Monday, June 26, 2017

Maybe You Need To Come Up With A New Idea For A Change...

An idea that might actually make a difference, and thus be worth voting for?


"The ongoing rancorous debate among Democrats about whether and how to reach out to Trump voters might be a distraction from a far more pressing and challenging concern: figuring out how to turn potential left-leaning voters into actual ones."

No Shit Sherlock...

...And why do you think we aren't ready? Could it be an elephant in the room no one wants to acknowledge?


"We've built entire infrastructures with particular temperatures in mind."

Because You Sell With Whatever Works...

...No matter what the true costs might be.


A seller of dietary supplements is succeeding by promising power to the aggrieved.

Except, Of Course, Those Of Us Who Can Afford "Totally."

‘Nobody Can be Totally Happy’: Trump Sounds Off on Senate Healthcare

Which Is Sadder, The Fact That This Is Happening At All...

...Or that it might only now become a political issue? Which, of course, it won't because of the depth of political cowardice out there now, as well as the intellectual cowardice.

The truth is that there is an elephant in the room as far as political discourse is concerned; an elephant no one wants to acknowledge: old economic nostrums just are not working anymore. Why do you think the Democrats are at such an impasse as to what to suggest to do about it, as they struggle in vein to find a new identity?

The Republicans, on the other hand think they can do what money, and power, have always allowed them to do; just ignore it all. But that's not going to work much longer if things start falling apart from the center out. And things will do so if no one but them has the discretionary income to buy much of anything more than, say, the quick, quite lovely buzz of an addiction; because gods know that this "out" at least provides something to become deeply involved in, on the cheap, even as it is both all too brief, and horribly destructive as well.

The thing is, of course, deep involvement is what we all desperately crave. Deep involvement that has meaning. Involvement where it automatically becomes obvious that we matter. That we are not only needed, but are listened to, and our concerns given the same weight any other involved citizen might get. The same kind of involvement that Capitalism cannot provide for the majority of us any more. But then, that's what happens when a thing is no longer relevant to the reality you are now living in. Something that all of the addictions, and all of the ignoring one could ever imagine, won't change.

Retail Displacement Remakes Job Force, Looms as Political Issue

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sure, This Is Greed, Plain And Simple...

...But it is also a tragic example of how, in our current mutated, and outdated, economic operating system, if a thing can be commoditized, it will be; and if no one is there to keep watch, corners will tend to be cut. And to add insult to injury, too often does that corner cutting tend to grow until the process in questions breaks of its own extreme exploitation, but the real insult is that we keep going round in this cycle of this shameless disregard for any kind of morality whatsoever.

The thing is, the burden of responsibility, once such cycles are discovered, and understood, falls to the rest of us for letting things continue as they are any longer. We must do something because the political system now, so soaked in Big Money, is incapable of doing anything this important; at least as it pertains to fundamental morality, and social equity. They can't do it for Health Care. They can't do it for critical new infrastructure. They can't do it for the environment. And they can't do it for the reasoned assessment of what ought to be national priorities (in the face of what is becoming permanent world crises mode).

If all of us were involved in all of the things that make a town, or city, or whatever, work, we wouldn't need to be worried about watching over what would otherwise be a purely for profit transaction. A transaction done by someone who seeks, in significant portion, to keep costs low, and profit margins high. Whereas, of course, in our own community we would be doing it because it needed doing (because we found the consensus to make that choice), and we would be relying on one another to do it right; the very people we would be working side by side with, switching task posting every week or two (as each community would figure out for itself), moving across most of the spectrum of what it takes to keep it all working; in effect challenging each other to do what's right for everybody.

Just another statement of a condition that you condone by default if you just sit back and do nothing to bring the debate for an alternative to the forefront of public consciousness.

Florida’s Billion Dollar Drug Treatment Industry Is Plagued by Overdoses, Fraud

Every Day

How much garbage has to be hauled from trash cans to transfer points?

How much acreage has to be either prepped for planting, or tended to after planting has been done?

How much critical machinery has to be serviced, or repaired?

How much food product has to be either hauled to a processing plant as feedstock, or hauled away to distribution points as end product?

How much chemical, metal, or any other material product, has to be hauled to a processing plant as feedstock, or hauled to distribution points as an end product?

How many meals have to be made as either a required institutional, or discretionary, service?

How many people need to have a service rendered as a matter of critical physical well being?

How many people will require a service rendered as a matter of important material need (as referred to by such professions as education, law, accounting, manufacturing, construction, data processing, creating new enterprises etc.)?

Every day all of this has to get done in order to have any community, whether you see a community as a town, a city, a county, or anything larger. That's what it means when you talk about keeping a community going. And that is what the majority of working people in this country are involved in; which is the group I refer to when I say "the rest of us."

As obvious as all this might seem I provide it here as a necessary preamble to making what I feel is an important statement about having a Democracy. Which is to say that, if you have a democracy, the majority has the right to provide themselves with whatever they are willing to support. I fear that this needs repeating in bold type:

If you have a democracy, the majority has the right to provide themselves with whatever they are willing to support.

This statement is of crucial importance now because I firmly believe that we are not getting a good number of things that we would, in fact, be quite willing to support. And the main reason we are not getting them is that the value of what the rest of us do, in keeping things going, isn't appreciated even nearly to the degree that it should be. And why, you might ask is that?

The fault here lies completely with the out of date, and now mutated as well, economic operating system we brought with us on our rise from the ignorant tribalism of our early beginning. A system based completely on the notion of the economics of scarcity; a thing for which, now that technology has advanced so far, is no longer necessary at all. And that is so because, with clean, renewable energy, and the careful application of knowledge, we can certainly provide ourselves with a much greater portion of "what we are willing to support;" especially if creativity can truly break free of the shackles that making knowledge a "proprietary" item has burdened us with in the past.

We can change this. We must change this. The only question left is why you aren't doing more to make that change come about.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Livelihoods Can't Be Tied To The Whims Of Capricious Markets

It's bad enough having wages that are seldom enough to truly make ends meet, but to then expect workers to bear the brunt of market instabilities as well is just pouring salt on an already aggravated wound.

How are we to ever have generational stability enough so that succeeding generations can be given the kind of proper culturation that creates purposeful, reasonably well adjusted citizens, if we keep pulling the economic rug out from under people? How much more, of the quite obvious display of the poor choice behavior, so typical of disaffected, directionless misfits, is it going to take before this grievous deficiency is fully appreciated?

Now, more than ever, do we need fully integrated, much more generally capable individuals. Where are they to come from if there is little else but constant messaging to want, and a bewildering array of dazzling things to get buzzed out with, from that manufactured need; so effectively so in fact that real, constructive involvement with keeping our nation strong, and prosperous, becomes ever more problematic?

This arrangement, that our now mutated economic operating system has created, cannot be tolerated much longer; not if we value sanity, as well as prosperity. It has to change, and that will only happen if you get involved to make that change happen. Talk about the need for an alternative to Capitalism everywhere you can, with everyone you can. And get everyone you know to do the same thing. And remember, the clock is ticking.

Automakers Are Making Production Cuts Faster Than at Any Time Since the Recession

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It Took Just 81 Days For This Chip Maker To Die After Apple Dropped It

Friday, June 23, 2017

Like I've Been Saying...

...And Don't think this is going to get better the longer it goes on.

How The Country's Wealthiest Impact Information Access

Gods Help Us If We Don't Find A Proper Way To Avoid The Thucydides Trap

The quote below from the Politico article (linked below) illustrates why we must openly confront the three biggest (in my opinion) aspects currently affecting the three factors quoted by General McMaster:

1. The current economic competition between nation states.
2. The current, related, competition for resources between nation states.
3. The economics of scarcity, and its increasing toll on people globally. 

These are big not only because of the size of their impact, but also because they are things we can make equally big changes on; if we're finally ready to recognize that this is a pivotal moment in human history; one demanding that we social development down a new path.

That we should also have to do this cooperatively should also go without saying, but I'm a glutton for the seemingly obvious. Which is how I then segue into repeating my contention that getting rid of Capitalism is absolutely required if we are to address the two aspects I listed above. It is also why I remain a staunch supporter of our space program; disorganized, and not nearly as focused, as it may be.
"...In recent months, both Mattis and McMaster have publicly cited Thucydides’ diagnosis of the three factors that drive nations to conflict. “People fight today for the same reasons Thucydides identified 2,500 years ago: fear, honor and interest,” McMaster wrote in a July 2013 New York Times op-ed that argued for bringing historical perspective to military challenges. Mattis also endorsed the universal power of “fear, honor and interest” during his confirmation hearing (prompting Maine Senator Angus King to announce that he had stored the quote in his phone)..."

Why the White House Is Reading Greek History

Because You Need A Living Wage To Be Able To Afford Being Married

The Thing Is, We Already Live In A Mixed Reality Environment...

...At it hasn't been doing us much good in the process.

And now that everybody is fracturing, and splintering, into their realities of choice, what's to become of making life bearable in the hard knocks environs of terra firma? More crumbling, chaotic, dissolution it would seem. Oh happy day.

There's still a choice to be made, but the time left to make it is running out.

Mixed Reality Technology Turns A Boring White Room Into A Fantastical Playground

Skills As Viably Competitive Commodities Are Doomed...

...And no, it isn't very likely you'll be able to simulate an actual, living wage, paid job; at least if you want more than simulated food, or a simulated place to live.

The sooner you, and everybody else, accepts that the sooner we can move on to debating what the alternative to Capitalism should be, and how we're going to put it into place.

These Truckers Work Alongside The Coders Trying To Eliminate Their Jobs

Thursday, June 22, 2017

This Bill Will Prove To Be Just As Unhealthy For A Lot Of Supporting Senators...

...As it would be for the rest of us. Small compensation to be sure, but what can you expect from an economic, as well as political, system that has proven itself quite deficient when it comes to compensating the majority of working people.

And so proper healthcare. Proper renewal, and upgrading, of infrastructure, let alone proper attention to real priorities in general, go unfunded. We get sicker. More disaffected, and at odds with each other, competing for ever less available, living wage jobs, because that's just the way the economics of scarcity works -- as in works for them. More's the pity too as it's only in working together that we'll be able to change anything.

Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Medicaid Cuts

With A Potential Space Tug For Cargo Shuttle To The Moon...

...All we would need is my mass driver, suspended, underwater tunnel launch system, to make having a Gateway City on the moon a real possibility. Even more so considering we would be leveraging that effort with the parallel project to build sea based, Yen Tornado turbines; which are the liquid hydrogen production wind turbines that would use the same, rapid construction, hemp composite, scaffolding structures to float things on; thus providing multiple production enterprises with which to gainfully employ the citizenry of many new floating cities. Talk about a win win.

Now if we can only garner the will to make it all happen.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keeping You Numb Is Precisely What Out Mutated Economic Operating System Has Evolved Itself To Do Now...

...In so many ways.

Which is why we must cut ourselves out of the harsh cycle of various addictions cold turkey. And start over.


And why we keep talking about Russia instead.

Because The Democrats Have No Real Answers For What's Wrong With Our Economy...

...Any more than the Republicans do. And where the Republicans simply rejoice in their love of money, Democrats spend most of their time being conflicted with wanting it on the one hand, and hating the unequal outcomes it fosters on the other, but not so much as to really put lasting curbs on it.

And so they dither, election cycle after elections cycle, offering up their limited set of reforms at the margins, hoping the effort, more than the actual outcome, will carry the day for them; something that recent history strongly suggests isn't working anymore.

And why would it when you consider how easy it is for the GOP to show how a lot of reform often ends up causing more problems than it solves; especially when you are working with a system not only as complicated as ours is now, but one that has so egregiously mutated over the years now that electrified information retrieval systems have changed the operating environment so thoroughly in the last 50 or so years; but also because they simply always have more money with which to muck about in manipulating things (which, of course, also serves to make things worse).

In my view, the only way for the American electorate to truly find a workable new path is to start from scratch and find a way to work, and live, in this "changed operating environment. And to do that you absolutely have to start thinking outside of the cash box, well before you get to the ballot box.

GOP's Handel Beats Democrat Ossoff in Georgia Special Election

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Among Democrats in Washington, the setback in Georgia revived or deepened a host of existing grievances about the party, accentuating tensions between moderate lawmakers and liberal activists and prompting some Democrats to question the leadership and political strategy of Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

What's Wrong With The Democrats?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Better Hope It's Not A Cascade Effect Being Triggered


In January 2016, over the course of just a few weeks, a 300,000 square mile chunk of the West Antarctic ice sheet started turning to slush, in one of the largest melt-outs ever recorded.

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Planes are grounded, tap water comes out hot, and we'd all better get used to it.

We Must Decriminalize Addiction, And Take The Money Out Of Drugs...

...By replacing the economic operating system that makes money possible in the first place.

We do that and then we get the side benefit of changing the calculus of treating addiction from a cost based model, to an effort based one; forcing all of us to become involved in taking care of our own.

Imprisoning Drug Offenders Doesn’t Affect Use, Study Says

Monday, June 19, 2017

Here's Another Perfect Metaphor For Our Current Economic Operating System...

...At least as it relates to the relationship between ordinary working folks and Big Money's attitude towards them in far too many cases; usually in direct proportion to the degree that they've managed to keep close, direct scrutiny of how they operate away from general consumption.

Why do we keep putting up with this. Working people are the majority here. It's time we demanded a comprehensive change, and not just the usual set of reforms. Time we recognize that reform isn't nearly enough to change what needs to be charged. To do that, though, requires that you, and everyone you know become involved.


Thousands of drivers work up to 20 hours a day, sometimes for pennies. When they get sick or refuse to keep working, trucking companies fire them and take their trucks.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sanctions Are Not Enough. Russia Must Be Named A Rogue State...

...Until the current criminal government is replaced.


For the British fixer Scot Young, working for Vladimir Putin's most vocal critic meant stunning perks — but also constant danger. His gruesome death is one of 14 that US spy agencies have linked to Russia — but the UK police shut down every last case. A bombshell cache of documents today reveals the full story of a ring of death on British soil that the government has ignored.

The Other Old Guys Are Only Half Right

Mostly because they still think you can blend Capitalism with Socialism, and that only worked for a while in the past; back when things weren't so globally competitive as they are now, and human skill as a commodity was still a good deal more viable.

Now we need something completely new. Something that would instead blend Libertarianism with Socialism, seeking a better balance between the rights of the individual, and the needs of the community as a whole. The alternative I've been trying to articulate for the last 20+ years is, I believe, that alternative.

If nothing else, this needs to spark a critical debate that this nation, and the rest of the world, needs to have because, as any idiot can see now, what is in place now simply isn't working anymore.


What has driven so many young people into passionate political work, sweeping old socialists with old ideas to new heights of popularity?