Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Commoditization Of "We Can't Afford Children"

This juxtaposition ought to be cause for great sadness, depression, and a lot of dismal head shaking.

What have we come to when, not only is it too expensive to have children any more, for most working people in any case, no matter where you live, it is also now more profitable to send our truly fundamental "seed stock" overseas for actual production purposes.

And of course, why not by the logic of this now perverse, and toxic, mutated monster. A recent article just showed how we now make most of our critical pharmaceuticals in China. Why not have the world make babies for us with our seed. Who cares if they come back to haunt us as refugees. We'll just snap into a VR of choice and zone out till we have to get back on that killing treadmill we now call "just getting by."

America's Hottest Export? Sperm

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FDA recalls are a reminder that China controls much of world's drug supply

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Perhaps The Deeper Question Here Is Why We Continue With The Hothouse Environment

That makes everything now inside it grow abnormally.

And whether that's the actual environmental conditions we face now with global warming, or the the ever increasing, dangerous competitions, that are the hallmark now of a mutated, economic operating system, hardly matters. It is still the one that saturates all forms of communication now with messages engineered to use every kind of abnormal emphasis one could imagine, on every base instinct we have. All so as to channel consumption to specific conglomerates, via the most successfully manipulative of the competitors.

If all of this weren't in place we'd still be the weak, fallible, too prone to fear creatures we've always been, but at least we wouldn't be applying ever greater insane incentives, to do more to make our condition even worse. Maybe we could even begin to think about how we could actually work to do something useful, for a change, concerning our shortcomings. Something that would require both personal responsibility, with collective intelligence, and empathy. And if we started with a clean slate as to how we could go about doing a new organizational methodology, and put all of our heads together, to try to work out a reasonable compromise, we might just come up with a new approach that could give people a chance to be better than what nature started us off with. Isn't that the whole point of "A man's reach should exceed his grasp."


Funding technological solutions to algorithmically-generated fake videos only puts a bandage on the deeper issues of consent and media literacy.

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A Consumer Reports survey of 176,000 Americans finds that small, locally owned ISPs are routinely ranked higher than big telecom companies.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's All Related Folks And It Won't Be Solved By Piecemeal Reform

Or Another "War On" Attempt To Make Money Off Of What Should Be Human Necessity.

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Two people on a scooter in China's Baoding City were injured after the road "exploded", thanks to expansion of the road surface in extremely high temperatures.


Mapping the world's cities where you can live comfortably without heating or air conditioning reveals how few boast such ideal climates — and how global warming may further narrow the field.

More than 30 million on flash flood watch on the East Coast

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Last Gasp Of The Democratic Party Continued

I know, it looks like the Blue Wave might provide some payoff in terms of real midterm election gains. The Dems seem likely now to gain seats in both houses. But let's not forget that this is the Democrats after all, and they are very good at sabotaging themselves. And who knows what catastrophe will occur between now an election day. Because with the right combination there all bets are off on a lot of our stressed, and not appreciated in many cases, necessary social institutions; having not only a working government, mind you, but a working economy as well, being only a few of them

Let us assume, however, that the flying apart, running on it's own inertia, even as it accelerates the flying apart aspect (which is why it seems like the economy is booming), economy hangs together, and the Dems do take back a majority in the House, and say, only nominal gains in the senate. What then? Would it be time to celebrate just because you will be able to start the impeachment process?

The thing is, though, I don't want that process, to be the emphasis here. So let's also assume that the process does start, whatever you feel is the right, or the wrong of it, and it then moves over to the Senate for a trial to begin. That being said, you can bet it will take a great deal of time to have it get dragged completely out; with all sorts of crazy in the variables as to how desperate certain individuals might get. But again, that aside, the likelihood is that what little is left of the Republican Party will still have the clout to make sure it gets dragged out to the max.

That means at least two years of economic life, in my opinion, and probably more, as what has taken over from the Republicans will see the next Presidential election as their prime bid for doing the left in once and for all. And they may well be in the catbird seat at that point because of what they might be able to do to the economy in those ensuing two years (even besides the bad things that are going to occur otherwise). And that is why the Dems are so vulnerable. But let's look at it a little deeper.

Traditional Dems are on the out now because they don't have any more of a clue about the new realities of Capitalism than most of traditional economics does. And the idea that it can still be "Reformed" is starting to finally sound ridiculous even to them. And so what of the Progressives?

This is where Progressives must step back and think this through very carefully. I know you see this, finally, as an opportunity to get real sway over runaway greed, but doing it piecemeal, within the very system you are trying to change, will be the biggest disaster the Progressive movement has ever brought upon itself. Because not only will you be making changes to an economy nobody fully understands the workings of anymore, and for which, precisely, your changes can't be understood as to the full extent of their "unintended side effects," either; but also because it will be in the economic interest of sufficiently powerful players to make things as bad for you as they can.

No matter what you do you can count on "Big Money" not supporting you, at least in the majority, in my opinion; or at the very least with a majority so slim that it leaves the minority still able to pull all sorts of "make you look bad" strings with; which themselves might also cause extra, "unintended side effects."

I would urge you to consider that if you take this bait all you will be doing is setting yourselves up for one of the biggest smack downs in political history. And all the while...

All the while the really important priorities of finding an alternative to Capitalism will go begging. All the while the truly pivotal moment in human history will go begging (because we're not talking about full mobilization) as we fritter away what may be the last eight to ten years we have left to start making enough difference to save this planet; as in all life as we know it. And of course, Save humanity from itself as well.

Please, all of you. Think long and hard on this. A great deal will be riding on it.

After Ohio special election, even more districts may be in play

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Milk prices have already fallen 4 percent this year, continuing a steady decline since 2014, according to data from the Labor Department. Meanwhile, net farm income, a broad measure of profits, is forecast to drop this year to its lowest level since 2006, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

And So Now The Commoditization Of Everything Makes Even School Shootings A New Profit Center

How long will it be before every step in this new vicious circle has a an industry, or a service provider, ready to start providing political support for continuing doing things this new money making way.

Arm the teachers. Train the teachers. Build new bunker, fortified, schools, with guard towers, and pill boxes, etc. Whole new kinds of school based surveillance systems, and of course a whole host of new monitoring, and predictive software to catch troublemakers before they even think of doing something bad. Then, certainly, there will have to be a new line of body armor clothing for the fashionable student, as well as the "in" teacher. You are limited here only by your imagination.

This, of course, as opposed to actually trying to find out why individuals are going off on such rage binges in the first place. So that, just perhaps, you might find out that a serious deficiency in the way we socialize individuals these days is at play here. That there might also be a very serious problem with the fundamental aspects of what now passes for socialization; because the process itself has been so corrupted by a now inhuman need to keep making ever more amounts of money. So much so, in fact, that we have lost sight completely of what trying to mature as human beings is supposed to be all about.

Just more to think about as you contemplate what reality ought to be about, and not simply what makes it more conducive to cash flow, and ego aggrandizement.


A multibillion-dollar industry is pushing an array of expensive technologies with the message that any campus could be next.

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The devices are little more than an exorbitant paywall for education and communication.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's Not Really A Military Problem At All That Faces Silicon Valley

It's a problem as to what, ultimately, motivates us all.

The question really is whether we are to be motivated by profit, and and all of the disconnecting aspects that surround the horrible cold logic of money. Or whether we will take our own lives into our hands and then find a combination of both reasoned practicality, and a heartfelt desire to do what it takes to keep us connected to each other via bonds of enlightened give and take. Bonds that show not only what love is capable of giving us, but love done with mindfulness of getting what needs to be done, done.

That, you see, is the only way we're going to be able to cooperate, and compromise, with each other in order to agree on much of anything. The only way we will be able to walk a path of balance. Balance that won't always give us what we want, but will give the majority what they need. And right now that's a planet we can all survive on; at least long enough to start making it possible for folks to migrate elsewhere, and on a basis that really shows we mean to give every all of humanity its chance to spread out, with the best chances of survival human ingenuity can muster.

And this truly is not rocket science. We had an operating system that made sense, to a certain degree, way back when. It succeeded in raising general material well being, as well as scientific knowledge, for humanity to amazing levels. But this was done at great cost to both human suffering, as well as damage to this amazing blue marble of an immense, round, spinning, spacecraft. And now, technological change itself has made it something completely different than what it started out as. Change, as with the electrification of experience retrieval, that was not in any way anticipated by those who first conceived of this new economic operating system. This has rendered what is left of the old system down to something not only quite monstrously horrible, but also quite toxic to the further development of life in general, and our emotional, and cognitive abilities as well. The extremes in both weather, and social behavior, that we see amply demonstrated on ever more manipulated media, is the result. 

Now the choice is in your hands. Better choose wisely. You have a lot riding on this.


Silicon Valley's emerging role in America’s forever war.

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[Post Note: And of course, this has to do with a lot more than just what occurs with our military. Because the real motivations behind so much of Big Money Tech, despite what the hype might claim, is about getting to be the biggest before the other guys do. J.V.]

"The smart city industry is a Trojan horse for technology companies. They come in under the guise of environmentalism and improving quality of life, but they're here for money."

[Post Note: Just so you remember why you have a lot riding on this. J.V.]

I'm a journalist who covers climate change, and I've written thousands of words about the Southwest's hot, dry future. Yet whenever my husband fretted about our future in New Mexico, I found myself punting, offering half-baked reassurances that we'd be fine. And then this year, winter never came.

Monday, August 6, 2018

It Is Still People, Fortunately, That Make Up Most Companies

And ultimately, it will be those working people who will decide whether we work for our values, and the system works for us, or whether is it time to just surrender; to give up and let quite limited sets of "others" decide what is valuable, and submit to whatever comes next.


This week, reports surfaced that Google is working on a search app and a news app that will be censored to comply with Chinese laws. The new software could be seen as a turnabout of the company's previous stance against censorship that it has held for years, dating back to Google's decision to effectively pull its search business out of China in 2010. Google, at the time, said it was standing up against censorship. So what has changed since 2010, and what has stayed the same?

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Facebook and Google made billions mining personal data, and fought off anyone who threatened to stop them. Then came a challenge in their own backyard.

[Post Note: Would we get to know stuff like this if our media were run like China seems to want to run it's media? J.V.]
Study: Blue light from screens can steadily blind us

[Post Note: We should note, naturally, that the majority reliance on working people, as mentioned in this post's title. is not going to last forever.

Use it or lose it, as they say.


There is no shortage of predictions about how artificial intelligence is going to reshape where, how and if people work in the future. A more humble version of the technology, however, is already making its presence felt in a less glamorous place: the back office.