Saturday, June 24, 2017

Livelihoods Can't Be Tied To The Whims Of Capricious Markets

It's bad enough having wages that are seldom enough to truly make ends meet, but to then expect workers to bear the brunt of market instabilities as well is just pouring salt on an already aggravated wound.

How are we to ever have generational stability enough so that succeeding generations can be given the kind of proper culturation that creates purposeful, reasonably well adjusted citizens, if we keep pulling the economic rug out from under people? How much more, of the quite obvious display of the poor choice behavior, so typical of disaffected, directionless misfits, is it going to take before this grievous deficiency is fully appreciated?

Now, more than ever, do we need fully integrated, much more generally capable individuals. Where are they to come from if there is little else but constant messaging to want, and a bewildering array of dazzling things to get buzzed out with, from that manufactured need; so effectively so in fact that real, constructive involvement with keeping our nation strong, and prosperous, becomes ever more problematic?

This arrangement, that our now mutated economic operating system has created, cannot be tolerated much longer; not if we value sanity, as well as prosperity. It has to change, and that will only happen if you get involved to make that change happen. Talk about the need for an alternative to Capitalism everywhere you can, with everyone you can. And get everyone you know to do the same thing. And remember, the clock is ticking.

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