Monday, June 12, 2017

The Problem Of Providing Social Necessities

And it doesn't matter if it is needed drugs, or needed surgery, or needed therapy, or any of our other basic material needs, whether that be energy, basic food products, building materials, or anything else you might think of in this context. The problem is how do we go about providing for these needs in a way that is equitable, directly accountable, flexible, and effective.

Capitalism's use of specialization, skill as commodity, and markets to balance price and profit, used to work, to varying degrees, because the technology of the time made it the best way to organize, to the best efficiencies then possible, production and distribution. The problems, of course, that have always plagued Capitalism, were there, and people suffered through the cycles of booms, busts, and various class, or native people's, exploitations. Bad as these were, though, it still provided the means to accelerate technical development, and real gains in general material well being.

Now that our technological prowess has been many decades into the ability to move electrons, and from that have them do so much more of our moving for us, things have changed considerably. And though that has also brought about more general material well being, it has also rendered some of the essential assumptions that underlie both Capitalism, and Democracy, either patently false, or at best dangerously problematic; primary of these being human skill still being a viably competitive commodity, and that Democracy can survive when information is both money itself, commodity in a further sense, and the means to do what you will with the public's perception of reality.

Worse still is that the extended use of Capitalism (long past its use by date), which wasn't designed to handle electrified information retrieval, has warped it into a self accelerating generator of ugly, crazy, and ever more intense, and immediate, gratification of fantasies. All while still disconnecting everyone from meaningful, direct, and community wide, human interaction on a day to day basis. And we wonder why we are becoming ever more fractured, splintered and unable to agree on anything that relates to what should be our priorities, let alone how to go about addressing them.

We are adults. We can see when something isn't working anymore. And when we do see that we sit down and try to figure out why. Then, after we've done that (and we've pissed and moaned about the unfairness of it all), we eventually come to our senses and accept whatever hard truth comes out on what needs to be done. And what needs to be done is as plain as the truth that "feces happens." And people are lying to themselves if they claim they don't feel it.

Capitalism isn't working anymore for the majority of working people. Plain and simple.

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