Wednesday, December 20, 2017

When Was World War Propaganda Declared?

Probably right now it doesn't matter that much. What does matter is that, whether you were aware of this or not, or whether you don't want to accept it or not, it was declared. And the Russian Thug now in charge of Criminal Capitalism Inc, Russian branch, is winning that war on a lot of fronts.

It was that very, new war machine, of course, that was at least significantly involved in getting said thug's bitch into the White House. And I know that this is an ugly way of putting things. Just as I knew that my "Who's The Sugar Daddy, And Who's The Bitch"post was also ugly propaganda. But that's the thing you know. War is ugly. Especially if you fight it with lies, but also if done with truth presented as a slap in the face to reasonable discourse. Because the passion against real, authoritarian tierany, must sometimes be expressed with the full force of the heart that keeps it beating; most particularly when that heart feels real threat.

This is especially so when parts of your own society start buying into either the criminal corruption (because they sold their souls in other ways to the brotherhood of money), or simply bought into the lies themselves out of convenience, or willful ignorance, or whatever other pathetic explanation you might want to put on it; and so we have the Fox Vomit machine responding to Putin's Bitch, with every phone call he makes, or tweet he does, with the right parroting of the Putin line on reality. All while Republicans in general either run away, or drink the message kool-aid with a smile.

So what are we to do now?

Well, one thing might be Wake The Hell Up.

Old, white, fascist, racist money would like nothing better now than to make common cause with their new convert to criminal Capitalism; just another irony, of several now, for the old Soviet, Socialist mentality. And so it must be with taking money out from under them that we must fight them with. And to do that, dear reader, you are going to have to finally accept that your old world, of whatever cold comfort you've come to surround yourself with, is over. And that will be so whether it is the planet dying out from under you, or whether the final result, of the ultimate marginalization of working people, puts all of you out, and trying to get by on the ever more mean streets of everywhere else they don't live.

The fact of the matter here is that, some time in the near, to mid, future, you're going to be required to not only take it to the streets, for peaceful, civil disobedience, you must also be ready to stop working en mass, across the entire nation. It isn't working for you now anyway, so why would you want to continue to let them bleed you dry. And there is no doubt that this will be hard. And that sacrifice will be required, along with a great deal of trying to understand that your neighbor, a right leaner, or left leaner, is still a working stiff just like you. And if you don't find a way to cooperate, and help each other, the effort for change will be doomed from the start regardless of anything else we do.

The choice, as always, is yours, of course. Better think long and hard on this one though. The wrong choice is going to cost you more than money will ever be able to buy back.

One more thing.

We have to take a step back from North Korean now and let the Chinese, and the South Koreans, and the rest of the Pacific Rim, handle how to isolate them; at least for awhile. We still need to keep our security presence in the Pacific alive and well, we just need to dial it back a bit. Rogue Nation, and certainly dangerous, though the North Koreans are, the bottom line probability for the moment is they don't want to be Nuked any more than we do. And the truth of the matter is we have much bigger fish to fry right now.

I would submit to you that now that the criminally run Russian government is far more of a Rogue state than the Koreans will ever be. And I think most of the rest of our trading partners are either already at that conclusion, or are just a small step away from it. And if we don't join with them to make common cause on this, as soon as possible, than we are fools who deserve exactly what we get.

And to that criminal in the Kremlin I would say this: you are perhaps the biggest fool of all. This is so because you are just as stupid as Steve Bannon is when it comes to complex, interrelated systems. You will lose whether you win the Propaganda War or not. And if you thought about it, for more than Ruble's worth of American media minutes, you would realize this.

Brining the kind of chaos, that your demented, clown car of a Bitch, in high office, guarantees will occur, if you even get close to succeeding, will bring this economy down as well; so completely in fact that we will not only default on everything, we will stop buying the major portion of what the rest of the world consumes. What do you think will happen to the price of your one big export then, you dumb fuck. Or for whatever else that pathetic thing you call an economy produces for export (compared to us or the European Union, just to keep the comparison simple).

Just remember dumb ass, we invented too big to fail. And I, for one, would rather see it fail (because Capitalism is dooming it to that fate anyway) than to let you get anything out of it.

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