Sunday, May 28, 2017

Working America Is Facing A Very Basic Choice

And by working America I mean all hourly workers, as well as a majority of both salaried workers, and small, to medium business owners.

All of us working folks face a very basic choice.

What do you believe in.

Now, before you all start getting too excited there, let me be clear in stating that, in this question I am not wanting to draw attention to differences in whether a deity is involved or not, any more than I care which deity may hold sway, if indeed a deity is involved at all. Then, of course, as well to say, that the different strictures, or tenets, involved wouldn't matter here either.  What I am talking about is very specific to one component. And that component of course is money, and the system based on scarcity that supports money.

What I am talking about ought to be a fairly straight forward litmus test. Does what you believe in, in any significant way, require keeping that scarcity based system so much that it justifies the quite dubious mix of positives and negatives that said system creates?

There is also now, more than one reason for time sensitivity. The obvious ones, of course, are still there with what we've done to the planet, and that is only going to get worse. I will mention some others.

First: What's to become of how we value work? What, really, should work be in the first place?

Second: It is possible, with enough centralized control of media, that what you will be made to believe is going on around you, is, as they say in the disclaimers in fiction: "any references to actual persons, places or situations, are purely coincidental, and not the persons, places, or situations thus identified." In this we can argue at great length the degree to which this is, or isn't already in place, but that would be really stupid as far as thinking about the choice I'm talking about is concerned. The point here is that this situation is possible. And it is just that fact that we should be concerned about; especially as wealth, and market, concentration is continuing as I write this.

Third: The markets of today's Capitalism require stability to prosper the best, with "the more certainty we can get, the better" as the catch phrase. And of course, you only need to look at the subjective nature of "perceived value" in the first place to understand that, if we "perceivers" get all roiled up in one crisis after another, we might then have significant difficulty in perceiving much of anything very effectively. As such it is no stretch at all so assert that Capitalism is in no way a system robust enough to be able to see us through what is almost certainly to be a world in permanent crisis mode, and for a good number of decades to come as well.

Fourth: The only, non violent weapon, working people have, within the context of making established power pay attention, is to stop working. The window of opportunity to use that weapon is still open. But you must understand. It will not remain open indefinitely. And the following is why.

Right now there is not nearly enough automation in place to keep things going enough so that, even if large majorities of us stopped working altogether as a national strike, they could wait us out, whether through hunger, and little power, etc., or not, doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is that they still need us. But it may well eventually dawn on them that this should change; and the sooner the better. And that is without the already significant competitive pressures to replace us because we're just not cost effective any more.

So there it is. That's the very basic choice. Boiled down to its essentials as much as I think anybody's likely to ever get it. You have to make this choice. Each and every one of you, and everybody everybody knows down the line. And in making that choice, you have to find a way to take action. One way or the other.