Monday, May 29, 2017

What Is Freedom

To me freedom boils down to the ability to make your own choices. A notion that's pretty simple, basic, and shared by quite of few of you out there I'm sure.

The thing is, in the ruckus we have now over various kinds of "what can I own or not own," or "what can I believe in or not," or "who can I chose to associate with, or not (etc.)," we tend to lose sight of what is involved in making choices, at its most important aspect. And that is simply in having as much information as you can so as to make as an informed a choice as is possible.

This may seem to be stating the obvious, but it bares repeating because, on the one hand, when you are simply building one thing or another, the logic of informed choices is not only more procedurally obvious, but there is usually little else going on around you to distract as you proceed. Let us then, on the other hand, throw a little emotion into the equation and consider choices we make to plan our lives. The choices we make to achieve what we'd like to have. Etc.

How informed are we then, and where do we get our information. Are we, for instance, informed of all of the things that would be in our best interest to want? Does access to that information out weight the access to information of things to want that actually benefit someone else a great deal more than us? Are we given the chance to develop the habits that will have us always trying to seek better information? And the thinking skills to utilize that information so that we can make truly informed decisions?

There is also, of course, emotional information; emotional understanding, and choices that must accommodate these things. Objective information helps us to approach this other form of "fact" and choice, but the real understanding comes from being given the chance to have understanding interaction with others of more experience, as well as with your peers. One would hope that this would be patient, loving, empathetic interaction so that the connections of giving, and receiving, could be understood as the sharing it is meant to be, but that, of course requires generational stability.

The thing you have to ask yourself, though, is this: Just because I can own something, or can believe in something, am I really free?

If somebody other than you is making the choices on what you will be allowed to know, no matter what else they may allow you to buy, or to be sold on as an idea, are you really free?

And if they are incapable of providing any lasting stability (longer than a few quarters) are you ever to be allowed to acquire any emotional understanding either? Because you can sure as hell believe that there will be emotions aplenty being utilized against you; the easy emotions to help them keep you focused on only the most basic, and instinctual of our needs; so that, ultimately, the only thing you will understand is the "want" they want you to have, with no further thought of wanting anything deeper.

If that works as freedom for a majority of us then we are all well and truly fucked.