Thursday, December 28, 2017

If We Are In The New Environment Of Permanent Instability

What makes these developers think markets are going to have any less uncertainty than that which has already wrought apocalypse on the last mix of commercial enterprises. And more to the point, if people already have barely enough to spend for food, shelter and healthcare, even after working their asses off (often with more than one job) what makes these guys think the future is going to be any different.

Remember, turbulence is entering every system we deal with now, whether it is geophysical, atmospheric, commercial, community, or government in general. Turbulence that is the result of so many situations that are themselves the result of the collateral effects of an economic operating system that has never been able to price the true costs of commoditization into its operations at the point of sale. The upshot of which is that a limited few have been able to gain much (benefiting from the ownership of property -- both tangible and knowledge based -- without being made to bear much of the responsibility), while societies as a whole have been left to deal with the ever increasing shortfall.

All the while, the means by which we can do things, our instrumentality, changes at an ever increasing pace; fueled now mostly by the insane global competition of commercialism; which is now mostly about accumulators trying to make sure other accumulators don't find a way to leathaly undercut them with the new, game changing tech. A mind boggling process in itself as game changing tech is now a howling blizzard of new elements hardly anyone can effectively keep track of any more. And so they turn to AI.

That this might be quite problematic for what ought to be human driven considerations, for human needs, ought to also be quite clear, but is, evidently not. And so the mavens of commercialism continue down the same path of mistakes that has already made things so chaotic. And the clock is ticking with all of these increasing, and overlapping, areas of turbulence. As a result of that, the desperation the majority players in this game also increases. And so we see this expressed as ever more crazy in world events, at every intersection of human endeavor. And it most assuredly will not hold indefinitely.


Where suburbs see dead malls, developers see condos, megachurches, and paintball parks.

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