Thursday, June 8, 2017

The New Catchphrase In The Age Of The Electrified...

...Facade will not be "follow the money," but "follow the gain." As in who stands to gain what in the amplification of "fact" or "fake" now that technology, and technique, can formulate message so completely integrated across not only so many channels (of sight, sound and text), but across space and time as well (because you swim in it now no matter where you are, or what you are nominally doing); assuming you have the accumulated counters of course.

So this is the discipline of mind that you must now endeavor to make habitual. In everything you come across message wise you must always take the stance that anything is possible, but where the message is coming from, and why, is of great importance.

In that context, the thrust of the message always has an underlying intent to portray a thing, or situation, in a specific way. The suggestion will be that you, of course, are to gain substantially, and there may actually be some evidence of that (for the best propaganda always has some truth to it), but the real test is always to ask yourself if someone else will be gaining a great deal more. And the degree to which you see a message repeated, in various ways, from various sources, might indicate that someone with a lot of counters at their disposal is pushing very hard for a particular message. And that, in and of itself, ought to give you great pause. That's when you need to remember that people don't give information away very often just out of the kindness of their hearts; at least the people who have become the most adept at accumulating large piles of counters. When they fork out the probabilities are with you to assume that they have every expectation possible for a real, gainful, return for their investment.

The problem, of course, in this, is that, sometimes a very widely dispersed point of view is not "manufactured," so to speak, but has occurred exactly because a lot of individuals, and social concerns groups, have put forth a sincere opinion on a matter they feel is important. And so it is not always very easy to determine the difference. Which is precisely why we have to eliminate the distribution of message based entirely on the transactions of a completely commoditized society. And the only way to do that is to accept that the current economic operating system is hopelessly outdated. Hopelessly outdated and inhumanely toxic now that the ability to move electrons has turned it into an insanely mutated monster.