Saturday, June 29, 2019

Warriors Of The Heart Are Exactly What We Need Right Now

And that, I can assure you, is no joke.

If you want to know what the real joke is, just try to get your head around the one being played on you right now. The continuing joke that all this excess, that we blithely refer to as a "Booming Economy," is in any way sustainable, now that we, and the rest of the planet, get more and more infused into it's ever accelerating madness. Madness that we can see everyday now, as things start to fly apart more and more.

The infosphere is saturated with it. Expanding the agony, and horror, in 8K spectacolor now: Where even animals may be being driven to suicide because they can't take it anymore, any more than we can, as so many of us, supposedly higher animals, either implode with the rage, doing slow suicide by whatever addiction abuse suits; or fast by the usual way, that burnout can take you out, one way or another. (noose, gun, IED, or any fast moving vehicle, will do it would seem, depending on how your rage wants to up the body count; just for that personal emphasis, of course).

The thing is, you all need to become warriors of the heart. And that is because this simply cannot be only a top down, charismatic leader lead, revolution. It also has to be a bottom up lead revolution. It has to be people in every community finally waking up to the fact that they have to stop with the "Facebooking," or the "Twittering," or the "Stream Bingeing," whomever is the "Binge" supplier. We have to stop and start engaging each other directly, in our communities, so that we can begin to talk to each other about how we will do taking over full responsibility for owning, and running, those very same communities, ourselves. And doing that because we have finally come to realize that the very nature of work itself must change. There is no other way.

Livelihoods simply cannot be tied, any more, to ever greater rounds of ever more over amplified want, and consumption. It's making everything crazy, and poisoned, and corrupted, all at the same time, and it must stop or we will lose it all.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Perhaps Now You Are Beginning To Understand Just How Urgent This Has Always been

Now, if we can only get you all to also realize the futility of trying to address this in any way that does not also recognize the other, quite plain truth: That the planet will not be healed by sticking with the economic operating system that created the problem in the first place.

No, the only way we we have any hope of succeeding here is by mobilizing the entire nation; just as if this were a great threat to our very existence that, say, a Fascist, authoritarian power, or Imperial power, might be attempting to do to take us down (without calling it another "war on" thing, because we all know how corrupted that way of doing things became -- precisely because of greed and the lust for power). And we have to do that as we also seek to find a better alternative to the corrupted, now mutated, system that got us here in the first place. Something that I believe will have to be a great deal more than just a "Green New Deal," that everyone knows won't be enacted anyway, even if the Dems retake the White House.

I have outlined, in these Google Blog posts, not only a place to start negotiating an alternative, but also the technologies we will need to provide an actual means to effectively address several main problems, including the heat one that cities are absolutely going to be facing; coming danger close in much shorter time frames than we've been led to believe so far. Technologies such as my approach to "Very Large Scale, Lighter Than Air, Constructs," that would give cities the best tool, given the time we have left, to provide not only shade for large metropolitan areas, but maybe even cooling air, from very high altitudes, as well.

Mind you, this will still be a very challenging, Aerospace engineering project, stretching what we are able to do with lightweight, extra strong materials, but that, difficult though it will be, is as nothing as compared to the overall scope, and size, of such an undertaking; assuming we do it as the broad based, include as much of the rest of world in the project as we can, undertaking it should be. Something that will require a build up of infrastructure for not only the production of such very large structures, but for their ongoing operation, and maintenance. All while we must also restructure the very nature of work, and how we will all integrate with it, and still preserve Democratic rule, in the process (information simply cannot also be money, if you want to have any hope for the free flow of it; and thusly the better chance for truly informed consent that, more and more, we must have with such new, and powerful abilities. to go with the profound choice that is the act of voting).

And if that weren't difficult enough, you also have to remember that such undertakings require significant leed times just to properly define, and plan for, much less begin the actual work, that a final plan might require.

This is also why we must also recognize that, just as doing "Business as Usual" is no longer valid, so is doing "Politics as Usual." Which means that we simply do not have time for another four and a half year repeat of changing the individuals, in various stations of power, to great fervor, and distraction, and more rules broken, just to still end up with so little, of practical benefit, being accomplished as a result.

Simply put, we must stop participating nearly as much, and start demanding a great deal more. After all, if the rules do not apply for the powerful any more, why should they still be so restrictive for you; understanding that our resistance must still be bound by peaceful, civil disobedience as the one rule we must try to never break.

Organize in every neighborhood. Then talk to the other neighborhoods. Stop paying student debt as a massive group. Stop paying insufferable rents, as a massive group. Stop buying anything you can get at a second hand store instead. Start making more of what you want by first turning off the "mediated want, amplification environment" around you, and then finding what you'd really wouldn't mind making yourself. It is something that will not only stretch you in better ways, it will empower you.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This Is What Is Possible

When enough of us working people take to the streets in peaceful, civil disobedience. A Strike, if you will, against the system itself, as opposed to any particular sub, public, or commercial, enterprise, within it.

We have to do this because the system itself is no longer valid. Hasn't been for some time now.

It is no longer valid because it was invented hundreds of years ago. And despite the good efforts of a lot of well intended folks, who tried mightily to amend it, to be more equitable for both the many, as well as the few, over a good portion of those years, it is still not what it ought to be; and even worse, it has been corrupted so thoroughly, and for so long, as well as to be compounded in contradictory complexity by the very physical changes made, layer over layer, to change it, it comes out now as something attacked by a new kind of carcinogen. A new kind of mutation. Just one aspect of the over amplification of everything. in lockstep with ever more increasing, ever more dangerous, competitions.

In such a situation, is it really any surprise to you that the real players now are all operating under the rule that "rules don't apply anymore."

We, the people, must take back what has always been ours. The right to have a say in how we go about the process of doing social household. How else can it be when we are, at the very least, one half of the elemental relationship on display here: namely the same dichotomy just alluded to: the ever ongoing struggle to balance the rights, and responsibilities, of both the one, and the many, or the few and the majority; however you want to look at it.

This is why we are all going to have to sit down and figure out a new, "Grand Compromise," between what is essentially the current rift between the Right, and the Left. We have to do this because there is no other way we will be able to begin the effort it is going to take to both heal what has already been done to the planet, but also, to begin infrastructuring up, like humanity has never done before, to create the next great Ismus, for migration, that will be mandatory if we're to have any hope of keeping the planet from getting very sick again.

Even if the current operating system weren't a mutated monster, it would still not be able to take on this task; especially considering the critical time factor we now face. It couldn't because you simply cannot do this with a cost based economy. How could you when there is no way in hell you could ever even fully begin to calculate such a cost, within a profit based system; let alone who would, ultimately, pay that bill. And we already know who's actually going to have to do the work involved.

No, as with any other, mobilization on a national level, you always approach it in terms of how we best manage the effort, balancing all of the needs, and priorities, of all of the participants, as well as the basic limits of carrying capacity that all complex systems have; whether they be primarily human, or geophysical.

What we have to decide is how we are going to make this happen and still maintain it as a Democracy. Make mo mistake, though. It will involve asking very fundamental questions about how we do everything now; even as to how we define work in the first place, as well as what "citizenship" should encompass, in both rights and responsibilities; knowing that sacrifice is going to be required from all of us.

Think this through very carefully. Become as more informed as you can be. This is going to be the most important choice you have ever made.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

With Capitalism

And guess what folks. Eventually has arrived. As it always does. Rather rudely when you ignore what's going on around you for as long as we have.

Do you really think continuing with "Business As Usual" is going to make this better?

It's time to face facts. And the simple fact is that a cost based, hyper consumption, and over amplified want, formed, way of operating, cannot address what must be done to heal not only the planet, but us as well. Especially when that system provides less and less of what we really need, in the terms that show we all matter; that we all have meaning, and purpose beyond what a market can get out of our, silent capitulation. Our surrender to the distracting addictions that keep us running on that ever more painful treadmill to nowhere.

Only we can do that as a people. As an act of loving will, as opposed to appeals to narrow self interest, with only abstract counters to act as incentives.

In other words, we have to decide to do it, Because it is not only necessary for our survival, but because it is an act true to what we aspire to, both morally, and spiritually. Both in the sense of a Higher Power, but to a Higher Purpose, as well.

The details of what this will be have to be negotiated. Between both the Right, and the Left, of the political spectrum. This is why I have been calling for a "Grand Compromise," emphasising the Libertarian Right, and the truly Progressive Left, as the starting points, to try and work a solution that could be tolerable to enough for both sides of the middle, to work a majority. Understanding that both sides are going to have to come to terms with the idea that "half a loaf, is better than no loaf at all."

Obviously this is not going to be easy. But compared to what is coming I can assure you that it will be the vastly superior choice. And make no mistake, the choice is yours.

What are you going to do about it?

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Which Is More Important To You

-- Money, and the power it buys, Or the preservation of life, and the loving social institutions that make a life that we can all love in?

It gets real simple folks when you see abject corruption on this level of "we don't have to care any more." When supposed, former "Statesmen," gleefully acknowledge the degree to which their corrupted sense of "the rule of law" has come to. And it just doesn't matter to them now that they have trashed once, sort of above it all, institutions.

What you have to understand now is that ordinary "election" politics no longer has any validity at all any more. It is, and has been, so saturated with money, and for so long now, that to think you might extricate it's influence via the same corrupted system, is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous.

The only way you are going to make this stop is to stop participating in the whole farce in the first place, and by that I mean that all, non essential services workers, take to the streets, peacefully, but determined, in comprehensive, across the boards of the entire economy, work stoppages. As well as to say stop paying on all student debt. mortgage debt, and credit card debt.

I can assure you, that if enough of us do that, it won't matter how many congressional districts they've managed to corrupt the voting process in, they will be forced to negotiate with us. It is just that simple.

Easy to call for, I know; Even as I also know what kind of sacrifice that would require of a lot of people already having difficulty making ends meet now. I live that difficult life myself as I write this, trying to live on my net $1,300 a month SSI payment, and navigate nagging physical ailments, while still trying to help my friend Kathleen navigate her's (my being here is a big part of how she can stay in her home now because of her current physical limitations; which is part of why I get a break on the rent).

Hard as this will be to do, though, it is as nothing compared to how hard life is going to become if we do nothing to stop these greed fueled idiots from taking us all down in an orgy of violent chaos, as they ignore the pain the entire planet is drowning in now.

Selfishness. Meaninglessness. No respect for either a "Higher Power," or a "Higher Purpose." And just the command to consume ever more mindlessly, to keep the ever more absurd ability to produce, mostly empty things, going; distracting, bingworthy, and addicting as possible, to fill this amplified want. And most importantly, preserve old, established power dynasties, as well as to give new opportunities to upstart newbies, of course. And to keep you from thinking you even have the right to ask for such relief.

The choice is still yours to make. What will you do while you still can. That is what you must decide now.

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