Monday, October 28, 2019

The Truth Is Folks, We Have To Mobilize The Nation, For Several Important Reasons

The sad fact is, though, that even if we tried to do so now, for whatever the best of reasons might be, the suspicions of both sides of the political divide, coupled with the current corrupt regime in the White House, would make doing so a very problematic roll of the dice, as to whether one side, the other, or both, might take to the streets in great numbers, and with terrible passions unleashed.

And that hardly even begins the discussion of how we do the various debates that need to occur now to determine the priorities, and how those priorities might be addressed, that reasonable, and caring people, might see the need, to be a part of what such a national mobilization would be pressed to accomplish. And, one can only hope, to do it in a comprehensively integrated way, so that certain, common measures, would be leveraging the success of more than one of the identified priorities, and, just as importantly, not getting in the way of any of the others as well.

Doing it also without one side, or the other, working actively to sabotage the other, no matter what truth either side might want to sell the rest of us.

I am, as already stated, quite biased in this. A bias, I might add, that comes from over 25 years of doing software, and systems analysis, throughout most of the major parts of our economy (Banking, Law, Health Care, Public Power, Food Manufacturing and Sales, Aerospace, non profit social initiatives, and a variety of small businesses -- video stores, real estate, and maintenance businesses, etc). That experience, as well as my personal life experience, has led be to conclude that we must have a new means of doing social house hold; of doing work not only for individual prosperity, but for group prosperity as well; and which, by design, is automatically, environmentally sustainable.

In that biased view is also the personal conclusion that the two party system; the one that came about from the old version of Capitalism, and with it, has become just as mutated, and corrupt, as the mutated system itself.

And how could you have expected otherwise; especially given the way the richest, and most powerful, have lately begun to cement their absolute hold on power; corrupting the last court of recourse in this nation, as well as the district representational system we've used for centuries now, to have a House of Representatives (giving them a huge transfer of wealth in the bargain via "quantitative easing," and the Ryan Tax giveaway, while he was still Speaker of the House) pretend to work as a truly representational process.

That last sentence, though, should be a real indicator of just how much our new instrumentality has changed things. That we could still be thinking (indulging in "Rearview Mirror" vision, as Marshal McLuhan would say) that "Representation" could still work in the electrified age of facade, broad spectrum, carefully targeted, deep fakes propaganda, for all aspects of media, and the engineered messaging, all of the new tech makes possible. Which is, of course, why I have been saying we have to take responsibility for ourselves; not only in running our own cities (sharing in getting all of the tasks that takes done, on a constantly rotating basis -- so no one gets stuck doing, whatever comes to be the current, truly shitty work), or counties, or parishes, or whatever grouping we want to have for the general term of "City States," but also of becoming our own, direct vote, House of Representatives.

So. No matter what your bias is, unless we all come to terms with the idea of the necessity of finding a way to tolerate each other, and reach a "Grand Compromise," we will all lose.

Even those other nations, who seem to have become so adept at conflict in this new age of instrumentality; an age only speculative fiction writers were able to imagine a few decades ago. Even they will lose; lose because, in the end, the only thing any victor of such conflict will inherit is just a slightly less diminished view, of just how bad, the final set of cascade events will be, when both natural, and social systems, begin to collapse en mass.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What You Don't Know

Can put you into the hospital with no insurance. Can put you out on the street with no money, or recourse. Can put you somewhere even worse than the streets, getting you to the point that you only wish that it would kill you, and everything living around you.

And yet so many of you are ready to stop questioning power at all?

More than just a little surprising from my point of view, especially when it involves both political, and financial, power, at the same time. No matter which side of the political divide is in question. Simply because someone charismatic (that resonates for you, dear reader, because everyone has a type that they are vulnerable to) told you something you were already dying to hear. So many who pretend they have nothing to hide, even as they more brazenly deny any kind of real scrutiny at all.

This is but one reason why the terrible duality that is now money, and information, must be destroyed. And the only way to do that properly is to get rid of the mutated operating system that makes it, appear to work, in the first place. A kind of work that we can now plainly see has never had any real sense of nature, or of real human need either. Now that it has made it clear that it has control of the technology to make working people nothing more than convenient cannon fodder; both in the traditional sense, but also now in the economic sense; because they mostly only need us to die for them (either with the violence that addiction, and corruption dictate, in the reality of dictators, or the simple fact of addictive consumption in the first place); or, secondarily, to have us act as counterweights to those who might control robotic tech; so that those dependant on it can have a fallback option when needed, to fend the off predatory pricing of others.

Will you wake up before it is too Late? Only time will tell.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

The Two Party System In America Has Exhausted Us, And Itself, To A Breaking Point

Trying to live up to the dictum of an old joke, told a new way; as in:

"Hey there, big swinging dick, is that your bank role in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me, and my irresistibly naughty, new, money maker. One I'd be so happy to shake things up with, anyway you like."

And this goes far beyond the difficulty, this binary only system, has had in dealing with the campaign financing merry go round (now that both sides embrace dark money, and even as a good number of Progressive Liberals, of any note, are rich), getting to the core of greed inherent in the profiteering of those who feel, automatically, that manifest destiny, and making money, go hand in hand; so much so that self entitled privilege becomes its own, self perpetuating, vicious circle. A circle that then, must quite naturally turn in a place "above the law," which for everyone else, certainly, still relies on the access to a well funded team of legal tallent, with the right judges paid for via the right, demographically manipulated, districts; because that is what a mutated form of Capitalism does when it turns everything, with electrified magic, into a commodity.

This goes to the very bedrock of why the bad actors we are faced with now are merely symptoms of a much larger malady. Not to say that the symptoms aren't important, mind you, and still need to be dealt with (which may have a ray of hope now of actually occurring with the Mulvaney press conference), but to make clear that, big as those problems still are, it still doesn't get us to how to deal with the core problems. The very core problems that will only create more of these very bad actors.

It has also exhausted itself, and us, because the two sides can see things now only in terms of "anything the other side wins", is a an automatic loss for the opposing side. So each acts to fight, and sabotage, the efforts of the other, regardless of whether it might help the rest of us or not. Even to the point of using economic decisions, as weapons, to do actual economic damage (as in not only opportunistic capital flight, punitive placement of productive physical assets, and even aggressive currency speculations, but also with strikes, as well as general civil disobedience, to thwart certain economic activities, and even outright, physical damage, to key assets ) so as to make voters suffer for thinking they can challenge their economic betters, or the perceived moral imperatives, of very aggressive, environmental warriors (being a warrior of the heart is where the balance thing comes in, so as to not go too far in either direction).

And lastly, of course, is the fact that, by its very obsolescence, Capitalism's remaining proponents are running out of ideas to try and change it; at least for ideas that would ever have any hope of playing successfully to both sides of the political divide, as well as actually solving core issues. Nothing can be seen in a new way because everything must be seen, first and foremost, as it plays through the dictating lens of a cost based economy, and that, as already stated, everything is something that can, ultimately, be bought, and paid for, and held for private gain only. No matter how important it might be for the general public good.

With what we have to heal now, and the mind bending effort it is going to take, to have any chance of applying enough heal in time to make a difference, asking how much it will cost is like asking how long it will take. And just as you have to say, sometimes, that "it will take as long as it needs to take," so must you also say. "it will require whatever the effort, in the end, that it has to require, in order to get it done. Which then still leaves you with trying to address the hassle of arguing about who is going to be responsible for paying in the first place. The squabbling for which, so far, certainly, has marked much of the destructive codependency inherent in the ineffectiveness of our Two Party system.

Most of the very rich have already demonstrated that they don't think anything needs to be healed at all. And with the power, privilege, and the oh so luxurious, protective bubble, that has been afforded them, you can understand why. That leaves only working people left to do the healing, even if we can find a way to tolerate each other, and design a compromise alternative.

So the only question left for folks is, in my, quite admittedly, biased opinion, is this:

Is being rich, or at least the possibility of getting rich, more important to you than preserving life, and community?

If it is then maybe it's time for us all to recognize this split and negotiate a pain sharing way to separate amicably. That way the rich, and the rich wanna be, can go play at what they do best, while the rest of working American gets back to the basics of making both loving,and practical community work, while also working to fix the bad that has been done over several hundreds of years of Capitalistic neglect. And doing that because we won't be able to accomplish the first goals just stated if we do not.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Everything Is A Potential Commodity In Capitalism

That is its strength, and it's terrible power now.

And when I say everything, I mean everything to our great peril.

The building blocks of life. Ideas. Everyday people. Legislators. Entire Institutions. Even Presidents, this nation's military might, and what constitutes accepted social reality.

And now that "Capitalism Mutated" has been given virtually unlimited power via electrons, photons, and self sustaining, iterative, information, and material, flow processes; whether you call them simply algorithms, or integrated collections of same, as various forms of reasoning engines, to the point of maybe even one day becoming true AI; now that you've given it all that, you have made it be the ever more accelerating force behind our current death spiral of ever more cutthroat competition. Spread out across all aspects of life precisely because all of life is now a commodity; something with which the commodity powerful can do whatever the hell they want to with, assuming they can control enough of it before the other guy does.

Which is why, unfortunately, there won't long be human agency behind any part of trying to control things, however illusory that control may have been in the first place, chaotic as its become with so many actors acting away for their own purposes. A new kind of control that might be way more frightening precisely because the AI will be able to work it's new form of reasoning without any human input at all. And who's to say what value we will have then.

Given all of this it is surprising to me just how surprising this sell out is to Liberals, and Conservatives, who still think in terms of higher human aspirations. And that they still think there should be these silly notion of human right, and wrong. When, in fact, all there really is is what you can get away with, and the power gained from taking that risk.

Come on guys. This is not the age any more of worrying about "Growing Up Absurd." This is now the age of the "Absurdity of Growing Up" at all.

After all, if you can sell out life itself for a bigger profit margin what small step must it take to sell out your country? Just like how easy it is to to sell people on the cheap when you've gotten to the point where you don't see people anymore at all; only untapped resource that needs to be put into the proper restraints of total control; maximizing various combinations of positive, and negative, reinforcements, as required.

If the majority of us are OK with all of this newfound zeal for "The Hard Sell," however it needs to be used, as well as with the mutated thing that makes it all possible, then perhaps the rude awakening that's coming for us all will truly be justice finally served.

I still have resolute faith that this is not true, and that enough of us will wake up in time to take it all back, so that we can be responsible for ourselves for once. To then do the hard things, compromising, and sacrificing, that will have to be done to heal us and the planet.

Time will tell.

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Monday, September 30, 2019

This Is The Cycle That's Turning Us Around Ever Faster And Faster

This is the vicious cycle that is part and parcel of your "Booming Economy." 

It is so because every bad thing Capitalism does also creates a new market, or expands an old one, for a few to make more money on; whether its addiction treatment, or more burned out person treatment (assuming they haven't already imploded, or exploded -- though even the cleanup of that results in new, paying work, for someone), or simply more economic development that will, absolutely, create a few more jobs, even as it also creates fewer places that the workers are going to be able to afford to live in.

What else would you expect when median household incomes remain stubbornly stagnant as half of us earn only about $63K, or less a year, and most of the other half still earn less than $100k a year. Decade after decade of booms and busts, and the "Business As Usual" machinations of our Two Party Political system, and only partial recoveries, and this is all working people have to show for it. Even as Trillions of dollars were given away to the top percenters, via either Quantitative Easing (to get us out of the last big bust), or the Ryan forged tax cut (to just add insult to injury).

And all the while planetary systems get more unstable, just as our human systems get more unstable as well.

Not a good combination if you need to fix both at the same time. Of this I am quite certain.

You know how this will end if nothing truly Revolutionary is done. You know it in your gut and in your head, whether you want to admit it or not.

More of the same is only going to get you more of the same. We truly must find a completely new way of doing Social Household. Which will also absolutely require us to redefine what work should be now. There will be no other way to do this. Not if we want to heal ourselves, and the planet.

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[Post Note: Even though the particular story, just below here, isn't about American universities, it does illustrates similar stresses that the, more and more dominating, money aspect of things, creates; as is only too common here, as well as it is in the U.K. J.V.]

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What Do "Perfect Storms", And "Cascade Events" Have In Common?

A pretty good indication of what we are in store for?

The world seems to be becoming one big snarl of mouse traps with ping pong balls on them. You know, sort of like they used to use in explaining chain reactions for fission events. The ping pong balls, of course, representing the neutrons, that start creating even more triggering neutrons, that made the original big stick bang.

This is so because so much instability has been pumped into both our social systems, and the geophysical systems, that sustain us, that we don't need a highly enriched sort of mouse trap to have as a triggerable source at all. All we needed were centuries of neglect, and the selfishness that fosters, and sustains, the inability to account for the full effect of the, apparently unanswerable, question: How much is enough?

Especially if you have amassed the personal power to start making your own definitions, and the rest of the world be damned if they get in your way.

And the thing is... The more time passes, the smaller the "last straw," or even less significant than that famous "butterfly's wing beat" somewhere, that it will take to set it all off. Leaving you with not only a surfeit of ignition sources, in our ever more dangerously competitive world (precisely because of Capitalism), but also quite likely providing logarithmic like increases in difficulty, every hour, every day, at the very least, in ever hoping to stop it, once it does start. And that precisely because something that was never supposed to be electrified has now been thoroughly infused with greed fueled, free radicals of "disruptive" intent, to mutate a system that did make, at least some sense, for a while there, a long time ago.

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And yet the "Streaming Wars" seem to be the conflict we're most concerned about now; with our interest and money. All the more shameful when we say we can't afford to help our desperate, any more than the other "Americans" (because they are of the Americas just as much as we are) at our borders, in desperate need, also asking for help. Because our disruptions are making them desperate, just as theirs are us, because everything is connected, whether we realize it or not, or like it or not. -- J.V.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Are You Going To Wake Up, Before It's too Late?

This mutated economic operating system of ours is doing two main things that are very, very bad:

It keeps accelerating too much.

It keeps Demanding too much.

Too much, and too much.

I can assure you that this is at least too much squared for this old timer.  As ought to be obvious while it also increasingly trashes everything in its wake (because corners must be cut, and that because of the dangerous competitions for markets, and resources, combined with the need to dominate, and the ultimate big stick to do it with, that all of the major players are themselves consumed with now, demands it), giving back only when the few who own it are made to have their feet held in the fire; usually only to the degree you can more effectively outspend the very people who will always have more counters to spend than you; which usually means weak measures even when you do get the occasional victory, and ones easily open to further gutting when you can't manage a proper majority after your election cycle of success ends, and the other side's begins anew.

But perhaps most insidious of all is that it manages to put so many to deep sleep even more effectively when we are made to think things are improving, however marginally (and certainly not in any way that addresses core, causative issues); not only because we have also been made to be predisposed to want to drown out all of the external suffering, and the internal, emotional dissonance thus engendered, but also precisely because the owning few control virtually everything there is to control, now, regarding how you express, in total, who you are, let alone what you would like to be (which is also certainly, and unfortunately, more like a branded commodity, or endlessly re programmable machine tool, than a thinking, loving human being).

And, if that weren't bad enough for you, even this escape mechanism applying, naturally, only to those diminishing numbers of people not actually caught up in the floods, or the tornados, or the hurricanes, or fire storms, or toxic spill areas, or marginalized (politically and/or economically) zones, or radius of the latest rage bomb to go off, yet (those latter individuals being the final expression of the forgotten who will show you, one way or another, how they will force on us, at least one moment, when they matter; however murderously horrible that might be).

There is only one destination for this ride and it is abso-sadly obvious what that harsh conclusion will be. What else would you expect when cosmic amounts of social inertia meet irrefutable stopping points inherent in the limited carrying capacities of complex, vastly integrated systems. That is unless we can put forth some cosmic delta V to change the course vector human endeavor is heading in now. Now that we are at a cosmic pivot point that I believe all sentient meaning processors come to in their evolution eventually; as they become so much more capable, by ever more powerful extensions of their faculties; which is what you are talking about when you speak of ever greater instrumentality. Something else those dangerous competitions have bequeathed to us in ever more decreasing cycles of time.

Is it any wonder that wisdom, let alone humans being able to become what they are fully capable of becoming, is simply another corner to be cut. Another cost factor to be eliminated?

Will you wake up in time?

The choice is yours to make, assuming, naturally, that you can stir yourself enough to care at all about caring anymore.

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