Monday, December 4, 2017

Movement Without Regard To Economic Means Will Become A Very Important Moral Issue

It will because it must.

You only need to look at the horrendous situation with refugees around the world to see this. And lest you think smugly that this doesn't apply here, think again; especially now that more extreme weather events have left their mark, with more sure to be on the way.

This gets complicated not only for the obvious usual, economic, and political, suspects, but also because nobody seems willing to admit at the get go that the world has to unite in figuring out how to rapidly build new living habitat, and then share in the effort to start getting it done, as well as a new means to do air logistics.

My bias, naturally, sees Capitalism as a major impediment to doing this. I think I have made it quite clear why. I can only hope that the rest of media starts taking the notion a good deal more seriously.

In any case, though, I have also outlined quite viable ways to address means tested, regional, and global, mass transit. Ways that do not require vast new constructions through already complicated sets of rights of way, and rights of property owners. New technology that we could set up as part of a meaningful public works project. Just check back a ways into the posts. You'll see the references to my Hybrid Dirigible Blimps, and the possibility of connecting them into actual air trains.

If you look as well you will see reference to the construction method I envision for making sea based, Yen Tornado turbans possible. I think we can use various forms of hemp (a new trading crop for underdeveloped communities -- assuming they had the logistics to support it) composites to make support structures proportionally faster than they were able to turn out Liberty Ship transports back in WW2. Initially, of course, so as to turn wind into liquefied hydrogen for fuel. Such structures will need support people to say the least. Why not combine solving at least part of the clean fuel source problem with also co-locating new floating cities. These two, are quite viable, technical possibilities that could be done as part of that meaningful public works project.

It's time to start taking all of this seriously.


"If you do have that itch to move west (or east, or south, whatever), here's what I wish I'd known in advance."

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