Sunday, May 21, 2017

When People Can be Involved With Something, Together...

...Amazing things can happen.

Just imagine if we could see our way to being involved in running our own productive organization, together; doing a variety of tasks across the range of need so that we could understand a better part of what it takes to keep the whole going. Not only would we be working together for a common good, but we would earn the right to represent ourselves as ultimate governors. And in so organizing would we establish the principle that the work of participation is, itself, intrinsically valuable, and worthy of an equitable share of community instrumentality, and output, for personal use.

I have been imagining this for some time now and I tell you it is possible. It is possible, though, only if we're willing to take on a World War Two, mobilizing kind of effort to do it. An effort, I might add, that will likely be required of us in any case as the also likely state of permanent world crisis (formed of the dynamics of scarcer resources, rising oceans, and extreme weather, swirling around increasing populations, economic inequality, and larger areas of instability), may already be here as well.

As always, I am only trying to provide another frame of reference in which to see the possibilities here, as well as to see the need. It is up to you to give it serious thought. To look deeper into the details and then come to your own conclusions. The bottom line, though, is that something has to be done. Something. If not this then you better be demanding something better because your butt is on the line whether you realize it or not.

The Ancient Game That Saved A Village

By Jack Palfrey
18 May 2017