Friday, December 8, 2017

Another Wave Front We Are Not Prepared For

Worse yet is the fact that, because the masters of money can see this sort of thing only as another cost factor, and as the recent "Tax Everybody But Us Bill" makes quite clear, dementia, in their minds, is just another fact of life (kinda like starving children everywhere, or sexual slavery, I guess) now; and as such it's everyone for themselves, and the devil take the hindmost.

On the upside here, though, you can at least see why they are so keen to accumulate the crazy kinds of monetary reserves that they are amassing. However cold and inhuman it may be, it is certainly quite logical; at least in a quite narrowly focused way.

The question for us now is how do we change this narrow focus, as well as the blind acceptance that crazy has to be a fact of life at all. And to do that I think will require taking back direct responsibility for our own Democracy.

New estimate says 46 million Americans headed to Alzheimer’s

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[Post Note: Perhaps the growing dementia will be a help here]

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