Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Perhaps Even More Than Aggressive Action On Climate Change...

...Americans want economic stability.

Understandable, certainly, given the immediacy of whether you are sort of making it, or barely making it; and especially if you are not making it much at all.

And just how screwed up are things when we are less optimistic than even the Russians? Or that a major new outlet would feel it necessary to indicate, even vaguely, that the Russians might have it some how better right now?

The question, unfortunately, always comes back to this, though: Just how much stability can we look for when that very climate change, as well as a host of other planetary issues, not to mention a current economic operating system gone mutant, makes it a gilt edge guarantee that instability will be the order of our days for quite a while to come. Instability that mutated, current operating system cannot handle, even if it had masters who weren't so adverse to paying their share of fixing things.

And we haven't even begun to think about the period of A.T.I.H.B.R. (after the idiot has been removed) to come. Even with a reclaimed Congress, do you think the Democrats will be able to must the cojones to re regulate Big Money any way close to enough to make a difference; either in a more stable economy, or in putting teeth into making change happen on carbon emissions, all the way around our consumption?

Anything is possible of course. Maybe Bernie can pull a bigger surprise out of his Socialist hat that has been indicated so far. Who's to say. Anymore than you could say whether any such changes would last long enough to continue making a difference; Big Money being so patient and all. And with "protecting my interests" budgets that can afford long memories.

As always time will tell, but how much more time do we have before big triggering events start occurring. With big cascade effects to follow. Or how long will it take before various competitions, and shortages, put world affairs over the top.

Stay tuned.

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