Friday, June 30, 2017

If You Are Truly Worried About Branded Thought Creating Celebrities...

...As well as the commoditization of reality, maybe you should be giving more serious thought to the real problem: The fact that we remain with a now mutated form of economic organization; an operating system developed by linear, segmented, typographic thinking, and not the all inclusive, all at once, thinking of electrified information retrieval, which is where we are at now.

How much beating around the edges of what is going on in America can so many well intentioned political and social commentary magazines, do before they acknowledge the elephant in the room: Capitalism is done. Stick a fork in it and just hope you can pull it out again, it is so done; mutated down to something very hard, and ugly, and dangerous.

However difficult it may seem to be to conceptualize an alternative, we have to begin to do so. We have to do that and then begin the debate on how to implement it. We have to do this because what has become of what we have now is just not working any more. Pure and simple.

The Rise of the Thought Leader

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