Sunday, March 17, 2019

Desperate Enough For A Revolutionary, Grand Compromise Yet?


No worries. Just give it time. You will be soon enough.

Circumstances are going to leave you with little other option rather sooner than you might think. Circumstances of Capitalism's own making.

Just remember, though, that the situation is not hopeless... Yet.

We can still heal this planet, but the effort, and the lead times required to put that effort into meaningful effect, leave us very little time to dawdle any longer. Understanding that it will only be by massive, full scale mobilization, that this effort will have any chance of success. Full scale effort by the entire nation; with the further recognition that money would only get in the way; hence the need for compromise in the first place.

The former Republican, and current Democratic, establishments are going to tell you that staying the middle road of old economic nostrums will get us back to economic prosperity; and certainly they can point at what seems like a booming economy; because the jobs numbers appear to look so good; even if most of them still do not pay a living wage, or have any real currency for longevity, given the same instability, and unpredictability, that makes the insurance industry's problems so profound these days.

Just remember this as well, however: the heating up of the economy isn't necessarily because of good economic trends; not when addiction, corruption, and the plain fact that too many capitalists want to just crunch numbers to make more numbers, as opposed to the real goods and services that a working civilization might enjoy; or, said another way, that maintaining an over processed, and  contaminated, sugar rush, is the best way to beat life's adversities; served cold, or hot. Day after day, year after year. Not if you want a body politic that stays capable, and healthy, for the long run, in any case. Especially when so much of what might be fueling that mad rush of activity is simply the scurrying around to try and fix past mistakes; and even then only serving to make things worse; not only because of the layers of complexity former changes have wrought, but also because everyone argues endlessly about who's liable, and so who's pocket the money is going to have to come from.

I have come up with a way to address ice at the poles, as well as shade cities at the equator, and above, or below. An environmentally viable way via "Very Large Scale, Lighter Than Air Constructs." A technology that will have to have some serious aerospace engineering involved to make happen, to be sure. And that's because of the tremendous shear forces that multi cubic mile, floating arrays of "lift doughnut" primitives (to create segmented lift columns, to hold floating sheets of reflecting solar arrays), will have to endure, even in wind speeds up to 300+ miles per hour, precisely because of the new severity of weather.

Difficult though that will be by itself, however, it is not the real problem here. The real problem is the size of the production effort we will have to institute to produce enough of these "segmented lift columns," of "lift doughnuts," to make enough difference in the time we have left. An effort of supply, assembly, and maintenance, that will make the Manhattan Project look like a piker. All the while we are also doing the things we need to do to make all of our communities viable places to live again, without the whims of insane market valuations debilitating our own sense of the possible. Of what we can do to work an effort based economy, instead of a cost based one, merely by understanding the value of cooperation, and compromise; even when some of the folks involved are abhorrent to us otherwise. Because there is simply no other choice if we want us, and the planet, to survive.

Put blinders on if you have to, and try to recognize that we must go to some form of the notion of "no direct harm, no foul." Just as long as everybody has the right, as well as the means, to vote with their feet. And everybody who participates in the newly Federated States gets a fair share of the total resources of the Federation. And information, to the greatest extent possible, is allowed to move freely amongst all peoples. So we can all keep an eye on each other and make sure there's no dirty pool being played that will end up costing other states actual harm, down the road.

This is what we must negotiate, and this is what we must live with if we wish to survive.

Make your choice. The sooner the better.

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