Saturday, December 2, 2017

When The Money Changers Know No Shame

And you can't be bothered enough to understand just how much you are being screwed; to be either outraged, or roused to action enough to demand an end to this madness, then you deserve to be screwed. Something I thought you might have learned by now; voting for a literal pig in a poke the way a lot of you did for a certain individual; who is not going to be in that high office much longer; leaving guess who to clean up the mess.

So now government will have even less revenue to not be doing all the things that already make us not have adequate essential services; essential, of course if you value a human oriented, caring and just society. Any more than having some sense that concrete steps will be taken to either address the travesty being done to the planet, or all of the terrible suffering that creates so much desperation, and instability, around the world. The very instability that may well bring war down on our heads. As if having the planet already threatened wasn't enough.

So now I say shame on all of us. For letting it get this far. For not doing enough to prevent stupidity from becoming a point of pride. The question now is whether there are enough of us left who still feel shame at all.

Senate passes Republican-backed tax bill along party lines

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