Friday, December 8, 2017

Vlad The Not So Glad

You have to be wondering, right about now whether, "Vlad The Not So Glad" is beginning to doubt his ability to pick corruptibles.

Sure, he has has scored on a couple of fronts. Tremendous new disarray in our political process (which, mind you, was going in that direction anyway). And a lot of doubt now about what we can, and cannot trust, about a number of institutions; the majority of which, of course, though laid low by decades of fiscal abuse, are a lot more trustworthy than the prime proponents of mistrust would have you believe.

On the downside for him, though, is quite a bit as well.

Because now we can talk quite clearly on the subject of sanctions, and how the prospect for their removal has become quite problematic to say the least. One might imagine, in fact, that this front might become a good deal more elaborate now that the "Vlad Be Bad" machine has been identified operating in so many other places; of which the Nato nations of Europe have become only too frustratingly clear on. One can only wonder then, what new difficulties might be in store for him; especially if new a breath of semi fresh air gets blown into Congress with the coming midterm elections. We might, perish the thought, take the lead again in unifying Nato, as well as what Nato stands for, and suggest a lot of things, that all of us together, can try to be sure will hit "Vlad Be Sad's" cashing in machine; of which new banking, and financial transaction rules might make a really big dent in, just for starters.

If the new guys are imaginative, though, they won't stop there. Just think, for instance, what would happen to the price of oil if we announced a new partnership program to co-develop sea based, Yen Tornado Turbines; very large wind turbines that would make producing mass quantities of liquid hydrogen quite efort effective. And what if, in combination with that, we also did another public works project that would allow us to have the massive air logistics it will take to widely distribute this new fuel to all who need it around the world; doing both of these initiatives as new, world public, power, and transportation utilities; utilities that would not operate on a for profit basis. All we would need to do is secure a partnership with Europe, China, the rest of the pacific rim, as well as with as much of the rest of Asian sub continent as we could, to make oil be the isolated substance, of limited usage, it should be. If we did that, I feel pretty confident that the price of oil would have significant other incentives for doing anything but going up anymore.

We could, of course, also get even more creative still. And this relates to a post I did nearly a year ago at least, I think.

I got the idea from reading a news report about the corruption problem in Moscow. The local corruption interest group there had issued a new report on just how bad corruption is now in the capital. And on that note, also issued their new corruption misery index. And boy did the lights go on for that one.

Wouldn't it be cool if our government, and every other trading partner we have, suddenly started charging import tariffs on Russian exports (most especially oil, or anything that "Vlad The Had" has his fingers in). Whereupon we then peg the rate of those tariffs on some overall Russian, corruption misery index.

But hold on now. We can't stop there either.

What we would have to do to follow through properly with this would be to have all parties concerned in collecting the money agree to spend it on refugee relocation efforts; especially as it relates to the fallout from Syria, and any place else the Russians have been stirring the pot in this regard; and then, just to put a bit of moral superiority on it, the same nations also agree to match such expenditures.

Wow. Would that be a propaganda bonanza, as well as a possible, real solution to the refugee problem? I, for one, have to thinks so.

In any case, though, "Vlad The Mad" has to be wondering if, just maybe, it's time to cut his losses on what is now quite likely to become a real feces storm storm him. Time will tell I guess.

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