Friday, August 30, 2019

Are You Going To Wake Up, Before It's too Late?

This mutated economic operating system of ours is doing two main things that are very, very bad:

It keeps accelerating too much.

It keeps Demanding too much.

Too much, and too much.

I can assure you that this is at least too much squared for this old timer.  As ought to be obvious while it also increasingly trashes everything in its wake (because corners must be cut, and that because of the dangerous competitions for markets, and resources, combined with the need to dominate, and the ultimate big stick to do it with, that all of the major players are themselves consumed with now, demands it), giving back only when the few who own it are made to have their feet held in the fire; usually only to the degree you can more effectively outspend the very people who will always have more counters to spend than you; which usually means weak measures even when you do get the occasional victory, and ones easily open to further gutting when you can't manage a proper majority after your election cycle of success ends, and the other side's begins anew.

But perhaps most insidious of all is that it manages to put so many to deep sleep even more effectively when we are made to think things are improving, however marginally (and certainly not in any way that addresses core, causative issues); not only because we have also been made to be predisposed to want to drown out all of the external suffering, and the internal, emotional dissonance thus engendered, but also precisely because the owning few control virtually everything there is to control, now, regarding how you express, in total, who you are, let alone what you would like to be (which is also certainly, and unfortunately, more like a branded commodity, or endlessly re programmable machine tool, than a thinking, loving human being).

And, if that weren't bad enough for you, even this escape mechanism applying, naturally, only to those diminishing numbers of people not actually caught up in the floods, or the tornados, or the hurricanes, or fire storms, or toxic spill areas, or marginalized (politically and/or economically) zones, or radius of the latest rage bomb to go off, yet (those latter individuals being the final expression of the forgotten who will show you, one way or another, how they will force on us, at least one moment, when they matter; however murderously horrible that might be).

There is only one destination for this ride and it is abso-sadly obvious what that harsh conclusion will be. What else would you expect when cosmic amounts of social inertia meet irrefutable stopping points inherent in the limited carrying capacities of complex, vastly integrated systems. That is unless we can put forth some cosmic delta V to change the course vector human endeavor is heading in now. Now that we are at a cosmic pivot point that I believe all sentient meaning processors come to in their evolution eventually; as they become so much more capable, by ever more powerful extensions of their faculties; which is what you are talking about when you speak of ever greater instrumentality. Something else those dangerous competitions have bequeathed to us in ever more decreasing cycles of time.

Is it any wonder that wisdom, let alone humans being able to become what they are fully capable of becoming, is simply another corner to be cut. Another cost factor to be eliminated?

Will you wake up in time?

The choice is yours to make, assuming, naturally, that you can stir yourself enough to care at all about caring anymore.

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

As Things Get Increasingly Worse...

...From the immediate collateral damage, and the subsequent fallout percolating out from each collateral event, from what is actually being destroyed, as a consequence of our "Booming Economy." And you resort to bingeing, from whatever streaming giant, as they spend ever more tens of billions on fantasy escapism, in ever more spectacular resolution, and sensory impacting special effects, reflect on this:

To the degree that it also causes you to do nothing about what is going on now, with so many natural, and human made, systems being overwhelmed by the over amplification of an operating system that wasn't meant to be amplified in the first place; to that degree are you also doing what Cypher is doing here, in this scene; in a very fundamental way. The only difference is, he is being considerably more honest about his abdication of responsibility; abdication from taking care of not only himself, but of everything else one can only suppose he used to believe in; as far as being a human being is concerned. Abdicating so as to be put back into the fantasy full time. And not caring if it's only for a short time, just as long as its a kick ass good fantasy for him.

And understand also that it doesn't necessarily have to be bingeing in the nominal, Netflix sort of sense. Your bingeing might be your absolute obsession with being the most watched YouTube channel, or the most watched Twitch source, or most watch Discord, or Facebook, or whatever channel you think you can brand your very being on, for the material gain, to also be able to binge on.

Whatever the case may be, it brings to the forefront a catchphrase appropriate for someone calling themselves Cypher. A catchphrase that will have you living on a foundation of sand with the notion of "Ignorance Is Bliss." Sand with no thought for drainage, or the shifting vagaries of a very much, unquiet planet.

As a result of this turning away you will be hoping that, in that bliss, someone else will be taking care of the things that need to be taken care of. Whether that be a random machine intellect that might emerge from the chaos of our neglect, or simply the inertia of a broken operating system that can't stop because no one knows what to even begin to use as a brake pedal any more; on a mutated system that uses algorithms no one understands because AI had to take over writing them, now that it has, indeed, been mutated by electrified amplification.

There is something we could do if we took responsibility for ourselves, and started owning, and running, our own communities (redefining the nature of work). It is something that would offer an amazing array of new, very hopeful possibilities. To do that, though, will require a great deal of difficulty, and sacrifice, to be overcome. I have outlined what that approach might be in the two blogs ("Capitalism Is Obsolete", and "Containers Of Containers -- A Pamphlet On The Notion Of Cosmolosophy, And the Need For Change.") that I have been doing in the Google system for the last several years now.

There is a choice to be made here and you are in the process of making it whether you want to be or not. A choice where doing nothing is its own, dishonest, abdication.

So. You can be an honest Cypher, or a lame Cypher, but you will still be a Cypher, if you stay with things as they are.

Or you can be someone who actually still gives a damn about preserving all life. Someone willing to break out of that mold altogether. Someone willing to stop doing "Business As Usual," and start doing life by a more balanced approach to all of life's opposites. One where money won't be needed at all to make meaningful connections with each other with; just the free flow of information, to the best degree possible, seeking true equity in the resolution of outcomes, as we negotiate a new way to cooperate with each other; based on love and mind.

Which will you chose I wonder. Which will you chose.

The Matrix (1999) Ignorance is Bliss

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