Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Central Problem Isn't the "Advertising Business"

That's just an essential aspect of what is implied when we now live in the age of the "commoditization of everything."

No, the real problem is the toxically mutated, economic operating system that has mandated "advertising" to the levels a metastasizing monster demands, now that electrified information retrieval has changed everything about the operating environment this destructive monster must operate in.

The fact of the matter is that the "hard sell" must follow because this monster can now produce things of every sort so quickly (and always increasing) that there is little choice but to make every waking instant of your mental life the receipt of a message to buy, or buy into, whatever it is that has been produced; literally come hell or high water, which is certainly what we're facing now precisely because the messaging to create consensus on issues of importance to not only our quality of life, but to our actual survival, get drowned out in the multi level, multi faceted, electro photonic, audio super phonic, continuous wash cycle we live and breathe in now. Messaging that must always be suspect because the underlying aspect of "net gain," on the part of the message source,  must always be assumed.

And this is why this monster must be replaced ASAP.

Tackling the Internet’s Central Villain: The Advertising Business

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[Poste Note: More of same mentioned in previous Post Note. I should add, though, that it becomes worse than what it depicts precisely because it puts us into profit locked modes of singular fixations; of which anything emphasizing fear has a great adrenaline response. Locked in, and then ensuring that an ever downward spiral of more amperage be required, in whatever aspect juicies it up, in the diversion of choice, that must be applied to overcome the increasingly hardened jadedness of overworked nerve endings. J.V.]

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[Post Note: When will we realize that fantasy as commodity has, in and of itself, become far more horrible than all of the horrors it now seems to be so insistent on depicting. J.V.]

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[Poste Note: Let us also not forget just how "mutate" capable this monster has become as it regards people. Changing them on the fly with and an ease, and speed, that is both as impressive as it is scary. J.V.]

The radio interview with”The Pat Campbell Show” in Tulsa took place on Feb. 4, 2016, at a time when Pruitt — then Oklahoma’s attorney general — was serving as a policy adviser to GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

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