Sunday, May 21, 2017

Russia Must Be Named A Rogue State...

...And every effort made with our allies to isolate them economically. And as an emphasis here we must do everything we can to pull oil out from under them as a viable economic product.

We can do that by doing everything we can to cut back on our oil consumption, while encouraging our allies to do the same thing, and in this the move to a Hydrogen fuel economy is essential.

Make no mistake. They will continue to attack us via the information highway. With the damage they've caused already, as well as the damage to come, they must be made to understand that actions have consequences. Deep. Costly. Consequences.

Most importantly we, as Americans, must unite in our anger against this blatant attack. This is armed aggression of the most serious kind even if conventional, or nuclear, weapons aren't involved.

We should also, as Americans, start considering just how necessary it is to use these stupid social media sites. The people who run them, making huge sums of money, have simply not done nearly enough to take responsibility for how their products are so easily manipulated. But we must also take responsibility for being so lazy in our desire for social interaction at the touch of a button. Just as we are so undisciplined in clicking on things simply because they seem to be linked to someone we think we know from online intercourse; employing absolutely no habit of mind to ask who is this really, and what are they really selling?

Heaven forbid that we should make an effort to try and engage each other more directly, and personally, but tucked away inside our own small bubbles of work interaction, and limited by further constraints of time and money, we make easy targets for bogus messaging.

The bottom line here is that Putin, and his clique of Fascist oligarchs there, and in the rest of the world, have declared war on us. We must mobilize for this war just as we must mobilize for the oncoming world state of permanent crisis. The very mobilization we will need to conduct the change to a better economic operating system with which to respond to these threats to not only our existence as a free, Democratic people, but to the very existence of our species.

Updated: May 18, 2017 3:48 PM ET