Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What's Wrong With This Picture?

It's not the questions surrounding our de facto ex president, you can be sure of that.

We've all known where that was going to go for some time now. Too many of us, however, for their own selfish reasons, have just not wanted to face up to that fact.

No, the real problem here is the fact that, with every new bump, in an admittedly very bumpy road, we have to ask whether or not our current economic operating system will fall apart or not.


In case you haven't noticed, the world is entering permanent crisis mode. A mode that must necessarily be because a host of old problems haven't really been solved yet, and new ones are being created at an electrified pace. And our current fixation is but a symptom of the interaction of several old, unsolved, issues.

To say this might be suicidal is an understatement because it's only going to take a bump or two in sequence that will cause an economic breakdown of 1930's proportions.

Why do we stay with such an inherently unstable operating system? So what if it doesn't like bumpy roads? Too frigging bad. Bumpy roads are going to be the norm for quite awhile to come. That's just the way it is. Get over it. Get over it and accept the fact that we need a more equitable, efficient, and more robust model to be tooling around in. How hard is it to understand that now?