Thursday, May 11, 2017

Will Democrats Have The Backbone To Keep Republican Feet To The Fire?

And how long can the GOP keep whistling in the dark pretending that nothing important has happened? Can their BS legislative agenda to give more perks to the rich (through supposed healthcare, and tax reform) really be that much more important than removing this egregious affront to our most important institutions? Even a casual review would have to conclude absolutely not!

Comey undoubtedly made some bad decisions during the 2016 campaign, but you know in your heart that this had nothing to do with why our de facto ex president decided to get rid of him. Therefore, with the majority party dithering, most, if not all, of this depends on you, and what you demand of your Congressional representatives. Call them. Write to them. Demand a special prosecutor now before this farce goes any further.

Comey Reportedly Thought Trump Was 'Crazy' — All The Latest From His Firing