Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Selling You on the Way to See Whatever it Takes to Keep the Money Channels Open to Big Money

The following post was prompted by the Daily Beast article linked below.

If ever there were an excellent example of what constitutes the new "amplification" of message in the age of hyper marketing this is it. And lest you haven't heard yet, this new amplification encompasses the factors of message engineering, as well as both the breadth and length of distribution. A kind of amplification where information itself feeds the "amplifiers" to a degree that no mere megaphone that you or I could plug into could provide.

And because information can buy even those involved with the supposed objective creation of new information (there is, after all, a great deal of instrumentation involved to do serious work, not to mention the carefully instructed accreditation that provides credibility), we can be sure that "objective" is as relative as the perception of value itself.

What we are left with is a new evolutionary environment where everything is commodity and nothing means what it appears so artfully, and consistently over time and space, to mean. Of course, it won't seem to matter as you will be so acclimated inside of this dream dreaming machine, you won't have time to register on the pain that keeps you consuming ever more deeply into the rabbit hole.

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