Friday, January 5, 2018

"More Information Doesn't Leave You More Informed'

The old saying that sometimes less is more is quite pertinent here because the very underlying fact of "information as commodity" insures we are not going to get less anytime soon.

The problem is the necessity of electrified outlets of various forms of info to keep churning out more and more faster because the clamor to keep eyes, and brains, focused on your content is only increasing faster and faster. And so the ongoing avalanche that results is always on the increase. And there you are trying to make sense of which parts are important and which is chaff, and which is outright, purposeful deception.

And when something important does comes out? And maybe you catch a glimpse of it, and you want to have the time to ponder it; maybe explore the ins and outs in some depth even?

Good luck with that... I mean trying to even think of thinking in depth; giving other considerations time to percolate around so that you might have a chance to consider related implications that could be at work here as well. Because this ongoing, ever increasing avalanche. just continues to churn with the process of burying you ever deeper into exhausted states of "I just can't keep up with it all" (and maybe in some circles that was the point; better even than simply confusing you with lies).

This is, of course, related to all the kinds of change that is in play now, technological change itself certainly, as well as everything social and political that gets wrapped up and also affected, and thus a part of that increase in pace. And if you think this is something that we can continue with indefinitely the pace of change has probably already burned out something important in that completely overstuffed thing you call a brain.

At the risk of stating what ought to be obvious let me at least reiterate something here: The pace of life is profoundly affected by the primary organizing principle of the dominant operating system. And if the main theme of the current system is "do it more, and better, than the other guy," because if you don't you lose audience share, or market share, or brand identification share, or whatever other notion that plays into being the best accumulator of counters, and that, of course, is the path to extinction.

So. When you see the phrase "breaking news" try to understand that this is also a simple declarative statement. This is so because we are actually breaking something very important here, and always trying to increase the flow is not going to fix anything; except our wagons as the wheels come off.

This horrible, monkey motor scooter, of an electrically accelerating system, that now prides itself in the feces it can throw out at ever better rates of throughput, is heading for only one outcome, and that is going over a very high cliff, to come down on the sharp rocks of one very rude awakening.

I guess the one good thing that will come of it then will be that the pace of change will certainly be corrected.


Political news spins ever faster and the stories are always bigger, but more information doesn't leave you more informed