Saturday, January 20, 2018

And It All Revolves Around An Obsolete Economic Operating System

An economic operating system more than a hundred years out of date that can't deal with any of it any more. The fallout from which, of course, just accumulates, and accumulates.

Too divisive, corrupting and toxic at every level. And the more we pretend that we can fix it the more the clock winds down to the inevitable precipice of too late.

An alternative is not only possible, it is absolutely mandatory. The first step, though, is to recognize this fundamental flaw.

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What Kind Of American Would Believe The Russian Propaganda Machine

Over their own Department Of Justice. The same Department of Justice that the criminal Trump Administration praised when they were investigating the Clinton campaign's handling of emails.

Do not believe any of this corrupt hogwash.

Right-wing demand to #ReleaseTheMemo endorsed by Russian bots, trolls

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Problem With The Continuing Viability Of Education...

Like the problem with the continuing viability of care for the elderly, is that both represent the absurdity of continuing both processes as commodity based services; services conducted along the old mentality of the factory churning out a product. And worst of all, a product that must return a profit.

The truth of the matter now is that they need to be organic parts of the proper functioning of an community; where we all participate in not only helping others know what they need to know, in running their community, but also in taking care of those who need to be taken care of.


"Education is like John Gotti," Bryan Caplan writes in a new broadside against the US system. "Guilty as sin, but everyone’s petrified to testify against it."


Six months ago we discovered my grandmother had outlived her savings and could no longer afford to stay in her home.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Exact Opposite Of What True Public Transportation Should Be All About

Bad enough that it will be a massive, installed piece of inflexible infrastructure, subject of course to all the vagaries of geo-physical realities that cut across several fault lines, it will also serve to further isolate, and marginalize, a significant number of people who already can't get where they need to go.

And then we need to ask ourselves what happens when, like a lot of empty Walmart mega stores that now now litter so many abandoned communities, what happens to this installation when it's market falls out from under it. Will its creator succeed in making it big enough that he can claim it is too big to fail?

In my view this is another reason why mass transit on the regional level, as well as on a world scale, must become an issue of economic morality.


Hyperloop is going to have a capacity problem.

An Excellent Example Of How Criminal Capitalism Inc. Works

And of course, if you are already somebody's money bitch, you have added incentive to go with the flow of the cash. You never want to piss off your sugar daddy after all.

It certainly gives added weight to why he won't let anyone see his tax returns.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Because Your Attention Is Money In The Bank If Properly Manipulated

So much for being attentive as a responsible citizen in a rational, and loving, nation. But hey. Where's the profit in that, right?


When a new attentional soft spot is discovered, the world can change overnight.

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Shoppers who'd never buy something "As Seen on TV" are buying things from their feeds.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Bait And Switch Of A Lot Of Economic Numbers

First they give you the shiny number. It might be total economic output. Total job growth. Or some fancy new level of compensation, though at 11 bucks an hour, it wasn't exactly stellar (but still better than nothing I suppose). And you usually have to do some digging to suss out the better perspective.

This may, or may not, have been the actual case with Walmart's recent announcement; one can never be exactly sure, but the result it much same either way; especially as we might not have gotten the last part of this "good news, bad news" situation without some reporters keeping an eye on things.

The essential takeaway here is that you must always be skeptical of any of the economic numbers you hear about in the news; especially when they get touted as something meant to impress you.

Walmart announces raises and bonuses — then closes some stores

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Apple lauded for its new multibillion-dollar investments. But were they already part of the plan?

[Post Note: Some folks, of course, are making a lot of money, and mostly because they already have huge troves of cash with which to invest with. J.V.]
Dow breaches 26,000 mark on robust earnings reports

[Post Note: I've been fighting the flu for the last week so I haven't been as focused as I usually like to be, so apologies for the missing link. I also wanted to make it clear here that this amazing amount of debt puts the lie to the idea that we are in good economic times now for the majority of working people. J.V.]
America's debt load is hitting record — and risky — territory