Friday, December 29, 2017

And Speaking Of Something Else Not Absolute

Isn't interesting that, as we make do, in our various situations, day to day, trying not to worry too much about the fragile balance between what we bring in, and what it takes to keep a place to bring it all too in the first place (little though that may be), and wondering why nobody seems to have any real answers to why things are so out of balance (in a material sense, and in a spiritual sense), that a lot of the problem is that most of us (including the leadership, and commentariate elites) don't really know what this country, as a whole, is capable of.

I've posted on this before, and I thought I ought to give it one more go before the year ends.

And I mean we don't know in a very literal sense because so much of what we could do is locked up in the ownership of both material capability, and applicable knowledge; locked up in all of the laws concerning patent, license, and the basic idea of "proprietary." A good deal is also locked up in the assumption creating mind sets that automatically (without necessarily even thinking about it) make one not consider large arrays of ability because you already know you can't afford it. And pertinent though that might be ultimately, it's not the aspect I want to focus on  here.

No, what I am talking about is having an, as complete as could be practically obtained, inventory of what we could do if all that capability were in the hands of the working majority of this country to do with as they saw fit. Limited only by the practicalities of energy, basic raw materials, people power, and the ability of command and control to flow effectively, within the ongoing process of a Democratically maintained, working consensus.

We also don't know what we are capable of because so much of what we utilize now wouldn't be needed if we all made our own end use products (which we could do if we changed the definition of work to be sharing all of the tasks it takes to keep a City State going). And you need only think about this for a minute to realize what a horrendous amount of not only real, material resource, is locked up here, but also incredible amounts people power.

Just consider a brief list: Unnecessary packaging. Unnecessary everything in all of the process we have called advertising in the past. Unnecessary transportation of things not made locally. And last, but not least, all of the unnecessary occupation of everything in the creation, movement, and preservation of money.

Think of all that would be freed up if we no longer had what was requiring all of this waste anymore. If you don't think that would be one pretty frigging big pile then you have been drinking far too much of somebody's message kool-aid. Food for thought as you contemplate what you won't be able to afford next year.