Saturday, March 14, 2015

FREE BOOK -- The Light of Creation (Guardian of the Light book 1)

This is a 500+ page book originally put out for Kindle back in August of 2010. I didn't have nearly the advertising resources available to get the word out about it so it didn't sell much at all. To be honest, though, for a number of reasons I won't mention (there really is no excuse for this), the editing on it wasn't nearly as good as it should have been. That has been corrected.

The category here is definitely Sci-Fi Fantasy with an emphasis on the tradition that Terry Brooks established with his "Knight of the Word" series. It also incorporates a bit of the philosophy formulated in Cosmolosophy. I think you will find it a good read as it has a lot of action, contemporary themes as well as some characters you will come to care about.

I am putting it out for free now as I am no longer concerned about trying to make a little extra cash from it. I'm hoping that, if people enjoy it, they will pass the blog links on to friends. All in the name of change you understand.

I have it linked to by public Drop Box account in the following file types. Enjoy:

Open Office Doc:

Windows Doc File:

Rich Text File: