Monday, January 1, 2018

Why Does The Media Continue To Call Dictator Tyrants "Strong Men?"

These are not strong men.

Let me repeat that. These are not strong men.

They are are butchers. Despots. Criminals. But they are most definitely not strong men.

Strong men do not need to lead by fear. Terror. Or any other means of intimidation. They also don't need to lie as if it were as natural as breathing.

No, they lead by strength of character. Strength of convictions formed in a thoughtful, loving sense of civil connections, and working, just, institutions. Formed as well from a culture of engagement, understanding, and a sense that people, working together for both their private aspirations, as well as the general public good; because such leaders understand that neither the individual, nor the public as a whole, can thrive, if both don't work together for the ongoing compromises that make a balanced life possible.

These are not strong men. Stop calling them that.

Donald Trump befriended these strongmen in 2017

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