Sunday, December 10, 2017

No, We Don't Need Free Money, You Idiots

Because we don't need money in the first place.

When will will any of you understand. We do need the free flow of information, but now that experience has been electrified, and with it skills retrieval, money is information. And now that this is so we must confront the reality that the economic operating system that makes money possible is obsolete precisely because it does not make sense any more. And that is why no one has a living wage.

Only by reorganizing ourselves to set things up so that we completely redefine what work is, so that we can redefine what production, and equitable distribution of same, is, only then will we be able to address all of the economic insanity we face. Only then will will also be able to address all of the environmental, and social problems we face; because then we will be able to approach those problems in the sense of what is the effort required to solve them, as opposed to what is the abstract "cost." So that we can then start to get beyond the idea of who pays, and who benefits.


If we were to give everyone a minimum basic income, would that improve our lives for the better or actually make it worse?