Saturday, March 14, 2015

A planet without Trees is as unthinkable as an ocean without coral or fish

The following post was prompted by the Rolling Stone article linked below:

As someone who lives in a state that refers to itself as the "Evergreen" you come to love big Douglas Fir, and ponderosa pine, stands as much as the semi constant drzzil we get here. You only need to stand awhile, alone, in a big patch of rain forest to understand why.

It was bad enough that we allowed as much clear cutting as we did in years past, watching more than just the hills get washed away, choking streams that added insult to injury to the few dam stressed fish still making it back. Now, with the inability to confront much of anything that's truly important across the nation (including in this state), deforestation will occur even if greed cutting stops completely.

That's for a lot of reasons, of course, but for the most part it boils down to what allows greed, or unbelievable self interests, to continue at all. In this is much of why we can't govern ourselves any more, not to mention why the way what is a priority gets determined.

If we do not stop doing business as usual; take some time and figure out a better way to coordinate our collective needs and desires with our individual requirements of same, we will make poison out of a living miracle, and die off horribly in an orgy of shame, insanity and butchery. One can scarcely add any imagination at all to the final bunch of decades without shuddering in fear and disgust.

Do not let this happen. Think about what you can do, talking to your friends, sharing with neighbors, to organize and plan for how we go about stopping. How we go about helping each other get through such a stoppage, and how we collectively work out what a better organizational model might be, and then how we make it happen.

Time's running out folks.

The Fate of Trees: How Climate Change May Alter Forests Worldwide