Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Are Working People Letting Themselves Be Pitted Against Each Other?

Let's be clear on what is going on here. It is nothing short of unconscionable, and immoral. Going after people willing to work at such difficult establishments simply because they are desperate and willing to do the hard things for a chance to be tax paying workers?

I used to work in a 7-11 nights. I did it so I could have my days free to do signature gathering work for a state petition drive. And since I wasn't making much on it I wanted to have the store be close to where I was living at the time (a rental house that was little more than a one room shack). That meant working at a store just off highway 99, South of Sea-Tac International Airport.

Let me just say that, at that time, highway 99 in that area was frequented by a lot of very colorful night people; of an assortment of working persuasions, which made for some interesting times (as in the Chinese curse). If it wasn't somebody already three sheets to the wind, and looking for more sauce to keep the buzz going, it was the same type of person, but differentiated by the fact that they would come in just after the 2 AM cutoff time; and these are not people who like to be told they can't have anymore. Or you risked getting held up at gunpoint (like, say, a sawed off shotgun); which I eventually was (by two escaped cons, apparently from Montana, as I recall) and looking for hooker money, and more treats. Not the kind of thing most Americans now days are willing to do it would seem; understandably.

The point here is this. Instead of us working people fighting over the diminishing scraps that the money people, like the terrible Mr. T, or most of the donors who support him, and who got their payoff from the GOP supposed tax reform legislation; why aren't we questioning the bad economic system these people have made even worse; precisely so we'd be focused on limited numbers of jobs, and not on them, or the now, ever more corrupt, economic system they so richly benefit from. 

The fact of the matter is that we have so many critical problems facing us, all requiring a lot of hands on, that its become so depressingly intimidating no one wants to even try to think of a better way. Improved infrastructure across the board. Planting almost anything that will suck out carbon from the air. Building new living habitat for the tens of thousands of refugees now desperately trying to find refuge. Let alone having enough people in each community to make them be able to be nearly self sufficient, and the list could go on. 

The real problem here is not workings people willing to work hard for a chance at a better life, its the obsolete economic operating system that makes having them be able to do so impossible; simply because we've given up our free will to the will of markets, and what we value to the decisions of people who have few, if any, human values left. 

It is wrong. It is immoral. And we let these mean spirited money changers get away with it year after year. It is time to wake up and put a stop to it.

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