Thursday, June 15, 2017

If We Could Stop With The Criminalization Of Addiction...

...Then take the money out of drugs by taking money out of the picture in the first place; all the while providing farmers, who need a beneficial trade crop (besides food), a new alternative by encouraging the production of hemp (amongst other possibilities of course, but this at least provides us with one possible feedstock for the mammoth effort at building the floating, sea based structures we'll need for the hydrogen production, new city living spaces, and the near earth orbit launch capability, we're also, absolutely, going to need), we might find ourselves with a significant drop in the number of places where we are currently addressing the local problems with armed confrontation.

Integrated solutions, using technology to our best advantage, are possible. We just need to start thinking outside of the cashbox to make them happen.


The War on Drugs didn't work any better in Afghanistan than it did in America.