Tuesday, February 20, 2018

And How It Will Likely Get Them Even More Down The Road Of Being Compromised,

 And corrupted by another variation of Big Money. At some point, then, you'll have to wonder when "Republican Light" becomes something else entirely; especially if the Republican Party completely implodes, and explodes, all about its current manifestation.

If ever there were a time when we needed a viable, solidly founded on a new, better set of principles, political party, now is it. And of course my bias has the new Libertarian Socialist party that I have been trying to describe, as that alternative.

How Democrats use dark money — and win elections

Monday, February 19, 2018

Here It Is In Another Nutshell

We must all be involved now with creating the next, required, more complicated, ismuth, so that this next mass migration can begin again. You know. Pretty much as has happened to homo erectus, and beyond, for many thousands of years now, when big change came about. We packed up and went looking for better digs.

It's supposed to come naturally to us but, obviously, a lot of stuff has happened since we first figured out that we hand hands, and imaginations, creating handles of all variety, that could grasp, and utilize, better understandings, of the things around us; and most especially now that instrumentality itself has become electro relativistic, and profoundly complicated in its own right.

Old economic operating norms just are not going to be up to the problem of taking on this task. And it ought to be as sadly obvious, as it is really depressing, to say it in this simple observation: "There could be little, if any, prospect, for decent profit in such an undertaking;" or, in much simpler terms: "There's no damn money in it."

That we can also say: "And rightly so," should offer only small satisfaction. But we've been on this norm where "value" has become dependant on the same operating system that has absorbed everything else in daily life. Where as well, unfortunately, far too much of what should be a careful, group process; a process of what, and how, too many important things are defined, and kept to the orthodoxy of; all, of course; where that process has been kept within the specific interests of what has become a mutated monster. Which is part and parcel of why we're having such a hard time now negotiating not only what, exactly, is going on right now, but also of what, should be the priorities, and from that the proper operational plans formulated, to deal with "what, exactly, is going on, right now."

The other difficulty here is that the same "Mutated Monster" has, for the most part, decided, over the many, many decades of its existence, that there is also "No Damn Money in it;" as in for taking their responsibility for all of the true life cycle costs, of all of the things it decided it had to do, to create the progress, both materially, and technologically, that it did, indeed, create. Unfortunately as well, that total bill is now due. And the debt collectors here will do more than just take baseball bats to our knees for lack of payment.

Put together, this means we need to get pretty much everybody, pretty much everywhere, involved in growing, and building, and fixing, and maintaining, and imagining, and dreaming up, and daring to risk; in both a manageable, and bearable, way. That, in a nutshell, is what all of my posting has been attempting to describe; slowly over time because I have had to learn how to do this, even as I have tried to keep imagining, that elusive something; that something that just had to be better than what I was forced to grow up in. There just had to be something better. I have always felt it in my bones.

One of the big problems in this is that, as I have never been able to approach it in any kind of a purely linear way, I have never been able to present it in that way either. For me it is a grand, multi dimensional, mosaic, that weaves an intricate tapestry of connections, to inter linked meaning nodes. Something that, even I did not understand fully until only the last few years, and only with better detail in the last year; most especially in August of last year; which was when this whole Cosmolosophy thing became a great deal more profound (at least to me) than I ever expected it to be.

This is why you have to jump into these posts, and bounce around in all of them, for a good while, before you can fully understand the bigger picture I've been trying to create (again, learning, as I go), for what I now understand to be, my entire, unbelievably odd, life. There may be a lot of details here you will not agree with, but I am hoping that, if you do understand the bigger picture, so to speak, you will see that the end result would make negotiating, something we can all live with, as pertains to those details, a good probability. And I can say that because I think there is enough inherent commonality in what I am proposing that the bigger picture will be an agreeable starting point. We just need to get to work, so we can work this out. Is that really so much to ask of you?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

There Is A Way To Produce Hydrogen Effort Effectively

The first step, though, is to stop thinking in terms of it being profitable or not. Or that markets need to be involved at all.

With the Yen Tornado Turbine, built with the right design, and put out to sea to take advantage of the better wind available there, and to eliminate the "not in my backyard" problem of building them in already populated areas, we can produce as much liquid hydrogen as the world is going to need for quite a while to come; assuming, though, that we don't let the ice at the poles melt for now and ever more.

If we let that happen we lose the planets ultimate heat sinks. The place where cold is stored permanently so as to provide a constant, quite necessary, condition; the condition that all of the flows that allows thermodynamics to mitigate temperature differentials, to work with. You know, just minor flows of heat transfer that makes the wind blow, that causes evaporation, and condensation, as well as convection currents in general; something our oceans have really come to depend on.

So you see, we not only need to change our outdated economic system to make using hydrogen a lot easier, we need to do it so we can still use wind turbines at all.


Hydrogen turns out to be something of an all-purpose element, a Swiss Army knife for energy. It's also really expensive to isolate — despite its natural abundance (in, you know, water).

Yes, We Are In Dangerous Competitions With Other Foreign Powers

And these are not limited to just the race for the better big stick, or medium stick, or whatever else you might think of.

We compete dangerously for markets. We compete dangerously for resources. And we compete now very dangerously for influence in each other's countries, using new media manipulations like never before. And it all must stop.

To do that, though, is going to take turning the tide of a lot of built up suspicion, animosity, and hatred. And we do not make that effort any better by continuously beating a war drum that the other guy is directly poised to take advantage of supposed real, or imaginary, deficiencies of the moment; especially when we can't tell exactly if the people doing the clamoring now are doing it out of real concern, or because they have other axes to grind; like feeding a monstrous weapons production business that makes a lot of money, all over the map, when all nations keep eyeing the other guy with fear.

The real bottom line here is that the planet simply will not allow us to conduct more wars. Seeing as we have seemingly declared war on it as well, trying to kill off as many of its very delicate, and inter related, natural systems. So many in fact that in twenty years or less the temperature here will tip over a point we may never be able to recover from.

If we are to survive as a species we have to begin negotiating away from all of these dangerous competitions. All of them. And in this the United States must take the lead. And it must do that by first taking away the obsolete economic system that plays into all of the other competitions so fundamentally.

If we could do that we would be in a position to start pulling back from these destructive, and wasteful distractions that are keeping us from working together to fix all the things that just might give us a chance to pull back from the brink; but we have to begin do this now. There just isn't any more time left to be dicking around with all of the old fears as we have always done in the past. There just isn't any other choice if we want to preserve billions of years of evolution.

These Chinese military innovations threaten U.S. superiority, experts say

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another Case Of Connect The Diggs I Dug

Consider, if you will, the following:

If Google had to buy, most of what it needed, from somebody that controlled that purchase market, as much as Google controls what others are (directly or indirectly) purchasing from it, do you suppose Google would be as successful as it is right now?

This illustrates two things:

1. Capitalism has allowed it self to become comfortable with the notion that a market can be as free, or controlled, as happenstance, and supposed controlled effort, leave it; which then creates a crazy quilt of combinations of competitive, not competitive, and various blends of in between.

And 2: That this, then, provides the foundation for the declaration that everybody now wants to buy from a competitive market, but no one wants to sell there.

That this should also be seen as the insane contradiction that it is, for something that's supposed to be a self regulating system, seems to not attract nearly the notice it should, though, and that ought also be alarming.

How does one find balance in such a system when it is guided as well, and too much, by the frame of reference that sees things, in the larger perspective, as the needs of the few out weighing the needs of the many. A perspective, alas, also so adept at using Capitalism's many flaws, and contradictions, to their benefit; especially when electrified money can now command any blend of the wet ware, or synthetic ware, out there, to get what they want. Because they control the counters; making more of them, as well as maintaining what they, supposedly, mean.

Any fool can see that this will not hold with the challenges that are now upon the human race, and this still beautiful planet. Everybody has to understand. Both sides of the duality, that is our fate now, must be respected. One cannot be allowed to dominate totally over the other, it's just that simple folks.

The real bottom line here, in our current context, is that you can't marginalize people just because it suits your individual self interest. Your wealth rests upon the social inertia of an implied covenant: that shared behavioral norms would be respected as long as it made sense for all parties concerned. And that most definitely is not the case now.

And wouldn't you just know it. This also just happens to be when we absolutely have to start fixing everything Capitalism has left festering all these many, many, decades.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

If You Are Feeling Down, And Need A Pick Me Up, This Song Playlist on YouTube is a Great One

It is, unfortunately, also a great way of setting you back a peg, just in case you're feeling irrationally optimistic. That's the funny thing about this playlist; it can have both effects. In any case, though, it does have a lot of emotion, and thought in it. Worth a listen every now and then.

Monday, February 12, 2018

None Of This Makes Sense, When You Look At It In Total

One of the few things you can be sure of, in my opinion, is that the states aren't going to get any more money than what the latest, "keep the government working" deal, has granted them. As such, you are not going to get much benefit beyond that either.

And even if the Democrats come to full power some several years hence, just how much taxing power will they be able to suck out of Big Money, to try to do more good, as well as not make the deficit worse, before it takes it's money to the sidelines in punishment for their efforts; at which point they let the economy tank for a while to emphasize the point, so that, at the appointed hour, people will be willing to forget just what a rodent Speaker of the House Ryan was, and make him politically viable once again.

One of the other few things you can be sure of is that a big part of the problem here is precisely the fact that Capitalism itself is broken. That and the fact that the planet also being broken, just makes it a perfect storm for the continuing increase in the incidents of "very bad events." Which will then serve to only make things even more precarious.

And the real thing that has to stop here is that we can ever have any hope that Capitalism, or anything it controls, can fixing itself. We must be the ones who demand of our our leadership that enough is enough. We must start over and begin the negotiations of what will replace it. And we have to do that ASAP because, as I have already stated, we have a lot to do to make it possible for at least a half billion people to be off this rock, with more in the pipeline, in no more than five decades. That is, of course, if we are truly serious in wanting to save this planet.

Trump rolls out infrastructure plan hinged on state, private dollars

Trump budget would boost defense funding, slash domestic spending

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Before Lissa Lucas could finish her statement against a bill that would make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill on private land, her mic was cut, and she was escorted out of the room.

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