Friday, March 27, 2015

Paul Krugman. Please take heed of Robert Reich's example.

The following post was prompted by the Salon article linked below.

I respect Mr. Krugman immensely but I still have to ask the question: When is he going to come around, as Robert Reich already has, that the other side of the "Republicans are Wrong" coin is that Liberals aren't right either; especially in as much as they persist in the notion that there can be a way to reform, and or regulate, Capitalism for long term social benefit.

Capitalism is obsolete. It no longer makes sense within an electrified society. Not only that, but any further attempts to make it better almost always end up causing more harm than they seek to address.

I would urge you Mr. Krugman to please wake up and smell the obsolescence. This stinker is way beyond its use by date.

"Events have proven their cherished beliefs wrong": Paul Krugman demolishes GOP's economic fairy tales