Friday, August 18, 2017

If Concentration Of Media Ownership Reaches Critical Mass...

...Do you seriously believe you would ever hear the full truth of it?

Do you seriously  believe that you would ever hear much of anything of the whole truth again in what's going on around you?

Think about it. If one group could stay on message by having majority control over most of the  means to deliver message, do you think they wouldn't use it? Seriously?

This is Sinclair, 'the most dangerous US company you've never heard of'

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another Mainstay In The Fabric Of Community Life Is Pulled Apart

Simply because a skill can't be compensated the way it used to be. And it really doesn't matter how "objectively" necessary the particular skill in question is, or of how much training had to go into attaining it. The mere fact that it was part of the community; that it allowed significant segments of that community feel like they had meaningful purpose in regards to the ability of things in general to continue, that was the truly important part. And if a community had pride in itself; how it looked, how it presented itself to the rest of the world, it wouldn't matter if it was just sweeping streets, washing dishes, or cleaning public toilets, every job would have value and respect; precisely because of the pride and the sense of everybody working together as a team.

From my perspective this needs adjustment only in the sense that nobody should be forced to stay stuck in any one of the more difficult, or untasteful, types of "chores" that a community needs to get done on a daily basis. That we all should share at least some the hard part of doing daily life, even as we might want to gravitate to the, perhaps, more interesting tasks that have the higher profiles, and garner the most attention, because of various aspects of what they are, and what they deal with.

And further, that, as an ongoing commitment, the community just naturally accepts the ever present task of making everyone generally more capable; so that learning gets seamlessly integrated into daily life as well, and not just the sitting away for a while, in some learning factory, trying to absorb new sets of skill facts for a skill you'll probably unlearn only a few short quarters later anyway; abandoned because somebody else was made desperate enough, some place else, to do it a great deal more cheaply than the people in our community can and still have a living wage in the bargain.

The bottom line then is that there just has to be a better way to preserve community. A way that allows us to define work as simply our mix of "it takes an entire village." I think I have found it. And whether it actually is, or not, hardly matters. It is, at the very least, a place to start the discussion.

End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers

Donald Trump is fixated on a vision of masculine, blue-collar employment. But the retail sector has long had a far greater impact on American employment – and checkout-line technology is putting it at risk

And If We Were All Involved In Running Our Own Communites...

...In the same sense of "it takes a whole village" to do a lot of important things (at least in terms of human need), maybe we'd have more structured opportunities to understand just how important compassion can be; for both the individual, and the greater community.

Just a thought.


Why humpback whales rescue seals and why volunteering for beach cleanups improves your health.

He's An Idiot If He Thinks Declaring Economic War With China Is Going To Accomplishing Anything...

...Other than create more fault lines of crisis, dispute, and ramped up probabilities for the start of hostilities no one may be able to stuff back in that big bad box of "it's too late now."

One cannot help but wonder if, not being so ignorant of media studies, as they pertain to social development, and developing forms of economies (from people McLuhan, Innis, Boorstein etc), he might have a better sense of just how profound a change it can be when you start, say, with tablets, to keep track of things. Then move to scrolls (selecting arbitrarily here), then to the repeatable type of the printing press. And then to electrons, photons, total quantum states, and perhaps even gravity at some point, to store, retrieve, and utilize information, over both space and time. But these things do have great effect, and he would know that if he took the time to look into it.

The thing is, recognizing that big changes have occurred in how we perceive, and conceptualize things, now would give us the opportunity to not only find a better direction to go in, and a better way to organize ourselves to be in alignment with that direction, but the possibility as well that, as a part of going down that path, having a good portion of the assumptions that put us at odds with others in the first place, simply go away; or at least become a great deal easier to negotiate the, "tolerable for both sides," accommodations to allow us to work together for goals that I think will then become much easier to see as a common good for all parties.

This is, of course, why I'm trying to integrate a number of specific lines technological development; especially as they revolve around the creation of hydrogen as the main, renewable fuel of choice, for the planet, and the much more aggressive development of in-solar-system automation infrastructure. Setting it up at the get go as something that we will work to include every nation, and belief group to be part of; to the best practical degree that human ingenuity, and creativity, can manage, balancing our own needs within this effort, certainly, as we proceed.

It is a new operating environment. With new technology and new kinds of instrumentality. Try to get that through your heads. It absolutely demands a new way of doing things. We don't do this we will simply be indulging ourselves in falling back on old habits. Habits (horribly distorted now that a mutated operating system has had a chance to irradiate them for at least the past five decades) that have already amply demonstrated the fact that they just don't work anymore.

This is the way it is. The only question now is if the majority of you will either face the issue openly, and honestly, or if you will just go on distracting yourselves, ever so entertainingly no doubt, down a very ugly spiral of increasingly chaotic decline.

Steve Bannon Says U.S. in Economic War With China

Friday, August 11, 2017

Market Concentration May Have Provided Cheap For The Time Being Here...

...But everything changes eventually. And "cheap" is a relative term; especially when you usually don't know until years into the full life cycle of a system, what the true costs will end up to be.

And the more you resist holistic thinking the longer the time it can take for that true cost calculation to take place. As in, what good does it do to continually make things cheaper when, as demanded by cold considerations of cost, you either can't pay human workers very much for their labor at all, or you simply don't use them any more in the first place?

Thus, with everything else in life they have to pay for, and for which profit to somebody else is expected, discretionary spending is going to continue to spiral downward, because human skill as competitive commodity can't keep up.

Eventually, one supposes, the only hard copy output as commodity will be as items for the upper middle class, and the rich. The rest of us will be forced to make due with subsidized food concentrates, and VR. Which is, by the way, the basis of the dystopia my one work of fiction depicted in "The Light Of Creation."

In that story a bioelectric matrix, to do digital to nerve pulse translation, was developed that could be grafted to the spinal column, thus making it possible to do true plug in VR, only without having to plug anything in at all; accessed instead merely by laying on a properly configured bed, or reclined chair; and in this case that was limited very specifically to the one, completely free, VR internet that people got to join into, with unparalleled sensory fidelity. "America Net" it was called, and it was maintained, with a wide range of entertainments, and distractions, by one of the surviving corporate dynasties now ruling America. A net completely cut off from what was going on in the rest of the world of course, and how bad things had gotten there now that we were living "Fortress America" physically and informationally.

The point here, long term, being that this kind of concentration is quite unlikely to turn out well for the rest of us. Quite unlikely indeed.


The implosion of the retail economy is a "silent crisis" sending shockwaves through the US economy. The culprit? Amazon.

You Have To Be Very Careful How Much You Allow Dreamers To Manage...

...The enterprises created to make their dreams happen (myself being no exception). This most especially so now in a mutated economic operating system. Also most especially when you try to turn a dreams into a money making commodity at all in the first place. But then that's just another part of why things have gotten as messed up as they have.

My fear here is that his dream filled expectations, and the harsh realities of commodities and markets, are going to collide and leave more than one community high and dry. And the larger problem we face, of course not address in the least


"We have no idea what we're doing" are not words that reassure city planners, let alone the folks elected to represent the people of Hawthorne, California.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Dig Digg, And You Should Too


This chart captures the rise in inequality better than any other chart that I’ve seen.