mere Socialism, or Dialectic Materialism, by themselves, ever could. An alternative that would make possible what Cosmolosophy stands for: "Thoughtful, loving structure."

Not only is Capitalism obsolete, but the notion that we do, and how we do it, requires no morality in the context of the purely physical realm, is also obsolete. What we do and how we do it does matter; both literally and metaphorically because we make the entirety even as it makes us.