Monday, December 4, 2017

What Can One Say About An Economic Operating System That Get's This Skittish

Just hearing the truth about an angry general (for being fired from an intelligence post) gone wrong.

What will happen when we learn more truths? Truths that can come from a lot of different spheres of concern because we sure don't lack for those now, do we. Truths, unfortunately, that have a lot to do with how this same skittish system doesn't want to accept any responsibility for much of anything in the first place. Even though it's greedy focus on narrow self interest has so fanned all of the flames of need, desperation, and violent confrontation.

What will happen when these revelations come with a lot of collateral effect? Hard ass, really direct, and in your face, disruptive collateral effect? The kind that takes your ability to ignore them and just craps all over it? Taking away important aspects of your life so you have to pay attention?

You best be thinking about this, because it is coming. And when it does come where do you think this skittish system will be in terms of being able to actually do anything about it.

If you don't think that we are going to have to fix this, with whatever might be left to fix anything with, you are crazier than even you might suspect. So now is the time to start considering that maybe we should start planning for how we can have a great deal more left over with which to fix things after this system falls apart; because you know it will. Don't dawdle too long though. Time is not on your side.

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