Saturday, April 22, 2017

We Can Do An Amazing Amount Of Whatever We Can Imagine Doing Now...

...And that is both our blessing, and our curse.

Amazing kinds of new flying machines. Amazing kinds of everything that can just be printed. Inching closer to genetic solutions to a host of very serious physical maladies. Experience retrieval systems that would seamlessly allow anyone, in virtually any situation, to understand what to do next, if called upon to do so (married with the right kind of combined vision glasses, or contact lenses, bone conduction sound processing, and perhaps some kind of haptic latex layer over the skin). Maybe even true faster than light travel.

Interestingly enough, that really isn't the issue any more. What is at issue is what feeds into the making of our imaginations, and consequently, what is then more likely to come out?

I ask this question now, having just recently posted on the proposed march for science, because not only scientists, but the rest of us as well, ought to be thinking about this sort of thing precisely because so much depends on it.

If my imagination has been stoked a great deal more for the receipt of fantasies along all of the lines of our base instincts, you can imagine as well just the kinds of excess that web porn today, and sci fi, have only started to rev the engines on. The extra incentive here, unfortunately, is that there is also the nitro that this hothouse environment we call Capitalism feeds on, and sweats out in grand profusion: Money.

In a sense, you could see this as an economy driven in ever greater degree by an underlying, and unbelievably profitable, addiction as a path to power. Is that really the ever more structurally self perpetuating direction you want society to head in?

We can't get rid of our base instincts, any more than we can simply forget the mind sugar diet we've already been fed on. We can, however, work to emplace a quite different structural imperative. One that can at least remove the hothouse environment that feeds into addiction so easily. One that would take away the commercial aspect of message so that the incentive to continue to manipulate base instincts would be greatly reduced. And one that would make working with more of our neighbors a natural part of community life. A life direction therefore more mutually involved, and organically supportive.

Call me crazy but it just seems like common sense to see that, if you want citizens able to make good decisions you first need to get back to the basics of what makes a person confident, well adjusted, and self motivated. All things that require a sense of meaning, worth, and a host of ever more demanding cognitive skills. If you think that's going to work continuing down this path of commercialized fantasies as commodities then it's already too late for you.

All of you need to think long and hard about these things. You need to be demanding the very same thing of everyone you know, and that they pass that along to all of their acquaintances. We are at an unprecedented moment of decision here. A very big moment of choice. Which direction will humanity go in? Who will lead the change if we make the right choice? If you've been thinking at all, in your heart, and in your head, you know that business as usual has to stop. The sooner the better.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Just In Case There's Lingering Doubt About The Planet Getting Hotter

And if you think a money oriented economy is going to be able to handle all of the collateral effects this is going to have you have been drinking too much of our de facto ex presidents Kool Aid.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Academic Validation That We Absolutely Need To Reinvent Our Relationship...

 ...Between providing for ourselves, and providing for the communities to keep it all working together.

As the books referred to in the New Republic article, linked below, indicates, it is simply time to realize that Capitalism, with the technological change it has wrought, has taken us as far as it can in performing as a social/economic operating system.

Sure, it had it's day. It created an almost unbelieveable avalanche of both material, and technological gain. That it also did a behemoth's bulldozering of the planet as collateral damage, though, must be acknowledged as well; which is undeniably why the problem is so much more complicated now, but that is damage we just need to try and move on from.

In any case, though, the bottom line is that work, as a commercialized, and specialized, mass production for mass consumption, process can't apply anymore; especially when the principal consumer can no longer compete viably as the holder of a skill commodity. The once virtuous circle of capital to productive structure, to wage induced skill application, to market varied quality and variety, to wage earner consumption, to capital return with profit, no longer works, and doesn't make sense any more.

The thing is, there is another aspect to why Capitalism no longer makes any sense any more. And it is related to the change in sense modalities that societies go through when they move from a typographic mind set, back to a more multi sensual, oral type mindset; much as Marshall McLuhan described it (primarily) in "The Gutenberg Galaxy." Of course the arc described there was culture going from oral (the tribal default) to typographic. Electrification of information flow reversed this process so that we have been moving back to a more tribal oriented, multi sensual mind set. And just so we're clear here, this makes a big difference in how we experience, and conceptualize things (as a lot of Mr. McLuhan's work indicated).

The major point of the differences is that we require greater involvement in depth in what we do as a natural course of living. It simply cannot be oddly sequenced, disconnected chunks of busy time any more. It has to be integrated, broadly connected and, most importantly, meaningful interaction that defines daily life. Which then demands that the way we organize things must also be structured so as to facilitate this new kind of "thoughtful, loving structure." A way to make keeping things going, and keeping ourselves prospering, just part and parcel of community life. Something. I hasten to add, that is quite possible if we would just put, even a small part, of the same creativity that has kept Capitalism going far longer than it would otherwise, to work on making it happen.

This is a big choice moment folks. Your choice. Don't blow it.

The United States of Work

Monday, April 17, 2017

Which Is Why We Can't Do This With A Money Based Economy!


They'll probably want to go with the cheapest option which is, oh, only $450 billion.

First Our Solar System, And Then Others...

...But we have to do this without the baggage that the economics of scarcity have burdened us with through most of our history. Which is why it is mandatory that we ditch Capitalism right now!


It is small-time to make just the world a better place. The real opportunity lies in making the universe a better place.

More Greed In Medicine


Cancer drugs cost more in the US than anywhere in the world.