Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This Is What I think I Have Done...

...Between what's been presented in my two blogs (repeated here in Google+), and from the content of the original Old Softy Concerns web site:

1: Presented a clear, and persuasive argument, to demand that we abandon Capitalism as our economic operating system.

2: Presented a clear, and reasonably persuasive outline, and rationale for, an alternative economic operating system.

3: Outlined at least 4 sorta new technologies that would integrate into the proposed change to an alternative; with not only great leverage for the change itself, but leverage with which to also address critical problems facing us, and the rest of the world.

If anybody is listening out there I would sure like to hear why you do not agree with these 3 declarations. I have no doubt that what I am trying to do would benefit from any thoughtful, civil, criticism.

And if anybody is listening out there who can't come up with what I just asked for in the previous paragraph, I would sure like to hear why you are not doing something towards contributing your own effort to talk about an alternative; doing so in all of the other places you interact with personally, and on the web.

Maybe some of you do not think this is important enough to bother with. If you can articulate why you think that is so I would like to see it. Perhaps we might both benefit from some further dialogue.

I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing here of course. That's what stubborn old men do. Especially stubborn old men who have lots of free time now, and who can still afford  the sheltered physical basics with which to continue doing so (just barely I should add -- I live on an approx $1.6 K a month SSI payment, and about $450 a month from the contract I'm carrying on the sale of the property I was going to retire on; a payment that will end in about a year. I do not have any financial interests in any of the ideas or technologies I have proposed, nor do I intend to ever acquire any. I am also never going to work for money ever again; which, at 66, may not be really saying all that much, but you do what you can).

You live. You breath. You feel. You give to as many as you can. You allow yourself to receive from as many as you can. You keep trying to learn new things. You keep putting one foot in front of the other. And time will tell

Some old cliches to be sure, but they've kept me going.