Friday, May 26, 2017

Interestingly Enough, This Is One Of The Things We'll Have To Figure Out...

...How we share getting done in each community. Maybe automation can help a lot here, but we'd still need folks to get in there to clean and maintain the robots. As someone who used to wash dishes, and clean restaurants for his livelihood, I can tell you that cleaning up anything to do with organized food prep, as well as distribution, can be messy, smelly, difficult work. Which is exactly why nobody would want to do it if they didn't have to. But it still needs to be done if we want the thing that results from that process. And if we're all not willing to share in the many, difficult, smelly, jobs that have to be done to keep our communities going then we need to find a way to do without each of those things that make it so; which is certainly a fool's errand when taken very far at all, at least if you want a community really worth belonging to.

No Rocket Scientists is needed to figure that out.


Sellers of high-end pork, beef, and chicken agree: there simply aren't enough facilities to humanely and safely kill their animals.