Monday, April 22, 2019

Will Democrats Have Proper 20 20 Vision?

With the way they're lining up competing egos it's difficult to see them having anything but long range vision for the future, unfortunately.

And certainly the Republicans have given up on vision altogether; relying instead, it would seem, on pure, lower brain, base instincts alone.

And what should 20 20 vision be right now?

It should be about re establishing integrity, honesty, and renewed respect for established process that the rule of law signifies... You know, where nobody is supposed to be above it, or too crazy to even acknowledge it even exists in the first place.

It should also be about, though, re establishing our commitment to our real allies in NATO, in the Pacific Rim, and the rest of the world, as well as accepting our responsibility to help lead the tremendous effort it is going to take to not only heal the planet, but actually deal with the humanitarian crisis that has befallen the world now; finding creative ways to partner with the rest of the world to build new habitat wherever it is practical, and politically possible, to do so.

And in all of that, obviously, for the Dems, should be the dictum, in all talking points, that all of them should be echoing the montra: in these efforts we maintain coordinated unity. Doing all of this, of course, because we recognize that it will be very unlikely that we will win a majority of both houses, even if we win the presidency, while still being able to keep the house in their corner successfully.

In this vein, then, what they should do, as an act of group self sacrifice, is each draw a number out of figurative hat, and then have the chairman of the Party then roll a multi sided dice big enough to include all of their numbers, to see who the candidate will be. Following that up by carrying out the, secret if necessary, negotiations amongst themselves, to agree on what a comprehensive infrastructure measure would be, as well as how to best re engage our allies; and then agree with them on what our re established, mutual security concerns, should be. Following that up to also agree, ahead of time, on how to finance (with a modestly priced package) any actual measures, within our current reality, to actually accomplish these goals.

If they could come out of that unified they might have a chance of not only winning the Presidency, but of actually gaining enough bipartisan support in the Senate, to actually get something useful passed.

We all know, however, that this is not what they are likely to do.

They will not do this because each of them, in their own way, refuses to confront the question of weather Capitalism is obsolete or not. Or weather any of them understand just how dead Liberalism is. And they will demonstrate this, for the largest part, by the very fact that each will fall back to the economic interests that have given them money; money that shows they still think that the very thing that got us into this mess can still get us out. That they, in other words, still think that doing "business as usual," however you try to limit its destructiveness (with a band aid here, or a band aid there), isn't still enabling the infected mutation that electrified experience retrieval has made of Capitalism. They will fall back on those interests, on those sources of money, and they will be made to dance to the specific tunes that each demands; which, if you have been paying much attention at all, are not in much agreement at all on how a truly dysfunctional economy should be run any more; precisely because it has become so chaotic, and contradictory.

And the bottom line there will be destructive debate, fracture, and anything but unity.

In this debacle the rest of us "working people" have to understand just how much of an ultimate failure that the old, "Two Party," political system, has come to. We must recognize this and move on.

We must recognize that these two, supposed "opposition" parties, have become engaged in what has descended into a truly absurd form of mutual, codependency; each relying on the other as foil for enlivening their base to thwart the other guys; because they think they are the only ones who know how to run something that not even modern AI will be able to do... Assuming that living things are still to be involved of course, and where any bio sentients still left have any chance for real, informed, choice making.

Now, To be clear here, I have an additional ax to grind in presenting this in such stark terms (beyond my clear animosity for Capitalism). And that is a specific agenda for how we go about doing what needs to be done to heal the planet. An agenda with specific technologies, and how to apply them, to solve saving the ice at the poles; to solve giving us a better way to a hydrogen economy, and solve what I believe to be a very important issue with critical social logistics. These are technical solutions that I have been trying to promote for decades, but done in the public interest as public utilities. And, admittedly, it would be cool to get credit for that, but that is all I would get.

We should also be clear on one last thing as well.

That the next 4 year administration, whichever party gets it, is likely to be the most pivotal in human history. It will be so because things will get worse in every system we deal with on this planet, social, or geophysical. They will get worse, inevitably forcing the things that make our method of doing social household more chaotic than it has ever been. That unfortunate party, if it doesn't handle things correctly, will be left to pass on nothing but ashes, and the final rise of the kind of very fragmented, and more walled off, authoritarianism, that only very desperate, and very frightened people would ever contemplate otherwise. And in that move will the human race seal the doom of this planet. Because from then on will we be simply fighting over ever less, and less, to hold on to in the first place, until the last, pathetic survivors, within the final walls, finally turn on each other for the final scraps left.

The bottom line then is this: working people, of all stripes, and belief systems, must form common cause; even though they don't like what a lot of the folks involved seem to stand for. We must make common cause as the people who actually make society possible in the first place, and create our own "Grand Compromise" between the Right and the Left, so that we can finally end this endless fighting against each other. We must end it because it benefits only those who crave the kind of power that made things so out of balance at the get go. The kind of power that blinds people to the basics of just wanting the freedom to have family, community, and a sense of meaningful belonging, with some semblance of stability, while maintaining it with our own determination of what is "value," and valuable. And not having it dictated by the abstract machinations of markets that have only the interests of profit to guide them.

This is what we all face. The choice is still ours, but not for much longer. Will we have proper 20 20 vision either? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

When Life Becomes Horribly Entertaining

Maybe it's time to do more than just "Change The Channel."

Maybe it's time to consider that the whole, horrible, commoditized mess is the problem, and that having hundreds of billions of dollars spent on pumping more, into our eyes and ears and minds, as a part of everyday, monetizing life, just to keep us distracted, becomes the logical, profitizing, expansion of making sure that nothing will change, until it all falls apart. An epic of an epic, season of the finale. 

Sure, it will be a spectacle a second extravaganza, to out do even a Michael Bay movie, or HBO, or Marvel, franchise, but it isn't going to leave us much, after the credits roll, and nobody's fit to do anything but act out their own brutalizing expressions of striking, tearing, and rending, horror gasams. Everyone expressing, in fact, one last purge of rage, and revenge, as ultimate, ending pleasure. A gestalt of gore and excess that would have made even Caligula blush.

This is where we are heading now. And it will end us unless we stop the mindless consumption in the first place. Stop thinking that work can only be an ever increasing process of competitive destruction; thinking that because the great maw of electrified production will brook no excuses for lessening ever more rounds of "MORE" (making want amplification mandatory); to pour down a planet that can't take any "more," in capital letters. Which only bottom lines to more violence, and more fear, in the name of manipulation, to keep the addiction going. And thus more of the thinking of only one's self, and what you can get, to be the only "values," that matter, exclusively; no matter what it does to the rest of the world, and the people, and other living things, that are in it.

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