Saturday, January 6, 2018

Instead Of Building Walls, We Should Be Building Bridges

And with 18 billion we could be building a lot of them.

And what do I mean by bridges?

If we were smart we would target our need for new infrastructure with partnerships with other nations; deals where for every billion we spend here we spend another billion in the partner nation to help us leverage what the project's basic intent is.

For instance: We want to have a massive new project to build Yen Tornado Turbines at sea. The very wind turbines that will start producing liquid hydrogen in mass quantities. I have proposed using hemp as the major structural, composite fiber, for the new type of rapid construction, support structure, the very large tornado collection column would be built on.

That being the case what if we did the following: Along with not building a wall we also stopped the destructive, and enormously wasteful war on drugs. In addition to saving a ton more money we could also provide a whole new incentive for our neighbors to the South to start growing a new cash crop that we are going to need in absolutely mass quantities.

What if we went further and pledged matching dollars for every project they undertook for both water desalination, distribution, and reclamation; committing the hydrogen fuel flows necessary to do both the desalinization, and the pumping; something we would also be doing for our own coastal communities as well of course, at the same time. And this is just the broad strokes of one of the infrastructure technologies I have proposed. Just imagine what we might do with Hybrid, Dirigible-Blimp, air trains; or the really big project to build underwater, suspended mass driver tubes for the start of a truly industrialized, public transportation, space launch system that will take the entire world to the stars.

This is what I mean by building bridges instead of walls. Something that may well be crazy audacious, challenging and unprecedented, but at least it isn't just crazy stupid; solving nothing that makes people crazy desperate; so desperate enough, in fact, to try to come north in the first place; and whether a wall was there or not.

Just think about it. I am convinced that the more you do the more you will see that this is the way you create win win situations, instead of the I win, you are supposed to lose, situations our current operating environment seems so good at encouraging.

Trump administration requests $18 billion for border wall

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