Thursday, June 29, 2017

So Typical Of The Blinders Most Of The Political Leadership Have Today Concerning The Absurdity Of Market Determined Skill Values

Rather than question the economic operating system that creates such impossible contradictions for social health (valuing teaching so little that it can't even live near the students who need instruction) in the first place, the leadership in San Francisco seeks to put a miserable bandaid on the problem by suggesting the allocation of a few tens of millions in order to create affordable housing artificially.

And of course, in this do they even bother to consider the desires of the teachers? To consider whether they might not be so hot on the idea of living in what amounts to city provided barracks? Or to think of the further class divisiveness that this would ordinarily create; putting a socially important holder of a skill in an automatically stigmatized, and segregated, living area? Will they start doing the same for all of the other socially important skill sets we don't properly value now? Will those who do child day care be ostracized like this as well? Those who take care of our elderly? The list could certainly be continued, depending on what you see as socially important. Hell, are the people who collect our garbage any less important (I think you get the idea)?

The point here is simply this; At some point those who are in a position of making important social decisions have to just stop trying to put band aids on these kinds of contradictions; the very contradictions that have so amply demonstrated that Capitalism is indeed well past its use by date.

The Elusive Teacher Next Door

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The disparities partly stem from a lack of access to care — but access is complicated.

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