Saturday, June 3, 2017

Money Makes States Jump Through So Many Hoops Anymore...

...It's a wonder any of them know which way is up or down. And still it is not enough for the fickle desires of Big Money. There's always something new to desire. To need.

Of course, any correspondence to what working people need who may happen to live in any particular state is purely coincidental. Other than a promise of a job of one sort or another might be in the offing. What that job will pay. What benefits it might still provide, or how difficult it might be for the worker to get there on time, are so problematic as to be just another form of lottery promotion. Sure. The money will go somewhere, to benefit someone, but for you it is just a fantasy to keep you both hoping, and playing along.

And what is really amazing is that so many of the rest of us do continue to play along, looking for hope in what has to be one of the most dismal sources one could possibly imagine: the people who run these lotteries for the dispossessed.

Trouble in America’s Country Club