Friday, June 23, 2017

Gods Help Us If We Don't Find A Proper Way To Avoid The Thucydides Trap

The quote below from the Politico article (linked below) illustrates why we must openly confront the three biggest (in my opinion) aspects currently affecting the three factors quoted by General McMaster:

1. The current economic competition between nation states.
2. The current, related, competition for resources between nation states.
3. The economics of scarcity, and its increasing toll on people globally. 

These are big not only because of the size of their impact, but also because they are things we can make equally big changes on; if we're finally ready to recognize that this is a pivotal moment in human history; one demanding that we social development down a new path.

That we should also have to do this cooperatively should also go without saying, but I'm a glutton for the seemingly obvious. Which is how I then segue into repeating my contention that getting rid of Capitalism is absolutely required if we are to address the two aspects I listed above. It is also why I remain a staunch supporter of our space program; disorganized, and not nearly as focused, as it may be.
"...In recent months, both Mattis and McMaster have publicly cited Thucydides’ diagnosis of the three factors that drive nations to conflict. “People fight today for the same reasons Thucydides identified 2,500 years ago: fear, honor and interest,” McMaster wrote in a July 2013 New York Times op-ed that argued for bringing historical perspective to military challenges. Mattis also endorsed the universal power of “fear, honor and interest” during his confirmation hearing (prompting Maine Senator Angus King to announce that he had stored the quote in his phone)..."

Why the White House Is Reading Greek History